Saturday, January 29, 2011

Congorock's Electroman Remix

It's been almost a month and I am still buzzin' off seeing Congorock with DJ Falcon, Mr. Oizo, Brodinski, Harvard Bass and Destructo at Hard NYE. Everyone absolutely killed it and it was one of my favorite Hardfests of all time. Congorock, who played super early, was still one of my favorite acts of the night. All in all Rocco Rampino is the man and he recently released an awesome new remix of Benny Benassi and T-Pain's track Electroman. I highly recommend you check out this track.
  Benny Benassi feat T-Pain - Electroman (Congorock Remix) by Congorock

L.A.S.E.R. - Fearology EP

L.A.S.E.R. the half English, half Italian duo that DJs with LCD screens strapped on their backs dropped a phenomenal EP yesterday. The EP is titled Fearology which comes packed full with savage bangers including three original mixes as well as four more remixes from Ikki, Bullwack, Noisy Freaks, and Deadbots. This EP is out now on Onion Records and can be purchased on Beatport or though your favorite digital platform. However you get your hands on it I highly recommend that you check out L.A.S.E.R.'s Fearology EP,  it might frighten you but I promise that it won't disappoint. Check out all the teasers below.
  L.A.S.E.R. - FEAROLOGY EP [Preview] by ONION Records

Bonus: A few weeks back I posted a video of some awesome individual covering Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites on piano. L.A.S.E.R. got their hands on the studio version of this cover and reworked it into something magical.  Grab L.A.S.E.R.'s remix of Scary Monsters below along with a fabulous rework of Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (L.A.S.E.R. Remix)
Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (L.A.S.E.R. Remix)

The Monkeys Are Comming!

Does It Offend You, Yeah! draws it name from the sitcom, The Office, but from when it was still british and Ricky Gervais was still fat. And furthermore they are definitely one of my favorite dance punk acts around. Their lead singer, James Rushent's talents extend beyond DIOYY as he co-produced The Prodigy's top 5 hit "Omen" as well as "Invaders Must Die".
The Monkeys Are Coming is their lead off single for their forthcoming album Don't Say We Didn't Warn You which drops on March 14th. This first single fucking rocks and I am very excited for an all new DIOYY album. Check out The Monkeys Are Coming down below.
  Does It Offend You, Yeah? - The Monkeys Are Coming

Aerotronic - Vertigo Universe EP

Mako Records latest offering come straight from Belgium's finest trio, Aerotronic. As we have come to expect from Mako Records and Aerotronic, this release rocks. Give a listen to all the tracks below I highly recommend all the tracks, but both mixes of "Massacre" fucking destroy! The release is out February 14th on all the usual platforms.
  MAKO009 // Aerotronic - Vertigo Universe EP (Preview) by Mako Records
Bonus: I know y'all want to hear hear more from these very talented young Belgians. Grab some awesome tracks below from Aerotronic who are kindly giving away this greatness to you for free.
Tex Taiwan - Haphazard (Aerotronic Remix)
Eby Le Beatz - Scaleranthus (Aerotronic Remix)

From Russia With Love: Polymorphic has definitely been with the Mako Recs crew since the beginning. He recently did an fantastic track that he was kind enough to share with the world for no charge. Check out Batman 11.5 below.
Polymorphic - Batman 11.5

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Owl Vision New EP!

Owl Vision is at this point regularly posted on in this blog. His stuff is just heavy and dark enough to make us want more, yet I feel he is still a very underrated artist. Johannes' solo act deserves more attention. So when this jewel of an EP drops early February on Dga Fau Records do not hesitate to buy it. If you needed more incentive,keep in mind  it includes a F.O.O.L and a Quentin Gauthier remix; the EP is called the Black Death and will fuck your shit up.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Q.G.- Bomb Disaster (Official Video)

Q.G. - Bomb disaster ( official video )
Uploaded by dgafau. - See the latest featured music videos.
Quentin Gauthier together with Dga Fau Records and SHAKERPROD have put out a shocking video for a killer track. Directed by Pierre Teulières the video shows a night out that takes an odd-turn, giving the phrase "last night was really fucked up" a whole new meaning. It is a bit lengthy but totally worth the time. Press play and be prepared to witness one of the craziest/most bizarre parties you could find yourself in.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chip Banger Records: Exactly What You Think It Is

A long time ago we posted a little something on the line between 8bit music and electro being blurred by a handful of young talents. Today's post is about how one particular artist, Bleepshift, has done just that... in a slightly different way that we might have anticipated here at Technocracy Music. This French 8bit producer has remade three of the most recognizable tracks of the French-electro legends: Sebastian (Kavinsky), Mr. Oizo, and Justice into a compilation adequately named Chip Banger Records Vol 1. Below you will find the link to his version of Oizo's Pourriture 7, which is simply great if you are down for a different take on the classic. Oizo 8bit? check it out! I mean, if you are actually reading this far into the post you are probably interested.

Also check out the rest of the compilation at Bleepshift's bandcamp page, and do be cheap and pay up some cash for the tracks (including the better quality version of the above mentioned track as well as Kavinsky's Testarossa remixed by Sebastian and Justice's Phantom pt. 1). Bleepshift's album Phase One is also noteworthy and available on his bandcamp page. Come on listen to it, give those Game Boy tracks a chance.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cyberpunkers + You Killing Me

There is something about masked Italians that I can't help but love. From the Bloody Beetroots to Pelussje masked Italians get it done right both on the stage and in the studio. Cyberpunkers, who take to the stage donning paintball masks, are no exception to this trend. Give their new EP Fuck The System a listen and I am sure you will agree, these anonymous Italians are killing it. The Fuck The System EP is out January 20th on Freakz Me Out Records, give it a listen below.
   Cyberpunkers - Fuck The System EP

Remix Bonus: The Fuck The System EP includes remixes from Designer Drugs, Fukkk Offf and South Central all of which rock. However, if I was boss over at F.M.O. Recs I would have definitely included this fantastic remix from Italian/Vatican producer, You Killing Me. You Killing Me is supported by Cyberpunkers themselves, check out Cyberpunkers dropping You Killing Me's remix of Fuck The System right here, and grab the track below.
Cyberpunkers - Fuck The System (You Killing Me Remix)
Cyberpunkers played You Killing Me-Hey!

You Killing Me | Myspace Music Videos

I recently discovered the very talented vaticano duo You Killing Me. I hardly know anything about them; I don't even know if they are legitimately from Vatican City (Holy See). The producer/DJ Shax also claims to hail from Vatican City. Is this correct? I have a hard time believing that a city of under 1,000 clergymen and Swiss Gaurds has produced so much great electro. I think it is a joke but I don't want to offend, for all I know the Vatican has a banging electro scene. All I know for sure is that I am super down for a massive rave at St. Peter's Basilica (joke, sorry if that is offensive to anyone but admit it, it would be a cool venue. Like Daft Punk at Disneyland on steriods).
Anyways what I do know is that You Killing Me is a very talented thrash electro duo that has some forthcoming releases that I am super stoked about. First up is the Heroes/Hey! EP out February 10th on Kiez Beats Record. Second is the You Killing Me Remixes EP out February 23rd also on Kiez Beats Recs. Already heavily supported by some of my favorite Italian producers, (see Cyberpunkers clip above) I'm very excited for both these releases! Listen to a preview of what You Killing Me has in store for the world down below and keep an eye out for their debut release, the Heroes EP out on Beatport February 10th.
   You Killing Me - Heroes! (Clip) "10th February on Beatport" by You Killing Me
Fuck Yeah! Happy New Years! From the Pope, You Killing Me and all of us here at Technocracy Music. Hope you have a great 2011 and remember there is only one more year till 2012 so get in all your sinning and repenting before it is too late.
   DIOYY - We Are The Dead (You Killing Me Remix) by You Killing Me