Friday, December 24, 2010

Here Comes a BOMB: Quentin Gauthier

Have you heard about Quentin Gauthier? If you have, good for you, you know what's coming. If you haven't, you better download and hit play on every single track in this post. I have not much to tell you about this guy, except that he has worked a lot with Dga Fäu Records, an indie label from Toulouse, France. Oh, and also the minor detail that Q.G. makes sick sick sick music. This producer has had shit up on the web for people to grab for over a year, and yes I know it took us this long to let you know, but here it is.
I highly recommend purchasing his (2009) Reign in Blood EP over here(you should be curious enough to listen to this based on the name alone. it does sound just like what you imagine...unless you know zero about metal then I guess this sentence is making no sense). Released under the previously mentioned label it features four killer tracks:

A1 Q.G.-Reign In Blood (Original Mix)
A2 Q.G.-Reign In Blood (The Toxic Avenger Remix) link removed by request of label Click here to listen****
B1 Q.G.-Bomb feat. The Sterehoes (Original Mix)
B2 Q.G.-Bomb feat. The Sterehoes (Bandit Remix)

This record label has also teamed up with Q.G. to put up remixes of the disaster version of his previously mentioned track Bomb. It features Ikki's and many other remixes, you should check it out here.
     Bomb (disater version) by Q.G.
We also got word on a new video coming out for Quentin's track Bomb, it will be out on the 11th of January and it is produced by SHAKERPROD with the collaboration of Dga Fäu Records. Check out the teaser below, it looks very promising:

Wait, did you just ask for a bonus? Well, I don't know if we can this time. You see, we have been doing a lot of shit and....BONUS TIME MOTHERFUCKER!!! Merry Fucking Christmas, here is some shit that will set your Chirstmas tree on fire (or your dreidel too). Enjoy,
DJ ANTENTION - Rapid Fire ( Q.G. funeral remix) by Q.G.
***you like Mustard Pimp you say? You will love the next track.
Q.G. - SECT (feat I Am Sailor) master by Q.G.
   Fffrrreeeeq - Strass (Q.G. remix) by Q.G.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nick Gross, Betatraxx and Drug Abuse Remix Contest Winners

Nick Gross is a very talented drummer who recently joined the once solo Betatraxx. Funny thing about Nick Gross is that my high school ex-girlfriend introduced his music to me way back in 2006 (when I was in high school as well. I don't bang high school girls anymore, at least intentionally). The reason my 16 year old girlfriend knew this seemingly underground drummer back in 2006 is due to a MTV show called Laguna Beach: The Real OC. Nick's band, Open Air Stereo, featured prominently on this MTV show. Subsequently, "The Real OC" and Open Air Stereo have taken an indefinite hiatus and Nick has gone on to drum for Cali rapper, Thrasher, and work with UK recording artist Lolene. In the last few months however, Nick has gone on to work with LA producer and DJ, Betatraxx. Together they recently released a mixtape which is fucking amazing.
If this amusing anecdote of shitty MTV shows and pop music production has lead you to doubt in any way the previous claim that Nick is a phenomenal drummer, please check out the videos above and the music below. If you can drum as well as Nick, I don't care if you promote yourself through sex tapes with slutty heiresses, you fucking rock. (Shit, now that I think about it that is actually a great way for promoting this blog, a sex tape with Lydia Hearst. I mean our post featuring a picture Monica Bellucci got like 4,000 hits in a day, imagine what that sex tape with a model/heiress would do to increase our fan base.)
This Under The Sheets Remix is fucking unbelievably sick, download now and why not grab the full mix it is taken from below it. 
  Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Kids At The Bar Remix) (BetatraXx & NIQ G Live Edit) by BetatraXx
  BETATRAXX & NIQ G 'Drug Abuse' Mixtape by BetatraXx
Betatraxx Bonus: An awesome new remix by Betatraxx. The first two minutes are kinda weird or at least too long but check out the drop at 2:15, it is MASSIVE.
Lonsdale Boys Club - Weekend (Betatraxx Remix)

Drug Abuse Remix Comp. Winners
In our last post on Betatraxx we mentioned his remix competition for his massive track Drug Abuse. Well it has been a minute since then and Betatraxx has announced the winners, check out the top three tracks below.
1st Place:
  BetatraXx - Drug Abuse (Dave Scorp Remix) by BetatraXx
2nd Place:
  BetatraXx - Drug Abuse (Digital Switchover Remix) by BetatraXx
3rd Place:
  BetatraXx - Drug Abuse (3 Kilos Remix) by BetatraXx
Winner's Round: A huge congratulations to Dave Scorp for winning the remix competition. Digital Switchover put up some serious competition but Dave definitely deserves the victory. Dave Scorp is an old friend of the blog and I highly recommend you check out some of our older posts on this talented Hungarian by clicking on his name in the "Labels" bar below this post. Also, please grab his fire remix of DJ Antention's track Rapid Fire down below and keep an eye out for this talented producer.
DJ Antention - Rapid Fire (Dave Scorp Remix)

LBCK - Start

Ask me last week what I thought about Long Beach City Kids aka LBCK and I would have told you that they are a cheap French Touch rip off. Ask me this week and I will tell you that they are one of the most promising Disco/Electro/House/Funk production duo in the business.
Okay, so that is a bit of an exaggeration, I didn't hate LBCK last week. Actually, I even saw them at Control @ The Avalon this summer and it was great. But since the drop of their single Start along with a few other recent musical revelations, I have fallen head over heals in love with LBCK.  LBCK is an LA/LBC duo comprised of Alex Noble and Luigi III who is also known as La Zebra. They describe their sound as "highly versatile, but can be best described as the uncharted realm where disco funk meets crafty synths, epic builds and viciously heavy drums." I second that description, especially the "viciously heavy drums" part. Check out "Start" and a fantastic R.A.T.M. remix below. Also, LBCK is on a bit of a "Euro Adventure" right now, so if you live in the E.U. you wanna check them out (Italians can check out our new Italy events section for info). And finally, for all our Columbian readers, they are visiting Columbia on that tour as well.
Bonus: Speaking of fantastic new SoCal disco house acts, Have you heard of literature? If you have, good job kid! You probably spend way too much time looking at music online (but I do to, so don't stress it). If you haven't heard of Literature you are just like the of us, seriously missing out on something special. Hell, I just heard my first literature track 5 minutes ago and was so impressed that I added this bonus section to the post immediately. Since I have only known who this kid is for 5 minutes all I can tell you is that he is from San Diego, he digs classic novels and he produces fantastic music.
Please check out/download/dance in the street to the funky, choppy disco sounds of Literature IMMEDIATELY. His remix of The Phantom's Revenge track, "A Better Day" comes with my highest recommendation. Check that shit out. 
  The Phantoms Revenge - A Better Day (literature Remix) by literature
Bonus Bonus: I love this song so much on so many different levels. But mostly because it actually does sound like The Phantom's (of the Opera) Revenge. Organs and distorted house, it could be Justice, it could be Oizo... no it has gotta be The Phantom's Revenge. So yes, if you like those talented Frenchies I recommend you check out this other talented Frenchie.

Skrillex Piano Cover

You gotta admit that that shit is pretty cool? I never though that a piano cover of this track could be: #1 so interesting or #2 so beautiful and melodic. Check out the video, it is awesome. Once you have you will probably be one of many who want a studio quality version of this recording so you can Dr. Fankenstein it into a set or remix. If that is you go pester, show some love and check out some originals of Ferro, the pianist, on his Soundcloud Page.

Also, we got some new original Skrillex. I wasn't completely on the Scary Monsters EP bandwagon, like seemingly everyone else. Even though it has great moments it sorta felt like it packed every single electronic music genre under the sun into one EP and then tied it all together with dubstep bassline drops. No hate, I just liked some of his earlier stuff more. However, I do love his new track, Cat Rats. I don't know where the name comes from but I do know that it is a fine example of durty, durty Discostep. Not Discostep in the Rusko O.M.G. sense. It's more like if the only two Grammy winning robots in the world decided to make a song with dubstep drops and wobbles, this is what it would sound like. Check out Cat Rats as well as a durty Redial remix of Scary Monsters.

Bonus: You should check out Redial's Soundcloud at some point. But at the very least you should listen to his new remix for F.O.O.L.'s Dark Cyan Night. It is a massive banga'.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Owl and The Phoenix

This is a post on some of the most recent tracks from two of our favorite producers: Owl Vision and IKKI.

We have not heard much from Swedish producer Owl Vision in a little while, so I was pretty happy to get notice of this new track released on Kinetika Records(NYC). The following is a remix Johannes made of an Eby le Beatz (Milan) track. I highly recommend you guys click here and purchase this gem of a track (there is also an Aerotronic remix you might want to check out):

Eby Le Beatz - Scleranthus (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision

Meanwhile in Spain.... IKKI has not been sitting on his ass watching TV. There is an upcoming remix of a track by L.A.S.E.R. called Witchcraft. I am posting the preview below, which despite being short shows us the IKKI we know at the very end, it is sick so check it out.

Ikki has also shared a couple interesting tracks. The first one is a System of a Down remix that shows us the obvious influence metal music has had on his sound (despite this being one of his less heavy remixes).

And finally he did a remix for the soundtrack of an 80s anime series called Saint Seiya, where I think his name comes from; I am pretty sure IKKI is named after the Phoenix character that owned everyone by fucking with their minds, could go in and out of hell, was ripped by age 11, and was always saving his bitch-ass little brother that wore a pink armor. Be ware this track is a bit different, but still pretty sick. 

L.A.S.E.R witchcraft IKKI remix preview out soon by ikki

SOAD BYOB IKKI remix by ikki

IKKI ANTHEM san Seiya (reminds me the old times remix) by ikki
Listen to me!!

Pola-Riot: What What EP on Mähtrasher Records

So,we got pretty sick tracks in full 320 glory from Mähtrasher/Traktor Records to share with you guys. This is part of Mähtrasher 8th release, What What EP by Pola-Riot, and it is banging. Pola-Riot hails from Vienna and adds on to the endless list of solid producers from the peninsula. Below you will find the original track as well as a very sick remix by Valerna.

Pola-Riot- What What(Orignal Mix)

Pola-Riot-What What(Valerna Remix)******

And after listening to them you will want to go here and get the rest of the tracks, which include remixes by Super Super, Hostage and many more.

This is not the first time we bring up Valerna. This producer from Hollywood needs more recognition, if you don't believe me check out the tracks below:
Action! Disco! by Valerna
Wrath Of God by Valerna

Monday, December 20, 2010

Bazen & Helden

Bazen & Helden, is a DJ/Production duo from The Hague, Netherlands that I have really impressed me with their recent work. They describe their influences as ranging from Deadmau5 to 60s French Chansons and you definitely hear that appreciation for sonic diversity in their music as style ranges from mellow Prog. House to Bangin' Electro. In case you were wondering, Bazen & Helden translated to english means Bosses & Heros. They recently dropped a new original track titled Cause I'm T.N.T., and it delivers yet another solid banger from the duo. I highly recommend you give it a listen, it is sick.

  Bazen & Helden - Cause i'm T.N.T (DL link available soon!!) by Bazen & Helden

BONUS: When I first heard this track Hercules, I immediately fell in love with Bazen & Helden. Download this phenomenal track and wait for the drop at 2:37 and I bet you will be unable to resist falling in love too.
Bazen & Helden - Hercules

Gorillas On Drums

Gorillas On Drums is a Hamburg/Zurich duo consisting of One Man Ben and Destroys ID. These two very talented Germans have just dropped a MASSIVE original track called Hold Your Breath and they are giving it away for free! Hold Your Breath definitely has a very sick Dada Life feel, with chopped strings and suspenseful piano builds followed by huge grinding leads. Also, check out the track I'm Not Your Boyfriend (Please Don't Touch Me). It has an absolutely hilarious sample from the Cartoon Network show Chowder. Plus it bangs real hard. I highly recommend that you check out the collaboration Gorillas On Drums, they are one of my favorite new artists of 2010.

Gorillas On Drums - Hold Your Breath
Gorillas On Drums - I'm Not Your Boyfriend (Please Don't Touch Me)

BONUS: I also highly recommend that you check out Gorillas On Drums solo efforts One Man Ben and Destroys ID as they also kick ass when producing by themselves. One Man Ben's remix for The Noisy Freaks remix competition for their track D.R.E.A.M. The first round of the remix comp ends today and there have been some absolutely huge submissions. Here are my personal favorites from the competition.
  D.R.E.A.M (One Man Ben Remix) by One Man Ben
  The Noisy Freaks - D.R.E.A.M (Dead C∆T Bounce "skype" Remix) by Dead C∆T Bounce
  The Noisy Freaks - D.R.E.A.M. (L.A.S.E.R. Remix) by L.A.S.E.R.

L.A.S.E.R. BONUS: L.A.S.E.R. is a Anglo-Italian duo that is killing it right now. We recently posted their huge remix for Haezer's bomb, James Bond, but if you are still not satisfied check out their remix for Like a G6 by Far East Movment. Trust me, even if you never want to hear another Like A G6 remix ever again, listen to L.A.S.E.R.'s rework. The duo does an absolutely phenomenal job with this track making the transition from pop to banging dirty electro seamlessly. Don't believe me, their remix got 17k plays in the first two days it was up on soundcloud and made it into the top 10 or 20 on HypeMachine, a huge feat for a song that is actually any good. L.A.S.E.R. rocks, I'm stoked support is coming their way.

Far East Movement - Like A G6 (L.A.S.E.R. Remix)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crookers and Viperbeat

Alright so MNUEL, from this blog, showed me this video a few days back and we couldn't help but laugh. Such a funny transition from 1980s Zouk French pop track, Lambada by Kaoma to Crookers' remix of Proxy's skull crusher Raven. Lambada vs. Raven, how do you do that and pull it off Crookers?

Besides the fact that this video provides a small peak into the crazily eclectic musical minds of Phara and Bot. It also serves as a good segue to introducing Viperbeat. Viperbeat like I Love Techno, is from Belgium. Viperbeat recently did a fantastic remix of an old Crookers gem, Love to Edit. Besides that, I have no clue who this very talented young man is. All I know is that his Love to Edit Remix is a fantastic example of Durty, Durty Fidget House at it's finest. Hopefully Viperbeat will reveal himself to the world soon enough, keep an eye out.

Crookers - Love To Edit (Viperbeat Remix)

Richie Beretta is Back with Baxter

Don't call it a comeback but Richie Beretta is back and so are we. Sorry for the huge hiatus and general lack of posts this month but we've had finals for school and since we're all seniors it's been kinda rough.
Richie's been on a bit of a production hiatus as well, I think he has been touring in Japan or something awesome like that. Whatever the reason he is back to bring you a new track titled Baxter. The song is named after the dog from Anchorman, ya know "The man punted Baxter!". Check out the song below, it's a bumpin' wobbly adventure through salsa, house, disco and swing. I highly recommend you check it out.
  Baxter by richie beretta

Bonus Video:
Check out a hilarious and very random video of Richie playing Street Fighter 4 against Skerrit Bwoy, from Major Lazer. Skerrit Bwoy plays as Blanka (hahaha) and he kicks some serious ass. Whatever, I know how you feel Richie, fuck Street Fighter 4, I'm all about the O.G. Street Fighters, 1& 2. Street Fighter with analog stick just don't work for me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daft Punk:Derezzed Official Video

Tron legacy comes out before Christmas, please do not let people trying to enjoy the movie, make you have to enjoy the soundtrack quietly. You have to admit that the 8-bit version at very beginning sounded pretty cool.

Taken from

Producer Sean Bailey: Here's a cool little anecdote. One night one of the cameras went down so we couldn't shoot for a couple hours. So there was this impromptu rave in the Tron warehouse in the middle of the night with Daft Punk deejaying.
Joe Kosinski: Everyone was in costume!
Sean Bailey: We just had a dance party at four in the morning.

You know you have a cool job, when spontaneous raves with Daft Punk happen at work.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Konovalov - 1991 EP

Today a was sorting through about a month worth of new music that I haven't got a chance to listen to and I stumbled upon the offering from Ukrainian producer Konovalov AKA Stas Konovalov. My mind was blown, Konovalov delivers Techno that is reminiscent of Mako Records style but with bigger more nasty wobbles and more breakbeat. If you are a fan of Proxy, The Boomzers, Nightbreaker or Polymorpic do not miss Konovalov's 1991 EP. Konovalov's 1991 EP comes with my highest recommendations, all the tracks bang fucking hard.
1991 EP is out now on I Hate U Records and you can purchase all of the Konovalov EP, here on Beatport, it's worth every penny. Also if you are broke you can check out all of the 1991 EP plus a whole lot more durty bassline goodness on his Soundcloud. Grab the title track 1991 in full 320 kbps goodness thanks to Stas Konovalov down below and also check out the preview of his follow up EP, Crackers.

Konovalov - 1991 (Original Mix) *Grab This Track Right Now, IT B MASSIVE!


Bonus - There are so many disgustingly talented producers coming out of Russia and Ukraine right now,  it's like fucking France in the 90s. This shit is blowing my mind, I feel like I hear some new freakishly talented Soviet kid every week. 
Check out some new tracks from Namesis and Sunko, two very talented and very unknown Russians. Also definitely check out Konovalov's re-fix of the Namesis and Sunko colaboration down below. I also highly recommend that you swing by Sunko's Soundcloud and Namesis Soundcloud pages to hear more from these very talented Russians.
  Sunko ft. Namesis - Kikin' My Brain (Konovalov Remix) by Konovalov
  Sunko feat. Namesis - Attack (Original mix) by NAMESIS
  Hijack & Brabe - Boogie (Sunko remix) by Sunko
  Audiofetish - Tanz Und Farbe (Konovalov remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Konovalov

Monday, November 29, 2010

Drivepilot - Firefriend Remix

Drivepilot AKA Nick Edwards just dropped a fucking monster of a remix for Sna-fu's track Firefriend. This track is killing it right now on the HypeMachine charts right now so if you haven't heard it yet you must be living under a rock or something. But I am super stoked that, #1 Drivepilot is getting some support from the masses, it is much deserved. And #2 HypeMachine has good music on it once again, just not shitty Kid Cudi, Passion Pit and Kanye mashups.

Sna-fu - Firefriend (Drivepilot Remix)

I also posted a sick video of Drivepilot absolutely destroying it @ Bohemia warehouse here in Portland, OR. He drops two of his own remixes of Haezer and F.O.O.L., just watch it, Nick kills it and I highly recommend you seize any opportunity you can to see this young man play live.
Drivepilot also just did a recent interview + mix for I highly recommend that you swing by this link to grab the mix and read the interview, it's funny and interesting.

Drivepilot Loves Trashbags (Exclusive Trashbags Mix Download) (Read Trashbags Divepilot Interview)
  • 1.Drivepilot – Invaders
  • 2.Drivepilot – Fuck Yeah!
  • 3.Does It Offend You, Yeah? – We Are The Dead (Drivepilot Remix)
  • 4.NEUS – Blast (Drivepilot Remix)
  • 5.Drivepilot – Highly Addictive
  • 6.Hall & Oates – Private Eyes (Drivepilot Remix)
  • 7.The Mastertrons – Attack The Train (Drivepilot Remix)
  • 8.Void Camp – Dead Bodies Everywhere (Drivepilot Remix)
  • 9.Autodidakt – Chainsaw (Drivepilot Remix) *Comes in around 32 min., ABSOLUTE STOMPER!
  • 10.Haezer – Here Come The Punks (Drivepilot Remix)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Domination From Asia: THE RIOTZ!

This Korean duo is no news to our blog (and consequently it shouldn't be to you either!), this mini post is just to make sure you don't miss out on two of their most recent remixes, which are pure destruction. There are some serious synth bass sounds on their Dirty Noise remix and on their Nthonius more of the usual dirty yet wonderfully easy to enjoy bass lines that makes us love The Riotz. Enjoy!

Nthonius - Red world (THERIOTZREMIX) by THERIOTZ

Dirty Noise - Everybody UP! (THERIOTZ! REMIX) by THERIOTZ

aUtOdiDakT - Genres Are Dead

Andres Klein, is the owner and founder of Traktor/Mähtrasher Record. Thats his day job, running two amazing record labels. At night Andres is a Producer/DJ under the name aUtOdiDakT. This very talented and very busy musical polymath recently released a massive 28 track, 145 minute, 2 CD debut album titled "Genres Are Dead". Not only is aUtOdiDakT selling this huge 2 CD debut LP for the price of 1 CD but he recently sent us over a little sample of the album for download. So check out Nitro, Good On The Dancefloor, Volltanken bitte!, and Pimp My Life. After one listen you should be sold and proceed directly to Beatport to pick up Genres Are Dead.

aUtOdiDakT - Nitro - If you like Proxy, DJ Antention and the nasty Russian bass banger sound check this out!
aUtOdiDakT & ULTRNX - Pimp my life - which is a little ironic middlefinger towards the majorindustry wrapped in a sweet Disco-Electro track

*To find out more about why aUtOdiDakT is qualified to tell you that Genres Are Dead, check out the press release that you can find in the comments section of this post.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Coming Very Soon

Fresh Foolish are Electro/Dubstep producers Emmanuel and Shaki from Milan and Bergamo. They have recently dropped an awesome new mix tape called "INTERSTELLAR" to promote their brand new website The website will launch this Saturday November, 20th and I highly recommend you check it out especially if you are a fan of Shake Your Ass Records artists and the vicious maximal electro thrash and dubstep that the Milan/Bergamo region has churning out recently. You can listen and download the INTERSTELLAR mix below as well as a great Fresh Foolish remix of a Belzebass track, Hell Dance and you can preview their huge new track Breath out soon on Crux Records. I also highly recommend that you check out Fresh Foolish's Soundcloud and our older posts on Fresh Foolish to hear and learn more. Also, you can grab their released material here on Beatport and don't forget to check out on November 20th.

Natasha Kmeto - Expressor

Natasha Kmeto is a Califonia born and raised, Portland based producer/DJ/vocalist who is breaking all the right rules. As a female R&B/Soul vocalist, you shouldn't be singing over tracks labeled as left field hip-hop and IDM. As a producer, you shouldn't be blurring the lines between hip-hop, experimental electronics and jazz. As her new album Expressor demonstrates, Natasha has no concern for these imposed genre restrictions and no inclination to play the role of a stereotypical "Diva". Thank god for this because her recently released sophomore album delivers something that is thoughful, beatiful, rockin' and entirely unique. I highly recommend Expressor to fans of the Low End Theory sound and regulars and residents like Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, Teebs, Baths, Nobody, etc., and those who dig Ninja Tune Recs new sound (i.e. Eskmo or Daedelus) and fans of indie hip hop producers like J Dilla, Madlib, or MF Doom. 
I recently had the good fortune of seeing Natasha Kmeto perform live at The Holocene in PDX for the album release party of Expressor and she was awesome. Last weekend I was at Tibetan Fox, a portland based clothing and art collective that made and designed T-Shirts for our blog. The owner and artist, Derek told me that Natasha was very sick for her show at the Holocene and drank a half a cup of tabasco sauce with apple juice to help her clear her throat before performing. That's super badass and she still fuckin' killed it despite illness. If you live in the North West check her out on this Friday, 11/19 in Seattle or Saturday, 11/20 @ Branx in PDX. Check out some of her music below and go to her Soundcloud page to check out more. You can purchase all her work on iTunes.

The Bloody Beetroots Remix Goose

The Bloody Beetroots just released a new remix on Goose's "Can't Stop Me Now" release and I can't believe I wasn't one of the first to bring it to you. It's been an effort to recover from the show Bob put on with Deathcrew in Portland, probably the best show I've seen here despite it's short nature. But they played this song out mid-set while I was going wild and I'm glad it's out because it's the fucking tits. It's got that same feel Fucked From Above has and it'd be a shame if you missed it. Anyway, grab it and get nuts. Also, not to undermine Goose themselves who we are huge fans of (Low Mode = Epic), check out the EP as well to get all the greatness.

Goose -Can't Stop Me Now (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) (192 kbps)******

The Outlaw Country Breaking Beats: Light Year - Five Girls EP

I've been out of the game for a bit due to schooling but I had to come back to give you guys Light Year. You guys might have picked up their stellar remix of Surkin's "Fan Out" and gotten a taste (and if you didn't don't worry, it's down below), but the two Australians have just dropped a stellar EP by the name of "Five Girls" that you have to pick up. You guys might know the powerhouse label they're working with, The Bang Gang 12 Inches who have released stuff from TCHNCRCY favorites Cassian and the epic Bag Raiders. The title track is reminiscent of Herve's banger "Wasted" that we've praised before; its got just an epic hook sample and a droning bassline to get your body in motion. The other tracks are phenomenal as well: "In and Out" follows "Five Girls" stylo, "Marcellus" (dope Pulp Fiction fan video here) brings some Duck Sauce groovy horns to coincide with some disco vocal samples while "Movin" keeps it going with some jungle drummage, and "Public Service Announcement" pushes some bassline electro. The whole EP comes highly recommend from the TCHNCRCY Crew and you can grab it at Beatport here.

If you need some convincing I'm putting up some of the great remixes they've dropped along with the EP's title track to get you on board. The Surkin remix improves on all the parts of the original I loved, giving the bassline the love it deserves. The track is unmissable so pick it up. Along with that there is an ill remix of their Australian brothers, Bag Raiders, that shows their darker, atmospheric side along with a remix of "Operah" that's got the tweaked out bass we all love. And if that's not enough to put up some cash, you can check out the whole EP on their soundcloud to really hear what you're getting. So check the boys out and keep em on your list.

Light Year - Five Girls (320 kbps)*****
Surkin - Fan Out (Light Year Remix) (320 kbps)***********
Bag Raiders - Turbo Love (Light Year Remix) (320 kbps)***
The Finger Prince - Operah (Light Year Remix) (320 kbps)

Speaking of groovey Duck Sauce, here's a Louis La Rouche's remix of their new track "Goody Two Shoes" that has been making the rounds. Figured I'd get it up while I'm talking about them. Sorry about it being ripped but that's all that is out there.

Duck Sauce - Goody Two Shoes (Louis Laroche Edit) (Rip) (128 kbps)****

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mako Records New Secret Weapon: ATTACK 1985

We all love the hard tracks that Mako Records puts out, lets face it (even Destructo can't deny his love for the label; "my secret weapon" says the man behind hard referring to the Mako tracks he likes to spin in a recent interview). Mako is adding a new member to its family: Attack 1985. This German duo fits in perfectly with the sound that Russian legend Proxy is trying to spread. Below you will find a video teaser for their upcoming Intruder EP as well as their remix of a Proxy track that you just can't miss...unless of course you are a little bitch. Oh and also a really fucking cool video with explosions, tits and a great track.
And please, head over to their soundcloud because all of his tracks are available for download.

Proxy-Ready 2 Watching (Attack 1985 Remix)

Tezuma & Kint More Destruction from Italy

Not long age we did a post on Tezuma & Kint, yet another duo from Italy dropping filthy electro tracks (no I am not complaining, it is just mind-blowing to me to see such concentration of talent in a single country). Anyways, they dropped an EP through Kill Beat Records this past August and ever since then these guys have not been slackers. Check out the remixes below, and see for yourself what I mean when I say that there is some heavy competition in the peninsula, but Tezuma & Kint's destructive style makes them heavy contenders. Be careful, the El Puerco remix might fuck you up.

ELPuerco | TToTD ( Tezuma&Kint Remix ) by Tezuma&kint

Totentanz | Deaath ( Tezuma&Kint Remix ) by Tezuma&kint

Drivepilot? F**K YEAH!

First of all, let me apologize for slacking in the posts lately. But I think, that this post should make up for it. Even though is a bit late and this EP has been out for a couple of weeks now, I cannot stress enough how insanely HARD Drivepilot's F**K YEAH! EP is. Released on Drivepilot's very own record label Traction Records, this EP features remixes by F.O.O.L., The Mastertrons (my favorite remix, soooo sick!!!), and Noize Generation, NEUS and the Boomzers, in other words this shit is massive. This Portland producer delivers great tracks and I strongly recommend you pick up this EP over here.

We have actually posted some soundclouds of the remixes previously so click AQUI and browse for your personal gratification. Below is the link for the original track, which shines despite all the talented producers that have their name on this EP.

Drivepilot- FUCK YEAH!

A little more? This track was posted on soundcloud fairly recently and makes you wonder: when the fuck did this guy get a Commodore64? Hit play to enjoy a track full of those square waves that make 8bit soundcards so dope.

Drivepilot - Invaders by DRIVEPILOT

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sawgood's - Yes & No EP Featuring The Mastertrons & Belzebass

Perennial Technocracy favorite Sawgood, just dropped his new EP titled Yes & No. The release is out now on Kiez Beats Records and can be purchased exclusively on Beatport. I highly recommend that you do so as it features two originals, "Yes" & "No", from the man himself Sawgood, along with huge bangin' bassline electro remixes of "Yes" from The Mastertrons and Belzebass as well as a cool DnB mix of "No" from Ozma. Grab some previews below.
Sawgood - Yes (Original Mix) (Preview) [Buy on Beatport]
Sawgood - Yes (The Mastertrons Remix) (Preview) [Buy on Beatport]
Sawgood - Yes (Belzebass Remix) (Preview) [Buy on Beatport]

More Mastertrons? Of course you want more from this young and upcoming Italian duo, The Mastertrons (link to buy their stuff on Beatport), you listened to their remix of Yes, right? You can actually check out The Mastertrons full remix of Yes (not a preview) on The Mastertrons Soundcloud page along with other great new remixes for Belzebass, F.O.O.L., Gtronic, great new originals including their Fat Man EP and a whole bunch more.
For more information on The Mastertrons (link to Mastertrons on TCHNCRCY Music), please check out some of our older posts on this very talented duo to find out more about the group and listen to a few huge tracks off their debut EP. Or you can swing by their myspace, facebook and Shake Your Ass Records to find out even more. Check out some maximal thrash electro, courtesy of the young duo themselves who sent us some great remixes for your listening pleasure.
Fresh Foolish feat. AG & AG - Fidgerator (The Mastertrons Remix)
HateBoss ft. Tommaso Mantelli - Get Out (The Mastertrons Remix)
The Roto Mafia - West Coast Is Back (The Mastertrons Remix)
DJ Antention - Go (The Mastertrons Remix)

More Belzebass? Hell yes you do. Belzebass is another very talented and very cool duo from northern Italy. They, like The Mastertrons, have been very busy churning out tons of bangin' electro filth in the studios. I highly recommend you check out either some of our older posts on Belzebass and their Soundcloud (listen to full version of their "Yes" remix plus much more) or Myspace.
Belzebass - Du Auch (Sawgood & DJ Antention Remix)
Belzebass - Il Maiale