Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Night Drugs and Oh Shit!

I have no idea how these four producers/djs got together but to whatever divine force brought these two groups from across the globe together, THANK YOU! The LA based producers Oh Shit! are teaming up yet again with... thats right, you guessed it, another French duo that I love, Night Drugs. These two groups have been churning out really fun and super dancey house music that mixes disco/funk with electro with hip-hop with straight up bass driven bangers. Their new track Everybody Needs is due to drop in March on Velcro City Records and is destine to get some head bobbing and feet stompin' with remixes by Fabian, The Phantom's Revenge, Diamond Cut, Galactik Knights, DJ Hero, and more. I also put up a few of their other collabs, some originals, remixes, and other goodies, some of which are a few months old but still definitely on heavy rotation for me, enjoy bitches...

Friday, February 19, 2010


Let me start of by saying I love Late of the Pier and Black Fantasy Channel was one of my favorite albums of last year, but their b-sides release in December of the songs Blueberry and Phantasy just didn't do it for me. So, when I saw the Asian Dan blog proclaimed Late of the Pier's new single Best in the Class, "Currently the best track of 2010 for me", I new Late of the Pier was back for a hard hitting year. Check out the video below and grab the radio rip of Erol Alkan's BBC Radio 6 Mix where he drops the unreleased Soulwax Remix which is definitely A++++++ despite BBC promotional samples. The single drops for Best in Class drops March 1st and will be followed up by a full length LP and hopefully a U.S. tour. Trust me, if you ever have the chance to see Late of the Pier live, DO IT MUTHA FUCKA.

@ 2:25 is sooooooo good, very Krackish!

Also check out newcomers Egyptian Hip Hop whose debut will be coming out on Late of the Pier's new Record Label Zarcorp.

Viva La Revolución

We <3 the Bloody Beetroots. Here's the the mp3 for ya'll in 128 kbps in case you love the music as much as we do.

Bloody Beetroots DeathCrew 77 - Domino (128kbps)

Domino drops March 23rd. Cop that shit.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mixed Up, Messed Up, and Moving Out

What's cracking readers? I know it's been a minute since the last post but I've got some goodies I've gleaned from last week. First off here are some great new Breakbot remixes. Check Skabenga's earlier post for more news on him. Love In My Spaceship and the air remix is real nice. Give them a look. Do it.
Jan Turkenburg/Breakbot - In My Spaceship (Breakbot Remix) (192 kpbs)
Air - So Light Is Her Footfall (Breakbot Remix) (192 kbps)

Next up I have some sick Swedish fools dishing out some sweet beats. Ianizer and Lemethy have put out this great track Aimer,  a really nice piece of almost tech-house. Pick it up and give it a listen. One of my favorites for the past week and something I'm about.
Ianizer & Lemethy - Aimer (320 kpbs)

Big ups to Techno Colored Kids for this track. I don't know where these dudes come from, apparently Scotland, but this Dust Nuggets song is smooth and dirty at the same time. Don't judge until 2 minutes in. It gets really weird, almost Oizo-like. That's something I can appreciate, so give it a shot, let me know what you think.
Clouds - Dust Nugget (320 kbps) 

If you don't know about Rusko, let me spit some knowledge at you. Rusko is one of the filthiest dub artist on the map. I'd be surprised if you haven't heard but if haven't he's an amazing artist from North England that has lead the dub-step music scene that has been enveloping the electro scene lately. Saw him in Portland at the Rotture (one of the best Portland Electro Venues/Bars) and he blew my mind. Any dude who blasts the place with heavy bass and plays that crowd so well that people are clamoring onto the stage by the end is all good with me. Technocracy Music loves Rusko. Check out the most recent songs plus this bangin' Woo Boost remix by L.A. DJ, Subskrpt. All great, all worth respect.  He's one of leaders in Electro and does nothing less than fufill that role.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Le Castle Vania Comes to PDX!

This post is for those electro loving Portlanders that suffer whenever great djs (as usually happens) skip the NW on their US tours. Dylan Eiland, a.k.a. Le Castle Vania, is a dj/producer most of you should have heard of by now. Coming from Atlanta's indie-electro scene in 2006, Le Castle Vania has taken his act abroad and played along side HUGE names like Justice and Soulwax just to mention a few. His self-proclaimed disco house sound seems in my opinion too short and general when describing Le Castle Vania's trashy, yet filled with right-on-spot light synths remixes and orginal material. Here are three good reasons not to miss this guy on Saturday February 27th @ the Whiskey bar in Portland:

Le Castle Vania-No Body Gets Out Alive! (320 kbps)

Fukkk Offf- Rave Is King (Le Castle Vania Remix) (320 kbps)

Grum- Go Back (Le Castle Vania Remix) (320 kbps)

Le Castle Vania is also involved with Blake Miller in the side project Lies In Disguise, not superior to Dylan's solo project but still worth some attention:

Meet Your Replacement- Lies In Disguise (320 kbps)

Shinichi Osawa- Electro411 (Lies in Disguise Remix) (320 kbps)

To wrap up the post here is good edit of D.A.N.C.E. by Blake Miller, who used to associate with Dim Mak Records through an old shared project called Weird Science with Steve Aoki and Justin Bates:

Justice- D.A.N.C.E. (Blake Miller is Ruthless vs Sickboy Edit) (320 kbps)

Weird Science- Haus of Cards (Original Mix) (320 kbps)