Sunday, October 31, 2010

More EdBanger: Cassius Video + Free App

A while back we posted on The Rawkers EP by the legendary duo Cassius on the epic French label we all know and love, Ed Banger Rec. Yesterday the video for I <3 U So came out and we are making sure you don't miss it. You might see some familiar faces and at times feel like you are watching an iPhone commercial, but hey the video is pretty cool and you can download that app here in case you want to make your own video or something.

EdBanger news:

And as you probably know this Past Hard Haunted Mansion had some of the best Ed Banger names in their line-up: Busy P, SebastiAn and Mr. Oizo. Sadly, for all those that made it to one of the best places to be at in the world for the night of the dead, Mr. Oizo could not make it because of some apparent visa issues. For the rest of us who didn't make it, and who were blasting Oizo's tracks that reminded us bitterly that we were missing the French legend, this news are a bit appeasing (forgive the honesty). Anyways, apparently SebastiAn made up a bit for his absence, check him out dropping Positif.

Still, we all here at TechnocracyMusic wished we were there.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daft Punk Is Back

"Change the scheme, alter the mood, ELECTRIFY THE BOYS AND GIRLS", the moment a David Bowie esque Michael Sheen presents this task to the computerized Tron world Daft Punk robots in their Cameo in the movie, I was sold. Tron: Legacy is the shit, in theory at least and I, for one am going to be cueing up to see the species confused robots big screen debut. I highly recommend that you check out the video above, it's a new Daft Punk track from the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack and it is magic. Tron: Legacy hits theaters December 17th and luckily for all those Daft Punk nuts like me out there, the Soundtrack drops ten days earlier on 12/10/2010.

"It's Daft Motherfucking Punk". I know exactly how the girl who screams that feels. If one thing is more exciting than seeing Daft Punk live it is seeing Daft Punk live when you are not expecting it. This video is of Daft Punk's surprise performance during the encore of Phoenix's show at Madison Square Garden in New York this past weekend. Wish you were there, don't you!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Digitalism - Blitz EP

So don't call it a comeback but the German duo Digitalism has reunited after more than two years of inactivity as Jence and Kim pursued individual projects. It is awesome to hear something new from the duo after so long, hopefully this new EP from Digitalism means a follow up album to Idealistic in 2011. I definitely have my fingers crossed for new Justice, SebastiAn and Digitalism in the coming year. Anyways, I highly recommend that you check out Digitalism's Blitz EP out November 8th on Kitsuné Music, until then I hope this will tide you over.
Blitz EP:
1. Digitalism - Blitz (Original Mix) Re-Up
2. Digitalism - Stratosphere (Original Mix)
3. Digitalism - Blitz (Harvard Bass Remix)
4. Digitalism - Blitz (Villa Remix)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dance of Death

So Halloween is just around the corner now, and while I don't really dig the idea of scary costumes and haunted houses, I do love the thrashing, harsh, heavy, dark, haunting and just plain filthy music that this time of year tends to produce. So if you are like me and looking for a great way to fill up your Halloween playlist I highly recommend checking out the following beats. 

Totentanz is very talented duo based out of Milan, Italy. The duo got their name from the symphonic piece composed by famous 19th century musician Franz Liszt titled "Totentanz" or in english "Dance of Death". They are signed to Shake Your Ass Records and in my humble opinion, they have a MASSIVE future ahead of them. Check out Totentanz's bio below plus a little taste of their sound down below. 

Totentanz Official Bio: 
Totentanz is a diabolic duo of dj's from Milan committed to the harsh sound of electronic apocalypse. Spawned in 2009, Totentanz wants to bring the evil spirit of black arts to electronic music, mixing blast beats with heavy bass lines. We arouse people to raise hell, to dance and to crowd-surf in every dancefloor taking no prisoners. Totentanz has already achieved a solid fanbase and respect thanks to its explosive dj sets through Italy, sharing the stage with big names of the scene like Tyler Noze and Huoratron and is preparing the debut e.p. due to Fall 2010.Totentanz is not about fresh sounds, hip hop attitude or happiness. Totentanz is displaying darkness, aggressive beats and deathlike feelings. We are coming to a church near you very soon...

Dead C∆T Bounce is a very talented very young duo from Luxemburg. I really don't know too much about them except that they have an upcoming release with Shake Your Ass Records titled XIII and that they make music that will destroy your face. I highly recommend that you check out this duo. Thier brand new track Deadhouse features S.Y.A.R. artist A Girl & A Gun and it is a super creepy super banger and definitely takes the prize for best Halloween themed track. You can download it below and you will not be disappointed or check it out first on the Soundcloud player. I also highly recommend that you swing by their soundcloud and check out the filth that this talented duo has been crafting in the studio.
  Coconut (preview) by Dead C∆T Bounce
XIII (preview) by Dead C∆T Bounce
Dead C∆T Bounce And A Girl & A Gun - DEADHOUSE by Dead C∆T Bounce

Bonus: Some great new tracks from some awesome Italians who you should know if ya don't.
  Haezer - James Bond (L.A.S.E.R. Remix) by L.A.S.E.R.
  Wobble Lovers feat. AGAG - Killa Pandas (The Pornorockerz RMX) by The Pornorockerz

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LMDO Brings it Metal

Crazy electro producers and their penchant for covering their faces. Following in this trend is Spanish La Musique D'Ordinateur,  friends of TCHNCRCY favorites IKKI, Pelussje, and more. What sets apart these boys, besides their love for masks and carrying a guitar hero controller/Midi Controller, is their love for hard metal twisted up with some straight 4-to-the-floor headbanging beats. Those of you know us here probably have an idea that this is the stuff we dream of. More to the point, the boys are dropping their new EP, "The Hoover", which is gaining rapid support from the community (Pance Party, Congorock, and Blatta & Inesha just to name a few) and is necessary for you to check out. So here's the EP preview along with some select remixes that should get your feet off the floor and in the air. Listen in and remember "The Hoover" is coming out on Germany's Kiez Beats in the beginning of December.

  La Musique D'Ordinateur - The Hoover (Original Mix) - Soon on KIEZ BEATS Records - by La Musique D'Ordinateur 
  Caliban - Liar (La Musique D'Ordinateur X TheAnswer Remix) by La Musique D'Ordinateur
  Brutalizzed Kids - Química (La Musique D'Ordinateur Remix) by La Musique D'Ordinateur
  Metallica - Wherever I may roam (La Musique D'Ordinateur EDIT) by La Musique D'Ordinateur

-LMDO won a remix contest with this bitch. Soon to be released Nov. 1st on the Superpixel! EP coming out on Digithype Records.

  Super Pixel - Bangers (La Musique D'Ordinateur Remix) - Soon on Digithype Records - by La Musique D'Ordinateur

Monday, October 11, 2010

UDEK Bringing Metal/Screamo/Electro from Brazil

UDEK, from Porto Alegre Brazil, really pushes the boundaries between Metal and Electro. At one point you are submerged in a metal riff and a minute later you realize it is looped, compressed and god know what else this crazy kid does to his samples and you are thrown into pure electro madness. All I can say is that I am thrilled to hear more and more talent sprouting out of Latin America.

He also goes by Edu K. (name under which he has a more "tropical" sound, UDEK being the harder alterego). Under both names he has contributed to the Mähtrasher's soon to be latest release: Noize Generation-Get the Fuck Up EP (more updates on this later on), and he really lives up to the standards this destructive record label has set up. (Go to UDEK's Soundcloud to check out his remix of Get the Fuck Up).

If you think you can handle heavily metal influenced electro tracks check out the tracks below:

AUtOdiDakT ft Ferris - Chainsaw (UDEK's I Scream, U Scream, Evrybody SCREAMO Mix)3 by UDEKUDEK

Disco Killah - Faillure (Udek's 'Snatching Failure From The Jaws Of Success' Mix) VALENDO OK MESS by UDEKUDEK

Guerilla Speakerz - Imma Tell Yo Momma (UDEK McMelt Remix) by UDEKUDEK


If you got curious about Edu K's sound, here is a good track extracted from Pelussje's Boot Your Leg (Round Two) Compilation, which is worth looking for online (it was free!!)

Edu K- Me Bota Pra Dancar (Pelussje Goremix 2009)

Fresh Foolish

Fresh Foolish is a duo from Northern Italy and like many other talented producers from the greater Milan area, Fresh Foolish bangs. This past weekend foolish fresh dropped two tracks that I absolutely love. The first is an original track titled "Awake", I've only heard the preview but it absolutely destroys. "Awake" is coming out soon on Shake Your Ass Records, which probably means awesome remixes as well, I'm very excited. The second track they recently released is a remix of Asian Trash Boys track "Whisper", which crushes as well. Check out their bio below and keep a very sharp eye on this duo, I expect HUGE things.
The project Fresh Foolish was created by Emmanuel and Shaki two DJ / Producers from Milan and Bergamo, they comes from different music scenes ranging from Punk / Hardcore music to club fidget-electro, dubstep and maximal. The name FRESH FOOLISH was designed thinking and researching about showed that there was a sound that is distinctly different, having a footprint at the same time fresh, simple and destructive also. 
After playing in some of the best club of Italy for the prestige and beauty, have released their first EP in collaboration with Sophia B (aka A Girl and A Gun) and with remixes of some of the most talented young people emerging from the underground worldwide scene, have signed some excellent remixes, are preparing to launch their second EP directly on CRUX Records, one of the best indie label in the world with monster excellent remixers!

Asian Trash Boy - Whisper (FRESH FOOLISH Remix) by FRESH FOOLISH

Bonus Soundcloud Action: Check out a brand new remix of Drivepilot's track awesome track "Fuck Yeah!" by The Boomzers plus a bunch of other bangers. You can always see the tracks we are lovin' on our Soundcloud Page.
Drivepilot - Fuck Yeah! (The Boomzers Rmx) by The Boomzers *Amazing Original, Phenomenal Remix 
  Ikki - Models (Belzebass Remix) by belzebass
  Haezer - Warfare (Trashing Teenagers Remix) Teaser by TrashingTeenagers?!
  Haezer - Dominator ( Krftkds Remix ) out soon by krftkds

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mako Records No. 6: DJ Antention

The young Russian label keeps adding on to its collection of huge releases. Not too long ago the Destroy It EP, and now a release by a Russian producer, who comes as no surprise into this label. DJ Antention got ready four tracks for Mako Records and their release is around the corner.

DJ Antention previous releases on Mähtrasher Records and CRUX Records just to mention a few have been great, and the tracks he has ready for the label of a fellow Russian producer/legend are no exception.

Check out the minimix below and wait anxiously for the release of what will be an EP of epic Russian proportions.


премия (Bonus):

And if you haven't got it already grab the track below for a perfect example of the sounds Dj Antention, Proxy and the like are pushing out of Russia into everyone's heads:

DJ Antention- Elevator 92****

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Helium EP

Sound of Stereo is a duo from Belgium who like to throw down huge beats. Their track, Zipper was one of my favorite huge dance-floor jams of 2009. Well, Sound of Stereo is back with a follow up to the Zipper EP, Helium. The Helium EP contains two original tracks and fantastic Remixes by Jan Driver and Paul Chambers, both of which I highly recommend. Helium is out now on Lektroluv Records, grab it on beatport.

1: Sound of Stereo - Helium (Video Edit)
2: Sound of Stereo - Helium (Original Mix) *192kbps
3: Sound of Stereo - Helium (Jan Driver Remix)
4: Sound of Stereo - Helium (Paul Chambers Remix)
5: Sound of Stereo - Radium (Original Mix)

Pelussje: Sangre EP

We have done one or two posts on Pelussje, a talented Italian duo of masked producers. They have dropped some sick tracks including a New Noise remix before the Beetroots did theirs and many others that just add on to the ridiculous amount of great music coming from the European peninsula, and now they are putting out a new EP.
The two main tracks on this EP are nothing short of great and definitely deserve your attention. Check out the minimix above and indulge in a quick sample of Frogsplash, one of the couples' best tracks to date (and enjoying great reviews by Bob Rifo and Cyberpunkers). You can get the tracks here.
The EP will is on Flat Frog Music, an Italian label, and includes the acappellas for both tracks as well as ringtones? (I have to admit this is the first time I see an EP that includes ringtone versions of tracks... interesting move Pelussje, interesting move).

A little more Pelussje: Check out the Goldentrash remix below, very hard:
Pelussje "Sangre EP" OUT NOW!!! (promo minimix) by Pelussje

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bag Raiders

Talk about anticipation. Shooting Stars, the lead single for this new LP and one of my favorite electro tracks of all time, dropped officially over a year ago and had probably been unofficially floating around the interweb and on the radio for a year or more before that. Needless to say, this debut self titled album from Sydney electro duo, Bag Raiders is well overdue, but now the long and painful wait is finally over. That's right, brand spanking new Bag Raider is finally here and I highly recommend that you check out the debut work of these Aussie Electro legends. The Bag Raiders LP is out now on Modular Recordings, swing by Modular Recordings online shop to pick it up.
Bonus: Check out a great remix of the first single put out to promote the album, "Way Back Home". It's a great song and an even better remix.

ZZT - ZZafrika

After years of silence ZZT has finally reunited to bring you ZZafrika. If you aren't familiar with the duo that masterminded the fantastic '08 destroyers, "The Worm" and "Lower State of Conciseness", ZZT is a side project of producers Tiga and Zombie Nation. This supergroup has laid dormant for almost two years now but they are back to bring you a gem. Check out ZZafrika below, and remember to grab it on October 5th when it drops, here on Turbo Recordings digi music store.
ZZT - ZZafrika
Bonus: If you are looking for an absolute CRUSHER, look no further than Erol Alkan's rework of ZZT's fantastic original track "The Worm". Rave, Rave, Rave!

Happyboxx - Destroy It EP

Happyboxx, real name Gleb Soloviev, is a new face to the Mako Records family but a very long standing and well respected member of the underground d'n'b scene. This DJ/Producer hailing from Moscow, Russia has over 20 releases to his name on some of the biggest d'n'b labels in the biz like Metalheadz and DSCI4 to name a few. Now he has joined the all Russian crew over at Mako and he's making some magic. I highly recommend that you check out this fantastic release below in the player, I really love Kislota but all the tracks are great. Remember to swing by beatport and grab it for yourself.