Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mustard Pimp's New Album: No Title or Purpose. OUT NOW!

Mustard Pimp's new album 'No Title or Purpose' was released yesterday, October 25th, on all major online music stores, through infamous Dim Mak Records. I recommend you take your time to listen to the tracks below and then click here to purchase. The link is for the Deluxe version, which has all the previously released remixes for Money Shot, Catch Me, and ZHM, which if you don't have you should most definitely get NOW!

The album features some great and interesting collaborations with Blatta & Inesha, Dirtyphonics, Chali 2na, Alec Empire and many others. There is definitely something for everyone in Mustard Pimp's latest production, some might even go as far as categorizing some tracks as dubstep or hip hop, all of course imbued with the duo's own sound and aggressiveness. There is definitely a heavier use of vocals than in their previous productions, which to some might not be ideal. But where 'Wide Eyes' might be a new genre in which the duo is tapping, there are still tracks like 'Radio Techno Allah' that remind me of the first time I heard 'Gold'. Overall, it is great album and if you like Mustard Pimp you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the tracks!

As a little bonus, check out one my favorite tracks of this year as well as a great video. A video, which by the way, is receiving a lot of extra attention in light of the similarities it has with Duck Sauce's video released the same day as 'No Title or Purpose.'

Mustard Pimp and DJ Antention, you already know this is going to be a track to get violent to.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Justice's New LP in Justice's Own Words

Justice's latest LP 'Audio, Video, Disco' has probably been the most anticipated album of the year, and probably the subject of most debate among the french duo's fans. Not surprisingly, to those looking for Cross Pt. 2 the album did not cut it. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that there is very high quality work and production value behind some of those tracks. I could sit here and argue either side of the argument all night long, but it doesn't really matter. You already listened to the tracks and have made up your own mind. You already know how much you love/hate it, and how stoked/disappointed you are that they took a different approach to production than they did with Cross. Feel like asking Justice why the change? Well, here is what they have to say about it (at least what Xavier has to say, Gaspard seems to quietly agree):

Video by Rolling Stone.

We Want Monkey Now! (But Will Settle For Soon): Haezer's Upcoming 'Monkey EP'

We have already established pretty well who the fuck is Haezer in these pages, so I am going to get straight to the point. We all heard Haezer's banger Monkey back in 2010 (if you haven't take a few and click HERE before proceeding), we know the track is hard to say the least. The good news is that CRUX Records is releasing an EP with remixes by Pelussje, You Killing Me, Doc Trashz, Brian Cox, Shax, and Andy's Ill. In other words it is going to be a sick EP. If you don't want to take my word for it here two good reasons to be excited:

Monkey (Haezer) - PELUSSJE stalkeRMX -PREVIEW- out soon on CRUX! by Pelussje (This track is going to be fucking HUGE!)

HAEZER - Monkey (You Killing Me Remix) "OUT SOON" by You Killing Me

CRUX Records hasn't set a solid date for the release of this EP, but we will keep you updated as info becomes available.

In the meantime here is one BONUS upcoming track:

Dropping on October 27, only a few days away, you can't miss this track. It really lives up to the standards set by both Freakz Me Out Records and You Killing Me's consistently solid production. Also, I am really hoping for another Belzebass remix.

Check out the preview below and get ready to hit Beatport this Thursday.

  You Killing Me - Enthusiasm "OUT OCTOBER 27th" by You Killing Me