Thursday, April 29, 2010

Classically Trained Musical Assassins

I really dig on classically tripped out Electro, mainly because the music is just so well put together. That melding of powerful, theatrical music with that down and dirty party song-style grips me and pulls me in. I'm talking about that large cathedral feeling you get from songs like "Have Mercy on Us" off the Bloody Beetroots Romborama and Justice's "Stress". You know that vibe I'm talking about when you listen to DatA's "Blood Theme" or Wolfgang Gartner's "Wolfgang's 5th Symphony"? I love that big, grimey sound. I think a big part of it is the organs and STRINGS used in those songs, which leads me to my big obvious segway into Paris's Something A La Mode, the dj duo that just dropped their first album by the name of SomethingALaMode (yes that's right, no spaces to be found here). I talked about them in a previous post, because of their work with the aforementioned Bloody Beetroots but here's a bit more in depth info. If you don't feel like reading or just don't care skip on down and pick up the tunes.

Made up of Thomas Roussel, a violinist, and Yannick Grandjean, a cellist, these two have been putting it down for a minute. This new album is their first LP release from indie label Yellow Productions, run by Bob Sinclar of "Love Generation" fame and somebody I barely recognize, DJ Yellow. While Bobbo might have ridden Thomas Banglter's coat tails with "Gym Tonic"and DJ Yellow seems to produce less than stellar reggaeton, something must have clicked because they signed these two. Roussel and Grandjean mix up some bad ass tracks in their new album two of which, G-String and Rondoparisiano, have been out for a while chilling on the music blogs and can be picked up here.

That sound I was talking about earlier is something relatively present through their whole album, the strings adding a sense of scale to the music and the classical training the two received shows in the complex song structures. The griminess I loved is lost in this album, however, for a more airy, french house feel similar to Daft Punk, which isn't surprising considering they come from the same relative scene around An-Fer (apparently some big electro club in Paris). What the album feels like to me is a Ratatat's first album. The whole strings thing is intriguing and it's cool, but it seems limiting in a way. Because they feel the need to have strings in every song, the unique sound that makes those strings so interesting begins to get stale. The album has its peaks, for me A Little Bit of Feel Good (a cover of a Jamie Lidell song), 5 AM, and Rondoparisiano, but some of the later tracks wane in style and sound a little samey. The tracks that do stand out though are fantastic and that's the best you can ask right? Not all albums can be Cross. Cop the the LP at Beatport or on iTunes after listening to the tracks here. There's a Valerna remix of 5 AM too, which I think shows what the duo could be if they added some more drive to their tracks toned down on the strings. It's way too ill to pass up so grab that as well and head out the door.

Something A La Mode - G-String (256 kbps)
Something A La Mode - Rondoparisiano (256 kbps)
Something A La Mode - 5 AM (Valerna Remix)

Here are two of the tracks I mentioned plus this Subs and Party Harders song that sounds just Mustard Pimp. Fucking great.

Wolfgang Gartner - Wolfgang's 5th Symphony (320 kbps)
The Bloody Beetroots - Have Mercy On Us (feat. Cècile) (256 kbps)
Party Harders and the Subs - The Pope of Dope (256 kbps) ♥♥♥

O.M.G., it's a Rusko LP!

Everyones favorite UK transplant who now lives in LA is about to drop his new LP next Tuesday the 4th of May. The album is very aptly named O.M.G. and honestly I CANNOT hype it enough, it's sooooooooo ill. The new album from the man, who in my opinion was the first to successfully introduce dubstep to electro, fidget and house, features collaborations with the likes of Crookers, Gucci Mane (WHAT!!?!? Isn't he in Jail), Rod Azlan and Amber Coffman. This album is too good to describe in words, head over to his myspace and check out all the tracks right now and after that go pre-order this album on Mad Decent's website cause Rusko is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and he deserves some support. Enjoy and realize that this is only the beginning for this very talented 25 year old.

Rusko - Rubadub Shakedown Feat. Rod Azlan ∆ Download limit exceded. (Sorry, Buy it, it's great!)

*These are all Myspace rips. Sorry about the huge file size and .aif but I didn't have time to compress them. Hopefully I will motivate you to buy the tracks when they come out.


Yet another sick video from Coachella 2010. This is Major Lazer's ridiculously over the top start of their set. Full on Chinese dancing dragons, a girl in a wedding dress, Skerrit Bwoy, suits and of course Lazers. I love Major Lazer and this is yet another crazy coachella set that I would sell my left nut to see. Regardless, the first song Diplo and Switch drop after the May-Jah-Lay-Zah intro is Westside by DJ Ammo and Dillon Francis. This song from two relatively unknown LA producers is so filthy, its been dropped on numerous occasions by Major Lazer and played it out at WMC. If that's not enough street cred well then just trust me, you need to check this shit out.

Bonus: Dillon Francis is a young LA producer who is seamlessly blending the lines between Fidget and Dubstep much like Noise Trade favorites Jack Beats, Fake Blood, Major Lazer and Crookers. Keep an eye on Dillon Francis.

From Russia With Bass

Who are Anton Triplet? Good question, no one really seems to know. The Trouble & Bass crew in New York dug up this very talented producer in St. Petersburg, Russia. So thanks send your thanks to the T&B crew for discovering this mystery kid and if anybody knows Anton Triplet's deal, for god sakes make him a myspace, or wiki page so the world can be introduced to this mysterious and very filthy producer. His new and debut (I think its his first) EP is ridiculous for a previously unknown artist. It combines elements of fidget with prog house and garage to produce a real unique yet heavy sound. Enjoy!

BONUS BASS not from Russia but still some of my favorite new tracks that didn't get a post of their own, but not for lack of quality, both tracks are must hear.

Rifoki and Refused

Wish I was there. Fuckin' mosh pits, Sperm Donor love it! Sorry about the sound, enjoy watching Rifoki and the pits in glorious HD and then check what they sounded like in the video below.

Rifoki dropping a cover of the Refused song "New Noise". Fucking epic! I love Refused and so does Aoki, you can tell by his vocal style. Don't worry you can actually hear this one unlike the one above and grab the original Refused version of this classic track below. Fucking Hardcore!

I ♥ NY

I went to New York this past March for my 21st Birthday and I gotta say I got nothing but love the city. On my first visit to NYC I saw Caspa and Benga at Webster Hall, Kicked it with Richie Beretta at Alibi on my Birthday and fell through a trapdoor to a storage room under the sidewalk walking home wasted at 4:30AM. Best B-Day ever! But seriously though, New York City is really sick, the depth of talent in that city alone is ridiculous and the fact that you can buy drinks till 4AM ensures that it truly is the city that never sleeps. Speaking of talent, we got new music from Big Apple locals Holy Ghost! off the new EP and a remix of their label, DFA, founder James Murphy's group LCD Soundsystem.

Some people say that New Yorkers aren't the friendliest bread, if that's true than lifetime resident and DJ/Producer/Musician Richie Beretta is a dramatic exception. He's the nicest dude ever, and one of the illest producers in a very talented city. I got mad love for this dude and his music, check out some of my favorites.

BONUS BASS from two more filthy NYC Residents.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blood, Sweet & Tears

Check out Mr. Flash's new release on Ed Banger Record titled "Blood, Sweet & Tears". This EP is so diverse; crazy instruments and crazy samples mixed into a wide variety of different beats. Anyway, I'm fucking diggin' all the tracks I posted below and all in all this is a very solid Ed Banger release, which coming from me, mean ALOT. The track "Flesh" is definitely my favorite as it has a definite Mr. Oizo feel with bangin' drums, slicing synths, alot of beeps and bleeps and chicks moaning and screaming; sounds fucking A+ right, well it is. Check out Mr. Flash's new EP below all in 320 kbps and if you likey, head over to beatport and grab the rest of the EP as all the songs are illin'.

Gingers DO have souls!

I think MIA and Romain Gavras have been watching too much South Park! The British singer/songwriter MIA has collaborated with the French director Romain Gavras who's name you might recognize from the Justice documentary "A Cross the Universe" or the music videos for Justice's "Stress", SMD's "I Beleive" and DJ Mehdi's "Signatune". MIA and Gavras have created one of the most brutal and shocking music videos I have seen in quite some time for her new single "Born Free" produced by the all-star line up of Diplo, Switch, John Hill and features Iggor Cavalera bangin' it out on drums. The video features ginger men and boys being systematically rounded up, taken to the desert and beaten and killed for the sport and fun of their captors. And trust me, parts of this video are very hard to watch, so if you had trouble with Justice's "Stress" video, I might give this a skip. Otherwise check it out and maybe throw up a comment on what you think the message of this hard hitting video is. Could MIA be commenting on genocide or U.S. Immigration policy or is she just taking a page out of South Park's book and doing an expose on anti-ginger sentiment. Anyway, MIA is already the surrounded in controversy for throwing some jabs at Lady Ga Ga for jacking her stylo and for bashing her label Universal Music Group on her Twitter for not promoting the new video in the U.S. through outlets like Youtube. Though she later rescinded her comment about UMG saying it wasn't their fault the video is banned on the major video hosting sites in America. However, this video is sure to stir up some controversy of it's own, so check it and grab the new punked out single by MIA down below. eNjoy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Club 75 plays Dubstep!?!?

Let me start by saying how truly epic Coachella 2010 looked. I've been so upset I couldn't make the annual pilgrimage out to Indio, CA for Coachella. And the fact I've missed some of the killer acts that have rolled thru PDX on their way down to the festival (A.K.A. Yeasayer, Miike Snow, The XX) thanks to a little thing called school, drives me fucking insane. So if you are in my boat and all you can do is bitch and moan about missing Proxy slaying it at noon and scour the internet to jack off to Deadmau5 shutting down the Sahara Tent with some of the illist visuals ever, then don't watch these videos of supergroup Club 75. Otherwise, enjoy!

The Ed Banger Crew of Busy P, DJ Mehdi, Gaspard Augé, So Me and legends Cassius drop "Ice Cream" by Borgore and then "Sweet Shop" by Doctor P. My mind is blown!

Xavier De Rosnay the other half of Justice, besides Augé, supposedly couldn't make it out of France due to the volcanic activity in Iceland. So, if the first transition between Stress and Aerodynamic is a little awkward forgive Gaspard as I've never seen him on a CDJ before and I think he's more of a producer and musician than a DJ. Whatever, this set is so sick, the Cassius 1999 Remix at the end of the above video is so tight. Club 75 dominates, it's a supergroup of some of Frances most influential producers... who are all friends... partying and playing out their music. Check out part 3 of these videos here, where they throw down We Are Your Friends. And grab the Cassius 1999 Remix and Cassius' new remix for the Booka Shade track Bad Love. Also, more music from Ed Banger friend Jackson and His Computer Band who remix of the ex-Ed Banger, Kavinsky's tune "Pacific Coast Highway".

Death Crew 77 and Igor Cavalera

Some may know Igor Cavalera as the drummer who co-founded the famed Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura by the age of 13, others might recognize him as 1/2 of the bangin' Brazilian Production/DJ Duo Mixhell. Hopefully fans of both his internationally acclaimed projects can respect this filthy drum duet with Cavalera and Death Crew 77s drummer Edward Grinch from the Death Crew Tour of Ireland. Check out the video and then grab some more of Igor's work below on Mixhell's new remix of the Toxic Avenger track "Superheroes" and the Sepultura classic "Roots Bloody Roots" that would be sick to hear played out by Death Crew 77.

Toxic Avenger - Superheroes (Mixhell Earplugged remix)

Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sounds from Mother Russia

*If you are a reader of this blog you might be under the impression that only two people post on it. You dear sir or madam would be fucking wrong, it so happens that the third one is a PC owner and consequently constantly crippled. (disclaimer over).

Assuming you are an educated fellow, I don't need to tell you who Proxy is, you probably guessed by the title that his name was bound to come up in this article. (if you don't, take a second to go here: mybadidontknowwhoproxyis... done? yes? ok, you should be excited by now to have discovered Raven). Proxy is preparing to release his debut LP sometime 2010, and this post is about giving you guys a sneak peak of what it will be like. If you were not lucky enough to see him in Ghent this past October, you missed many unreleased tracks probably played to the masses for the first time:

Proxy Live Set I Love Techno 2009 (download)

01 Proxy - Cooper
02 Autodidakt - Shit Your Rack (Proxy Remix)
03 Proxy - Indian Film
04 Proxy - Ready to Watching
05 Proxy - Сypher
06 Moby - I Love to Move In Here (Proxy remix)
07 Zombie Nation - Worth it (Proxy Remix)
08 Tiga - What you Need (Proxy remix)
09 Digitalism - Home Zone (Proxy Remix)
10 Proxy - Raven
11 Proxy - vibrate
12 Proxy - status
13 Proxy - Who are you
14 Proxy - Who Are You (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
15 Proxy - abyss
16 Proxy - Decoy
17 Proxy - Dance In Dark

See some new names on there? Download the mix and check it out, you deserve it. Even better treat yourself to Hard Summer Music Festival (MUST SEE LINE-UP) on August 7. If you didnt see the Proxy at Coachella this will make up for it many times over.

Bonus Round:

You want more Russian shit? Check out MARSEILLE, what better way to describe it than putting up a couple of tracks right?

Marseille- Over My Soul (192kbps)
Marseille- UFO Attack (192kbps)
Proxy- Raven (Marseille Remix) (233kbps)

Monday, April 19, 2010

One, Two...DESTROY!!!!

Wow. Just wow. Looking past the worries of Bob over extending himself with all these projects (Death Crew 77, Rifoki, the Bloody Beetroots), Bob and Tommy are embarking on another awesome collaboration with Australian Aston Shuffle to create DESTROY! Needless to say we here at Noise Trade are excited. I personally love the Death Crew 77 project that has been sweeping across the world. The shows look amazing, just check out any video on vimeo (especially the cool vibes from from their show with Something Al A Mode). But this new project? Just great move, Bob. Fantastically done. I can't wait to get some singles from these dudes but here's a mix involving the two groups just to get yourself ready. I've also added another Bloody Beetroots remix of Proxy's Vibrate which is 'illn. The cowbell is just phenomenal. Can't wait to pick it up from Beatport once it's released.

Destroy: Mixed By The Bloody Beetroots (202 kbps)
Proxy - Vibrate (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) (128 kbps)

And if you're in L.A. and aren't going to this show, then what the hell? Do you see the line-up? I will take you not going as a personal insult.

Hahahaha. Hilarious.

Dada Life - Cookies with a Smile (192 kbps)
Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand (O-God Remix) (320 kbps)