Monday, September 12, 2011

VNNR - What?

Thank god people remember what hard electro is supposed to sound like. If you follow what we do here around TCHNCRCY Music we've put up some awesome remixes VNNR's put down in the past. We're talking Oddworld's "Kortelas", Despuis91's "Erothiq", and most importantly, TCHNCRCY favorite, Irish Steph's "Power Pt. 2".  Now we come to bring you the newest hit from the boy from Belgium, WHAT? This EP is crazy heavy. The original is hands down my favorite off the release, courteously released by label Lektroluv I might add, but Modek put's his shine on the song in regular fashion while half of Hey Today!,  now known as Nickel, almost may have stolen the show with a few more flowing synths and a bit less distortion. Of course if you like the original, you'll still enjoy Dr. Lektroluv's own up tempo take on the track. But you're all big boys and girls. Make up you're own minds. Lektroluv has been kind enough to preview the whole EP on soundcloud, lovingly provided by your's truly below. Check it out, get your head right, and if you have any sense go grab the tracks over at Beatport so you can start crushing rooms.

Speaking of people who know what hard electro sounds like and crushing rooms, Identity made it's second to last stop up here in the NW by the way of the Gorge in WA. Among some big names that you should already know, I want to focus up on our boy Drivepilot and his killer set on the Dim Mak Stage. You can catch his latest release with footage right here. Get ready for special things people. Very special things.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's New?: Justice

For those of you who know us, you already know TCHNCRCY loves Justice. And if you're like me, you've already have heard this track up and down. I'm excited for the new album. These dudes are heavy hitters and we all know it. Civilization was awesome for me. Audio Video Disco is great as well. People talk about the underwhelming feel you get from the first listen but these songs are built to last. More importantly, they fit pretty much any set. I'm excited for the LP and this is a taste. Get ready.

Monday, September 5, 2011

New Ep by The "S" - Yuk It Up

Tell me you aren't feeling it. Summer closing out and all the producers that have been hidden away in their dark rooms finding that new sound that's going to crush it when the cold winter months hit are about to bust out on to the scene. So I'm here to bring you the first of many great tracks. The S, long friends of TCHNCRCY, just dropped one of the best EP's I've heard in a long time. Welcome to Yuk It Up. I've been waiting to hear some original stuff after their remix of "Prelude" caught my heavy hitters list and landed on repeat. And I'm not trying to mess with you. This new EP is absolute fire. I want to give you a specific time to really listen for in the songs but if you aren't hooked in the first 30 seconds you might as well pack your bags and go home. Personally I love "I Feel You" as my favorite but "Yuk It Up" is more than listenable. It's downright  amazing. This is why I'm bringing it to you. The songs hit hard without being pretentious and can definitely get a floor moving. I honestly didn't even look up whether the boys had put up anything after I got the EP because it's just that god damn good. However, as luck would have it they have a preview up for free on soundcloud, just because they're awesome like that. If you don't love the S already, listen. If you do, go buy the EP. Oh and by the way, our friendly killers at Mahtrasher Recorcds are putting out the EP. Never forget who brought you the best. Thank you Andrew. Winter's coming to the States, and this is the music to warm up to.