Sunday, September 26, 2010

Turbo Recordings: Planet Turbo EP

Earlier this week (on the 21st to be more specific) Tiga's record label Turbo Recordings put out the Planet Turbo EP. The EP is a collection of new remixes of previously released tracks on the label by some of our favorite artists. Check out the EP below and don't forget to buy your favorite tracks over here.

TURBO 088:
1. Tiga - You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix) 6:00 (A fresh make over of Tiga's track by Germany's Hey Today!)
Tiga - You Gonna Want Me (Hey Today! Remix) by turborecordings
2. Proxy - 8000 (Diplo Remix) 3:51 (Diplo and Proxy?)
3. Boy 8-Bit - Yard Birds (The Finger Prince Remix) 6:31
4. Popof - The Chomper (Matt Walsh Remix) 7:40
5. Chromeo - Don't Turn The Lights On (Carte Blanche Late Nite Mix) 4:27 (Personal Favorite)

A hit from the not so distant past. Check out Hey Today! remixing Radio Controlled by Zombie Nation. Solid track, still maintains the elements that made you love the original.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fuck, This Is a Great Mixtape!

This shit is Huge, Haezer is Huge, Thank you OMGITM.COM. This South African is absolutely destroying it right now and this mix highlights this fact along with showcasing some of the finest unreleased tracks that are going to kick your ass. Don't believe me download the mix, listen to filthy track James Bond by Haezer we posted a while back or skip to 6 Minutes in to the mix and check out Drivepilots new remix of the unreleased Mastertrons track Attack the Train that is an Upcoming release on Shake Your Ass Records. Massive Right? The answer is yes. Check out the full tracklist below and see what distorted evilness Haezer has in store for you.

01. HAEZER - James Bond
02. The Mastertrons - Attack the Train(Drivepilot rmx) (Coming Soon to Shake Your Ass Recs, Massive Track, the links goes to the preview of the track on Soundcloud, show Nick some love)
03. Belzebass - Craked
04. Dj Antention - Go(Bigger Bolder rmx)
05. Boomzers - WTF(HAEZER RMX)
06. Squeeeze - Doop(Uppermost rmx)
07. The Mastertrons - Fat Man(HAEZER RMX)
08. HAEZER - Here Come the Punks! feat Circe(Trashing Teenagers rmx) and HAEZER - Warfare(acapella)
09. Autodidakt - Fake Fred Perry(HAEZER rmx)
10. Noize Generation - Get the fuck Up feat. Circe(HAEZER rmx)
11. HAEZER - Monkey
12. HAEZER - Dominator(Ikki rmx)
13. Gtronic - Ironman(Hostage rmx)
14. The Toxic Avenger - Nimporte Comment(HAEZER rmx)
15. HAEZER - It's Not Our Fault
16. F.O.O.L - We're Not French(HAEZER rmx)
17. Hateboss - Get Out(HAEZER rmx)
18. ShavedMonkeys - Get Rough(Aerotronic rmx)
19. Refused - New Noise(Bloody Beetroots rmx)
20. HAEZER - Anarchy!(HAEZER's ACDC mashup version)
21. Noisia - Machine Gun
22. Skrillex - Fucking Die
23. L'Amere Conspiration - Clash(HAEZER rmx)

Bonus - In the interests of all things HARD, HUGE and HEAVY. Here is The Toxic Avenger with some songs that might be too heavy for you head.
Bonjour Afrique - Heavy (The Toxic Avenger Remix)
Bring Me The Horizon - Death Breath (The Toxic Avenger Remix)

Noise Invaders

It should be kinda obvious that I am a fan of Mako Records at this point. I have posted on it's founder Proxy and it's artists Polymorphic, Marseille, Eclier, The Mould. However, there is still one major piece of the Mako puzzle missing and that piece is Noise Invaders. This talented duo from Moscow, Russia have churned out some magic tracks this past month. First up we have a Noise Invaders remix of Polymorphic's new track Apocalypse. The Apocalypse EP is out now on Coco Machete Recs and it features the original mix and a Marseille remix along with the Noise Invaders edit, pick up the whole thing on Beatport. Up next we have a very interesting re dub of Chromeo's Don't Turn The Lights On by Noise Invaders. You can also grab that remix and more fantastic Don't Turn The Lights On Remixes here on Beatport. Definitely keep an eye on Noise Invaders, I expect big things from this duo in the future. Mako Records blog has promised to do an interview with them soon, swing by MakoRecsBlog some time and see if it's up yet.

Polymorphic - Apocolypse (Noise Invaders Remix)

Additional Mako Records Listening -  Polymorphic is super sick. Tracks like this one below definitely stand out to me from a sea of fantastic Russian producers. Clearly, French legend Mr. Oizo agrees, watch him drop this awesome track below and pick it up for yourself on beatport.

Swedish House Mafia Documentary

Check out the trailer above for what looks like another wonderful exposé on the electro scene. Set to release Nov. 22nd following the trio of Axwell, Sebastian ingrosso, and Steve Angello under their better known name Swedish House Mafia. The dude's are huge, "One" has gotten so much play that it's basically become an anthem across those who like to rave out. If you don't believe me, check out the insane video for the track directed by Christian Larson, the same dude directing the documentary. I'm stoked, considering how ill A Cross the Universe and Part of the Weekend Never Dies are some of the best films out there (Seriously, block off some time to watch those movies if already haven't). It'll be really cool to see how the scene has developed since the rise of electro back in the start of the millennium. The documentary will also come out with a soundtrack by the name of "Until One" which should be dope. So mark your calendars and wait for the drop. (Big thanks to Techno Color Kids for the clue in.)

Some of you might know Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello for another epic track they produced under the name Buy Now!, "Body Crash". We posted the killer remix of MSTRKRFT's JFK, but here's the Chewy Chocolate Cookies to round out your collection.

Buy Now! - Body Crash (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) (320 kbps)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cassius x Ed Banger - The Rawkers E.P.

French house legends Cassius (Zdar and Boombass) and O.G. French house label Ed Banger Recs have finally united to bring you The Rawkers EP and as expected it is pure magic. Rawkers delivers five beautiful house tracks that are mixed to perfection. The other track on this six track EP is a slight departure from Cassius' house roots, the track I ♥ U So premiered on BBC Radio one a few weeks back. You can follow this link to check out a bad quality preview of Cassius' fun dubstep number I ♥ U So. The Rawkers E.P. drops October 4th on Vinyl and October 11th digital so you guys are getting a super secret preview of this fantastic release. Check out my favorite tracks off the EP in Transcoded (or compressed and lower quality) 320kbps and make sure you swing by iTunes and pre-order The Rawkers EP for digital download or here on for vinyl 12". 
 The No No's by Cassius
Shark Simple by Cassius
Additional Listening - Cassius truly are legends in the business of making music. Philippe Zdar alone has produced some of my favorite electro pop/rock albums like Phoenix's Grammy award wining Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Cut Copy's first album Bright Like Neon Love. More recently Zdar has worked on Chromeo's new album Business Casual. Check out one of my favorite track off that album "You Make It Rough" and pick up the whole album here on iTunes. Up next we have one from the vaults, going way back to 1992. Before Cassius was created and Boombass and Zdar colaborated under the name La Funk Mob, Zdar had a side project with another french house legend Etienne De Crécy. This colaboration was called MotorBass and they released 2 EPs and one LP. I highly recommend you check out some old school fantastic french house long before the days of Daft Punk.

MotorBass - Flying Fingers (MotorBass = Zdar + Etienne De Crécy)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Remix by TCHNCRCY's Kids You Knew In High School

Over the course of the past two weeks I have been working on remixing up the well known track "Fun Fun Fun" by the epic Swedish team of Dada Life. I think the song is the tits. It starts off slow and evil and then drops into enough drive to make your eyeballs spin. So preview it below and download it if you like it.

  Fun Fun Fun (Kids You Knew in High School Remix) by Technocracy Music

Dada Life - Fun Fun Fun (Kids You Knew in High School Remix) (320 kbps)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki - Brrrat!

Legends Armand Van Helden and Steve Aoki dropped their collaborative single today on Aoki's Dim Mak Recs today, and boy oy boy is this one a banger. It's very ravey and plain huge. I highly recommend that swing by beatport right now and pick it up the whole thing. The release will also comes with mixes by Will Bailey and His Majesty Andre. Check out a preview of the original below on the Soundcloud player or you can watch a video of Steve and Armand playing it out together for a massive crowd at SW4 in London.

Decible Music Festival: Seattle

Decibel Music Festival kicks off tomorrow in Seattle, WA. Here's Technocracy's guide to the biggest week in electronic music for the North West U.S. Decibel Music Fest was founded by Sean Horton that started back in 2003 and has quickly transformed into one of the biggest and most exciting festivals that unifies the spraying pockets of fantastic underground electronic music in the U.S. But decibel doesn't only play host to U.S. musicians having hosted international stars like Justice, Boys Noize, Switch, Simian Mobile Disco and Diplo (American I know, but still an international star). This years headliners include a triumphant return of both Flying Lotus and Modeselektor to Decible who are both not to miss if you are anywhere in the North West. Don't believe me check out the video above by The French Press Films from last years festival and then proceed to purchase your all access pass for Decibel here. Technocracy's List of Artists that you CANNOT MISS @ Decibel '10:

Modeselektor Okay so now that you have a ticket, brace yourself for a little sample of the sounds you will be hearing this week at Decibel. First up, we have the Modeselektor. If you don't know this very talented duo from Berlin you get a big wag of the finger. Modeselektor are some of the quintessential pioneers in German electronic, following Kraftwork and proceeding Boys Noize for German producing godfather status. Check out their huge track Art & Cash and a fun remix of Untitled from Modselektor by an upcoming Berlin hellman, Housemiester. And make sure that you do not miss Modeselektor @ Decibel. Modeselektor - Art & Cash

Flying Lotus What to say about my good friend flylo that hasn't already been said? Well, first of all Flying Lotus (flylo) just dropped a new EP yesterday titled Pattern + Grid World and it is a fucking slammer, I definitely recommend swinging by iTunes or you favorite music provider and picking it up now. Secondly, I had the pleasure of seeing flylo twice in LA this summer, once at Low End Theory and the other at Hard Summer. Seeing him perform twice this summer I was awesome and I really got a sense of how much FlyLo has grown as both a musician and producer over the past few years since his early days @ the Airliner for Low End Theory. Here's a little taste of his new EP below with the track Physics for Everyone!, great title, great song, and infinitely better live so don't miss this shit.

NastyNasty Okay, so, do you like heavy basslines and lazertits? If you do, then NastyNasty is the answer. They hail from Oakland, CA and they just dropped a new EP titled Puke Paint that delivers some serious bassline and wobbles. I definitely recommend that you check out this release through some well massive speakers and/or just good headphones. NastyNasty is playing Saturday @ 2PM at Decible and then down in San Fran the same day @ 8PM. That's dedication to the rage mutha fucka. So if you are in Seattle for decibel make sure you shake off the hangover from Modeselektor and check out NastyNasty.
NastyNasty - Sore Loser
NastyNasty - Dead Star

Starkey Starkey hails from the UK and is not afraid to throw down the bass. He is co-owner of two labels Seclusiasis Records and Silt Jockey Recs and a member of NY infamous Trouble & Bass Crew. Check out an awsome original track and his remix of MCs Can Kiss by Uffie.
Starkey - Starting Gates
Uffie - MCs Can Kiss (Starkey Remix) *Go all the way back to our first post EVER to grab this gem

Eskmo Eskmo is San Fransico based producer Brendan Angelides. He recently dropped a new self-titled LP and it is one of the most unique and original chilled out dubstep releases since Joy Orbison. I definitely recommend you grab this album, but you have to find it on your own as it hasn't been cleared for release in the US yet. If you are in the mood for a bassline that won't scare all your girlfriends away, check out Eskmo.
Eskmo - Cloudlight

Lorn Lorn is a very talented young guy who makes very unique two-step bass driven music that somewhere between glitch and dub. He too recently dropped a fantastic LP which you can pick up on iTunes or wherever else you like. I had the pleasure of seeing him at Low End Theory in LA this summer and he absolutely destroyed it. I definitely recomend that fans of Glitch Mob check out this track of Lorn's new LP Nothing Else.
Lorn - Greatest Silence

If you are performing at Decibel and you are not on this list, we apologize, it's not cause we don't like you too. Seattle residents: Please check out the full line-up at Decibel's website or on our Seattle show section of our blog and make your own selections of what to see.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Touché Records 1st Release: Rock the Beat EP

So the good ole' boys over at blogs HypthemBeats and Barney Vs The Dinosaur have put together an EP ready to drop on their brand new record label, Touché Records. As first releases go, it's a banger. The EP is from the Netherland's Ed Orable, whose released across a few fantastic record labels including having a remix featured on TCHNCRCY favorite Aerotronic's Sex and Cigarettes EP. Ed Orable's style is hard to define moving from a range including minimal jungle to hard electro. Because this is TCHNCRCY, we're here to showcase his distorted dance side and bring it to you with style. The EP is fully available to listen to on soundcloud (see below), but come September 24th, the EP will be released...For. Free. And I highly recommend you pick it up. The original is just a great base to build on. It's real fidgety, the sample is tight, and it flows like hot lava. Add onto this some great acts working on taking it even further and you come out with the epic ravey distortion from BVTD's own writer K.OH! and my personal favorite touch-up by the dirty Dutch producers known as Bassmakers. So keep the 24th in your mind and get ready to grab the release. More to come from what looks like a sick label.
  Ed Orable - Rock The Beat EP by Touché Records

We're Not French, FUCK!

We don't need to tell you about F.O.O.L. at this point right? The Swedish producers have been putting out huge track after huge track, and we have done the best we can to make sure you don't miss these guys' releases.

We're Not French is one of those tracks and the EP soon to be released on Germany's Kiez Beats Records looks very promising. Not only is this a very solid track but the artists remixing it are all in TCHNOCRCY Music's list of favorites. Check out the EP Teaser below, that includes (besides the filthy Haerzer remix that has been going around the internet for a while now and was previously posted) remixes by Owl Vision, The Mastertrons, Portland's Drivepilot, Trashing Teenagers, The Boomzers, and The Noisy Freaks.

How can you see that line-up of artist in a single EP and not want to listen to it?

We're Not French EP Teaser by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

The EP was said to drop sometime mid-September, so its release should be around the corner, DON'T MISS IT FOOL.

UPDATE (9/23)

You can now enjoy the full version of Owl Vision's remix, one of the best of the EP.

F.O.O.L - We're Not French (Owl Vision Remix) by Owl Vision


Nice heavy track, can't go wrong with this Russian-Swedish combination:

Dj Antention - Rapid Fire (F.O.O.L Remix) by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

The Robobot

LA Duo Valerna teamed up with San Fransico duo Pance Party and created The Robobot EP. This is a huge release, and they are giving it away for free @ You can also grab the tracks from the player below. However you pick it up, I highly recommend that you give these tracks a listen. The Overture track is choppy and yet melodic so it feels sorta like Daft Punk to me, Schaerzo is also very good and it definitely delivers something heavy and dark. It's all you would expect and more from this awesome collaboration.
Pance Party + Valerna - The Robobot by Pance Party

Additional Listening: Coming off the Valerna's Look Ma, No Pants! EP is another massive track from the LA duo titled Eruption. I posted a Felix Cartal remix of the title track off this EP about a month ago when Valerna first dropped the EP. I definitely recommend you grab the original mix of that track, Look Ma, No Pants over at beatport. I also highly recommend you check out the fantastic refix by another LA favorites, Clockwork, especially if you are tiered of all these Mutha Fuckin' Snakes on this Mutha Fuckin' Plane. 
Valerna - Eruption
Valerna - Snakes (Clockwork Remix)

Final Headbang

Irish Steph is a 19 year old French and Half Irish producer who is definitely not afraid to bang your head. Irish Steph already has big support from some huge names such as SebastiAn, Kavinsky and The Bloody Beetroots, who have all found room in their playlists for Irish Steph. His EP, Power droped today, vinyl only, and comes out next monday the 27 on all the usual digital platforms. I definitely recommend giving both the original and the Belgian duo VNNR's bangin' remix of a fully massive track a listen below.
Tracklist for Irish Steph's "Power EP":
01. Power Part 1
02. Power Part 2 (Original Mix)
03. IRA’s Tweed
04. Leprechauns Love Disco
05. Power Part 2 (VNNR Remix)
06. Leprechauns Love Disco (Pulpalicious Remix)
07. Leprechauns Love Disco (NEUS Remix)
08. Leprechauns Love Disco (Deluce Remix)

Bonus - This is sort of Half Irish, Half French as well because below we have the Irish duo Arveene & Misk remixing French legend Mr. Oizo's "Erreur Jean". This track is taken from Mr. Oizo's Pourriture EP, if you haven't heard this EP I definitely recommend you pick it up by following the link, I personally like the EP more than Oizo's Lambs Anger LP, well maybe not but still it is by far Ed Banger's best EP in my humble opinion. Check it out. Also, Arveene & Misk have just dropped a new single titled Eavesdropper, if you like what you hear grab it on all usual digital platforms.
Mr. Oizo - Erreur Jean (Arveene & Misk Remix)


Blak Nite is a very talented dude from the United Kingdom. He is dropping the Hyde EP this October on Tangled Talk Records, check out the trailer for the EP here. Beside that I don't really know to much about the kid except that I love his sound. If you are a fan of Proxy or SebastiAn I definitely recommend you check Blak Nite out, all the tracks below are great.
Leo Chilcott is a London based producer who makes music under the name of Nightbreaker. Nightbreaker is the latest addition to Teenage Bad Girl's label Archibell Records which is droping Nightbreaker's new Tokamak EP on September 27th. Check out the track G.I.G.A.S. from the EP thanks to our friends over at TooManySebastins and some other bangers from Nightbreaker. On a side note: Teenage Bad Girl is about to kick off their North American tour this week, make sure you don't miss them if you are lucky enough to live in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Chicago, San Fran, or LA.
Teenage Bad Girl - Ton Ton Funk (Nightbreaker Remix) by NIGHTBREAKER
Boys Noize - And Down (Nightbreaker Remix) by NIGHTBREAKER

Bonus - Running with the theme check out this awesome remix of "Knights of Cydonia" by the very talented Austrian Duo, The Integrals. There is so much good music coming out of Vienna right now, definitely recommend you check these kids out! 
Muse - Knights of Cydonia (The Integrals Remix)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Technocracy Ten Tracks Pt. 2

What's crackin' people? So the weekend is starting and I am finally continuing the Technocracy Ten with another ten tracks from the past.....I guess three weeks. I know, I know. There has been a lack of posting which we are attempting to remedy. And so here are ten epic songs to get your party started right. Some big names and some that you might not have checked out, but all huge songs you should have blasting out your speakers. Enjoy and get dancing.

Realboy - Robo Mouse (320 kbps)***
-L.A.'s Realboy bring it hard and fast, just the way you like it. Heavy hitter right here for sure.

Vibromaster - Bollywood (Original Mix) (320 kbps)
-Can't put up some tracks with some heavy dub-step. Enjoy the two step wobbles.

Oh Land - Sun of a Gun (Yuksek Remix) (320 kbps)
-Yuksek proves he can still spin gold out of anything with this sick down-tempo track. The vocal mods are too epic for me to not love on it.

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Fare Soldi - Duck Soldi Remix) (320 kbps)***
-The original of this song came out and it's been getting a lot of hype, so here's Fare Soldi's touch on the song. The beginning of this song is a bit on the edge of wackness, but give it till 1:30 when it cuts into what I think is the best house remix of Barbra Streisand out today and you'll forget about the weird piano guitar intro.

Kissy Sell Out - Joanna (Extended Original) (320 kbps)***
-Extended track of an excellently built piece of music. The bleep stepping he's got at 1:27 is impossible to get out your head, but in a good way.

Acid Washed - Acid Washed (Danger Remix) (192 kbps)
-New Danger = Good Danger

Urchins - Drag On (Original Mix) (192 kbps)
-Just Hard Electro pure and simple. Lovely.

Afrojack Ft. Eva Simons - Take Over Control (Adam F Remix) (192 kbps)****
-Afrojack's original is good, this remix is better.

Haezer - James Bond (320 kbps)********
-Who the fuck is Haezer? If you don't know, learn now and grip this track. By far my favorite up here.

Au Revoir Simone - Only You Can Make You Happy (Punches Remix) (320 kbps)
-This is such a chill track that if you get a chance to play it in the sun you'll feel like a goddamn movie star. Housy with great vocal samples you can't miss.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Bloody Beetroots Remix: Dissolve

I am glad to hear yet another remix by the amazing Italian duo, The Bloody Beetroots. And even more so if the track is free. This time the Beetroots remind us why we love their music so much by remixing Dissolve by The Chemical Brothers, who recently ended their American tour. This remix is a bit similar to their earlier tracks, which is awesome. As an act that has evolved so much over the years, it is reassuring to hear that they have not gone too far away from their roots.


The Chemical Brothers-Dissolve (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) (320kbps)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Technocracy Music's First Production: Kids You Knew in High School

My apologies for the recent slow down in posting here at TCHNCRCY. A bunch of factors have been impeding our ability to to post, mainly classes, lack of internet, and partying. Another reason is that SPACE CADET and I have been working on finally producing music. Exciting, I know. None the less, I dig our songs and I'm hoping you will too. Check out the two tracks we've set up, Cigarettes and Coffee and Day Drinking. Cigarettes and Coffee is our attempt at hard music and Day Drinking has a wobbly bassline mixed up in some nice bleeping synths. Give em a listen and let us know what you think.

Edit: Lo siento for the clipping on Day Drinking. New copy up now, remastered. The volume got jammed up on one of the tracks for some reason. Check out the newer version without all that popping in your ears.

Kids You Knew in High School - Cigarettes and Coffee (320 kbps)
Kids You Knew in High School - Day Drinking (320 kbps) (Remastered)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tom Tom Song

Loose Cannons and Peo De Pitte just dropped a fantastic new single called "Tom Tom Song". I loved the Loose Cannons remix for Boy 8-Bit's track Wolfen and have had my eye on the talented English duo ever since. Peo De Pitte are new additions to the blog but with big support from acts like Fake Blood, this talented Stockholmer should have no problem working his way onto your playlists. Check out this new banger that has gained support from the likes of Kissy SellOut, Hot Pink Delorian, Evil Nine, Lee Mortimer, Goldierocks, Lewis Hamilton, and whichever AnR guy that signs this track. Like Lee Mortimer said, "This song really 'Turns Me' on", listen to the track's Tom Tom GPS inspired samples to see what he means.
Right Click To Download-O.G. Mix, and Will B & Punk Rolla Mix Highly Recommended

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kiss My Ass

K*M*A* is a new collaboration between Miami young gun SonicC and Toronto duo Autoerotique. I had the pleasure of hearing Autoerotique & SonicC drop a sneak peak of this banger at Cinespace in L.A. a few weeks back when the label mates played Dim Mak Tuesday together. Check out the original and the awesome remix from another Torontonian, Rynecologist. Follow links to beatport on the player or iTunes here to pick up the whole release including SonicC & Autoerotique Dub mixes and a Eli Escobar mix.  Hope to see more colabs from this trio in the future.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pimped Out Videos

Psychedelic pimpin'. A cool and crazy music video for Mustard Pimp's track "Paper" off their Rock, Paper, Scissors EP which you can pick up on Beatport here.

aUtOdiDakT & ULTRNX - Pimp my life from Andres Klein on Vimeo.
Fun Video for a ironic pop track from aUtOdiDakT & ULTRNX out September 23rd with remixes from Dyebox, Jon Kennedy and more in digital and vinyl on Traktor Records.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Notre Jour Viendra" Soundtrack by SebastiAn

"Notre Jour Viendra" meaning "our day will come" in french is a new film by Romain Gavras that is scheduled for release on September 15th. Fresh of his VERY controversial release of the music video for M.I.A.'s track "Born Free" this film expands on his theme of discrimination against gingers and is virtually guaranteed to ruffle some feathers. Starring French film legend Vincent Cassel, I can definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of Gravas previous work like "Stress", "Singatune" "I Believe" and "A Cross The Universe". Check out the trailer above and grab the full soundtrack here.

Bonus: Also you can FINALLY grab SebastiAn's unreleased track "Crevasse" which has been out there since Busy P dropped it at Cinespace on DJ Medhi's B-day party last year, right before Thomas Bangalter played. After almost 2 years of anticipation finally grab this track in 320 below and get pumped for SebastiAn's new LP scheduled to drop in September which in Ed Banger time probably means March 2011. Enjoy
SebastiAn - Unknown Title
*This song may be titled "Busy Busy Busy" or "Crevasse" or something else entirely. When Busy P plays it, it sounds like he says, "this is Crevasse" but it might be "Thomas" as in Bangalter who came on shortly after the song. We won't know until the album drops... which may be never, too much anticipation, thanks a lot Ed Banger.