Saturday, May 28, 2011

Introducing Flammenwerfer

Flammenwerfer, a.k.a. Ethan Young, is a fresh new producer from LA we highly recommend you check out. He has recently finished his first two original tracks and they are true bangers. It is always nice to hear a new talented artist put out great tracks that reminds us that it is not all about dubstep and that there is a reason why we love labels like Mako Records.

Flammenwerfer is not signed yet, but that is sure to change if he his producing music of this quality. In the mean time, we get to post the 320s and share them with all the music junkies out there.

Turn up the bass, hit play and go to the link below to download:

  Fiber (Original Mix) - FREE DOWNLOAD: by Flammenwerfer
(Great builds, it brings Ado to mind)

  Amino (Original Mix) - FREE DOWNLOAD: by Flammenwerfer

Download tracks HERE.


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