Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chilly Gonzales And Boys Noize Once Again

CHILLY GONZALES - I AM EUROPE from Boysnoize Records on Vimeo.

Chilly Gonzales, AKA Jason Charles Beck, is a gifted Canadian musician known among many things for his collaborations with Feist and Peaches, according to wikipedia teaching himself how to play piano at age three, and of course that glorious piano version of Waves by Erol Alkan & Boys Noize.

Today Chilly Gonzales is working on Ivory Tower, his upcoming LP to be produced in collaboration with Boys Noize. This album will be released alongside a film project by the same name co-written by Gonzales and directed by Adam Traynor. It will be one film to add to the list of films coming up that have very promising soundtracks.

Here is the first single of Ivory Tower, "I Am Europe." Listen to it, and enjoy Tiga as what seems to be our hero's nemesis in a chess tournament. Don't forget to check out the release of the single on Boysnoize Records (Djedjotronic Remix included).

Grum- Through The Night

Grum - Through The Night from The General Assembly on Vimeo.

Grum has some of the most entertaining videos I have seen (how can we forget "Can't Shake This Feeling", where gluttony replaces lust in the weirdest snapshots of a made-up sector of the porn industry... although to be honest such producers probably exist); the video for "Through The Night", the latest single from their LP Heartbeats, is no exception. OK, maybe is not super recent (there was a premiere screening on June 16th), but how could I not make sure you guys have seen a video of a mustache sporting guy from the 80s having an emotional breakdown over the possible death of his weightlifting-buddy/bff/patrol-partner/lover? All in all, you can't argue that it fits the song very well... remixes to come soon.

And all this (both videos mentioned above) thanks to The General Assembly, "a music video/commercial directing duo, creative think tank, curator of cool, and an advocate of gentlemanly etiquette based in Los Angeles, California". Check them out.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Geometry + Mashed Paper Klub + Trashing Teenagers

Who's down to die tonight?! I've got three killer duos for you guys that'll really lay into your head. This is hard electro at its finest with some dirty dirty distortion and heavy bass. I know you're going to love it.

First up I've got two French DJs representing Bordeaux in a big way. The dudes are unsigned which after you check out some of their tracks you'll be scratching your head why just like I am. So here is Geometry, coming out with some devastating tunes to rock your skull. I first came on them when they remixed the previously mentioned "The Parachute Ending" by Birdy Nam Nam (aided by TCHNCRCY favorites Justice). Then I checked out "Triggernometry" and I was in love. I've got both of these tracks plus two others, all of which are worth checking out, if only the clean your ears out. Keep it up boys.

Geometry Feat. A Girl and a Gun - Triggernometry (128 kbps)****
Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending (Geometry Remix) (320 kbps)***
Geometry - NERD! (320 kbps)
Illstm - Moctezuma (Geometry remix) (320 kbps)***

Next up, I have my first Belgian duo, Mashed Paper Klub, owners of indie label Mashed Paper Rec. I put up a track of theirs about a week ago but didn't have much time to go into much detail. These boys from Brussels love that heavy theatrical sound, which I first heard from their first EP, "Deus Ex Machina". It just drew me in. Then they go ahead and drop another promo EP and then let loose yet another promo with their buddy Wazabi called "Optimus". All the work is just straight evil and better yet, all of it is available to the public which is just hands down fucking awesome (links to all three promos above). You can grab my favorite track off the first promo at the old post, and then the best off the other two below. Then I figured why not throw in some banging remixes they've done of some well known tracks. Swoop the first two at least and then come back for the others when you realize how dirty these fools are.

Verdi & Blockhe4d - Dies Cretin (Mashed Paper Klub live version) (320 kbps)***
Wazabi - Optimus (Mashed Paper Klub Remix)****
Don Rimini - Hools (Mashed Paper Klub feat. Floating remix) (320 kbps)
Mustard Pimp - Rer D (Mashed Paper Klub feat. Floating "Erreur D" remix)

Finally, I have another Belgian duo that are just as grimy as their picture. Thrashing Teenagers is another Belgian duo that are ripping up the airwaves with some heavy distortion. "Cubes" has been one of my favorite songs for the past couple weeks and those of you who dig on that hard electro sound will be all about "Unleash Hell" and "Supernova". It's all good with these boys and I look forward to hearing more of their work. If those tracks aren't enough for you, check out the work they did for Neus's remix competition. Now get crazy, everyone.

Trashing Teenagers - Cubes (Original Mix) (320 kbps)*****
Trashing Teenagers - Supernova (Original Mix) (320 kbps)***
Trashing Teenagers feat. A Girl and a Gun - Unleash Hell (Original Mix) (320 kbps)
  NEUS - Blast! (Trashing Teenagers Remix) by TrashingTeenagers?!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don't Be Skur'd, It's Just a Bassline

No real rhyme, reason, message or theme in this post only a shit load of the hardest, heaviest and most aggressive music that has been released lately. This post crosses genres, reaching from electro to dubstep to rock to hip-hop to 8-bit. Regardless, there is one thing all of these tracks have in common, they are guaranteed to get your feet stomping, fists pumpin, head bobbing and you skin sweating.

On Dillon Francis' Myspace, right below the "About Dillon Francis" section it reads, "Daft Punk is all about making love, and I am all about fucking." Well that shit always cracks me the fuck up when I read it! But more recently as I was going thru Tokyo Dubstep demon, Ajapai's new EP "Mobilized" all I could think was... IF DAFT PUNK IS LOVE MAKING, DILLON FRANCIS IS FUCKING THEN AJAPAI IS DEFINITELY PRISON SHOWER RAPE! And even more than that Ajapai is probably Transformers raping each other in Cybertrons State Correctional Facility.

But Seriously this shit is ridiculously heavy and scary; it's so dark and distorted that I think even the harder dubstep artists don't really give Ajapai the respect he deserves. This is evident in the fact the more hard electro/house/tech guys like Mustard Pimp and Cypberpunkers are giving him airplay than dudes like Borgore, Bassnectar and Doctor P who I would expect to rep his shit all the time. Check out Warning from his latest EP "Mobilized", which if you are not too scared you can grab on beatport right here. I also through up some of his older tracks, one being his widely blog and loved original smasher titled, "What Do You Hear?". The second track is taken of the "Kiwi & Cherry Remix EP" by Mustard Pimp that was put out on Dim Mak Records, If you don't own this full Remix EP I STRONGLY, STRONGLY suggest that you run out and pick it up here on beatport. The Remixes from Blata & Inesha, Ikki, Gigi Barocco, Gtronic, and Chewy Chocolate Cookies absolutely dominate and are must have for any fan of the above names. But for now Enjoy Ajapai!

Ajapai - Warning
Ajapai - What Do You Hear?
Mustard Pimp - Cherry (Ajapai Remix)

Everyting about Huoratron is fucking terrifying! From his mugshot, in which he looks staight up like a 70's Hells Angel with shaved head and a super thick beard, to his media, from music videos to teasers to album covers to the music itself. Huoratron is one hectic dude. But aside from giving me the heebie jeebies, Huoratron also commands the utmost respect from me as being one of the pioneers in synthesizing metal with heavy electro and 8-bit. Huoratron blends these three genres which all of us here at TCHNCRCY know and love and to create driving, gut wrenching sounds that either make you want to dance till sun up (which can be a long time in Huoratron's native Finland) or straight up destroy something.

He recently dropped his new EP "Prevenge" on Last Gang Records. The EP features two completely new chunes, one titled "Prevenge" and the other "Trolls". Both dominate equally but I decided to post the title track in the interests of promotional name recognition. Also, the "Pevenge - EP" includes the four tracks form his previous release on New Judas, "Corporate Occult", however these tracks sound minimally remaster and slightly crisper to me (though it might be my imagination). However my favorite track on the EP is definitely "Troopers" which is a remix/re-edit of my Huorotron virginity taker "$$ Troopers" which dropped way back in '08. The "Prevenge - EP" is an amazing little collection of audio destruction and terror and I definitely recommend that you pick it up right here. I also recommend you check out his remix of Hermanos Inglesos' track Take Me Down, off the "Take Me Down - EP" which, if you like, I highly recommend you grab the full thing here as the Jan Driver and Original Mixes are very, very good and maybe even slightly better.

Huoratron - Prevenge
Hermanos Inglesos - Take Me Down (Huoratron Remix)

While LONDON DUBSTEP GODFATHER Skream's new LP might be the least aggressive release on this post, it is still choc full of bangin' basslines, melodic leads and the occasional 8-Bit/Chiptune bleep and chime. Regardless of a more laid back melodic overarching theme of the album which you can see on tracks like "Where You Should Be", "Reflections", "A Song For Lenny" and "Fields of Emotion". However this album still can pack quite a punch with tracks Like my favorites "Wibbler" and others like the Dn'B influenced "The Last Epic Song" or the Ravey track "I Love The Way" which if you liked his "In For the Kill" Remix you should dig. But the thing I liked most about this album was his extensive use of 8-bit and chiptune samples. Tracks like "Listen' To The Records on My Wall" and "CPU" are a complete departure from Skream's more organic and Jamacian dub influenced style, a unnecessary but very welcome change. If you dig on Unicorn Kid's track "Dreamcatcher" Check out the previously mentioned 8-bit curious tracks. Grab my two favorite tracks off the album "Wibbler" and Skream's colab with L.A. rapper Murs titled, "8-Bit Baby" and hopefully they will tide you over until the full LP drops over at your favorite music distributer on August 8th. I promise, "Outside the Box" will not dissapoint unless you don't keep an open mind an realize it's not a photocopy of Skream's earlier productions.

Skream - Wibbler
Skream feat. Murs - 8-Bit Baby

Diplo & Lil' Jon just dropped a new grindin' dubstep chune titled "U Don't Like Me". As you can probably guess from the album cover this track definitely doesn't spread the peace and love. However if you down for some solid dub beats from record head/all around busy man Diplo, mixed up with some super agro Crunk rappin' from Lil' Jon, then I definitely recommend grabbing this brand new release below and jumping over to iTunes to grab the rest of this release. The South Rakkas Crew Remix is very, very sick and if you are not a fan of Lil' Jon but like the beat you can also grab an Instrumental Version. I also have Don Diablo's Dubstep Remix of his colaboration between himself and Diplo titled "Make You Pop". I like (but am not crazy about the mix) but the original track is sure to be an absolute destroyer when it drops, so keep an eye out for this one and hear a little preview of the original from what looks like a banger set from the Don @ Extrema Outdoor 2010. In other Mad Decent news, their Mad Decent Block Party is once again returning to the streets of Philly, NY, LA, and Chi-Town. I you are lucky enough to live in one of these fine cities head over to the above link and let Diplo himself convince you to send off your summer right with a free and fatty party in the street.

Lil' Jon - U Don't Like Me (Prod. Diplo)
Diplo & Don Diablo - Make You Pop (Don Diablo Dubstep Remix)

Bonus- Thank you for weeding through all my bullshit! Check out Bart B More's absolutely filthy new track "Brap" in 192 kbps, out now on Boys Noize Records. And swing over to beatport to grab the track in 320 kbps because every DJ needs this gem in his arsenal.

Bart B More - Brap

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Mako Invasion

Durring WWII the development of Russian T-34 Tank revolutionized tank design forever. The T-34 was truely revolutionary because it used sloped tank walls which allowed lighter armor to be more effective. The having tank walls that weren't perpendicular to the ground meant that a shot fired parallel with the ground would either bounce off the angled surface or have to penetrate a greater distance through the metal due to the slope than if the metal were perpendicular, making thinner armor effectively thicker and more protective. Since the T-34 had much thinner armor than other tanks of the era like the German Tiger and Panzer Tanks the T-34 was lighter, faster and much easier to produce than the German or American equivalent. From 1941 to 1945 a staggering 57,000 T-34 Tanks rolled out of Soviet factories and onto the battlefield. Truly shocking when you compare the almost 60,000 Soviet T-34s to German's answer to the T-34, the Tiger Tank of which only 1,347 units were ever built during the entire war. The Russian T-34 was truly revolutionary and unrivaled during it's time in service.

If at this point you are wondering why I chose to share this story of the incredible T-34 Tank with you it is for the simple fact that I love loud and heavy things that go BOOM and destroy shit. And even more than that I love loud, heavy, Russian shit that goes boom! So if you are like me and share this passion than check out some new material from Proxy's record label Mako.

To clarify Mako Records is a label showcasing only Russian artists started by the Russian bass phemon Proxy. However Proxy himself is still signed to Tiga's record label Turbo.

Mako has rehashed Russia's dominance of destruction with a chain of fantastic releases from the likes of Polymorphic, Marseilles and The Mould. And the latest release from Mako "Hole - EP" from Eclier. Check out Marseille Remix of the banger title track "Hole" from the new EP as well as some other Crushers from Mako artists and tell me wether or not you think that Mako is the best all Russian invention since the T-34! Also be sure to grab the whole "Hole - EP" from beatport here, the track "Varanus" off the EP is just too good to give away for free!

Bonus - To stick with our WWII them of the day check out Stalingrad, a track that is only slightly less devastating than the famous WWII battle fought over the city. (That is a joke for anyone who I just offended, I am fully aware that 2 Million people died in the Battle for Stalingrad which was one of the most brutal and horrifying battles in the entire history of warfare. To put the tragedy of the loss of life in perspective, Roughly 20 times more people died in this battle than from the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.)

Tenkah - Stalingrad (Ikki Remix) -All jokes aside, Great Track!

Hey GTRONIC, Welcome to Dim Mak

A few weeks back Gtronic put out his first official EP on the now infamous label Dim Mak. Seeing as we here at TCHNCRCY have been huge fans of Gtronic forever, and his new "Sucker Punch - EP" is an undeniable banger I had to throw one of the tracks up here so that anyone who hasn't grabbed this awesome EP would run out and grab it. I also stumbled upon TCHNCRCY favorites, The Mastertron's mix of the title track "Sucker Punch". Beware of this track it is one Sucker Punch that is liable to knock you the fuck out! Also keep a sharp eye on this Verona duo as their Debut EP "Revenge is Coming" is dropping on Mätrasher Records on the 29th of this month. And myself being one of the lucky few to get on the promo list for this release, take it from me this EP is going to be a huge one, DO NOT MISS IT. But first grab get a taste for the "Sucker Punch - EP" Below and then grab it on beatport here.

Bonus - More groovy goodness from another fabulous Dim Mak artist, Felix Cartal who just remixed a track off L.A. favorite Valerna new EP "Look Ma, No Pants!" which bangs all too hard, grab it on beatport here. In addition, I also have Valerna's Remix of Pance Parties track Maru from their "Kim Jong Thrill EP", personally I like Valverna's version more though the original is very tasty. In other things Valerna related, I just heard that Valerna is playing Control with Wolfgang Gartner and Harvard Bass on August 13th, NASTY SOUNDIN' NIGHT!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mega Mega Mega By The Count & Sinden Out Aug. 23rd

The dynamic stylings of East London's The Count (A.K.A. Hervé) & Sinden are about to be unleashed upon us in the form of a full length LP featuring some really dope tracks. Coming out on on Domino Records, the title is "Mega Mega Mega", I'm assuming because of the huge success that their track "Mega" garnered when it got released back in the day which will suitably be featured on the album. The boys have dropped a nice 4 minute long minimix that gives me great hope for what sounds like a phenomenal release. In all honesty, anything Hervé touches seems to sparkle so the album should be hot. Expect it on August 23rd to blow you away and enjoy the minimix while you wait.

The Count & Sinden - MEGA MEGA MEGA Album Mix by DominoRecordCo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fuck Ordinary Music, Don't Be A FOOL

If you have been getting some music from this blog your speakers might feel a little violated by now, but its OK. If you can ignore their feelings keep it up, it is all about self-gratification here at TCHNCRCY Music.
Not to amend that situation at all, here are a few tracks by F.O.O.L, which stands for FuckOurOrdinaryLives, all the way from Sweden (we all love titles with a play of words related to the content right?). Rasmus Hermansen and Oliver ''Gripfenklou'' Nilsson give us really harsh and dirty basslines that HAEZER fans cannot miss. Check out these tracks and watch out for their Berserkergang EP featuring remixes by Owl Vision and Noize Generation to be released on iTunes and Beatport by the end of the month.

F.O.O.L-Escape The Cave (Original Mix) 320kbps****** Best Original
HAEZER-Anarchy! (F.O.O.L Remix) 320kbps*** (is it better than THIS Haezer remix of one of F.O.O.L's best?)

...and the best for last (yes, you have to buy it)
Neus - Blast (F.O.O.L Remix) by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

If you liked it and you know what is best for you and your traumatized speakers you should get their Ashy Diamond Lungs EP for Free HERE. Homeboi's remix is nice, ELMO3000's is a banger and the original is very solid of course.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HORSE The Band & Skrillex :)

Add some screaming, distortion, hardcore, fast (i mean FAST) drums, some light synths, and dash of old school Nintendo sounds and you have an epic band: HORSE The Band. Coming from LA, these guys have been one of my favorite bands for a while now, probably because of their unique use of 8bit sounds in their music, sounds that surprisingly didn't die in the background behind some serious hard shit. Anyways, I am very happy to hear them again, but this time with a different proposal. They have done some work exchanging with Skrillex and the result was great. (check out our previous post on Skrillex HERE, maybe you know Skrillex as Sonny Moore, former member of The Riots and From First To Last) I was thrilled when I listened to Shapeshift vs Skrillex, but I will let the tracks speak for themselves (if you like Mustard Pimp you might like this):

HORSE The Band-Shapeshift VS Skrillex (Remix)*****HUGE
HORSE The Band-Golden Mummy Golden Bird (Skrillex Remix) Out of HORSE The Band latest full length Desperate Living (get the deluxe edition for a bunch of extra sick tracks like this one!!)

Posting only the songs above is not fair to these Californians that just got done doing a world tour (45 countries in 3 months CRAZY!), their original sound is different and granted not the usual material posted on this blog, but here go ahead and expand your horizons a little bit with a sick track inspired by a Megaman villain that opens with a dialogue from The Wizards (a Nintendo produced movie):

HORSE The Band-Cutsman

Monday, July 12, 2010

This is the Drop!

A lot of stuff is going on and I haven't had the chance to do a proper post for about a week now. I apologize but I've been incredibly distracted from the cause. But this isn't about me. It's about you and the music. So to make up for it, here are 10 songs that have been on repeat for me for the past few weeks that you may not have had the chance to come across. They aren't all new, but they're all damn good. I have a bunch of music to listen through and will be back with best shortly. In the mean time, enjoy.

J.O.B ft Anjulie (with MadV & 12th Planet) - Warrior (LA Riots Remix) (320 kbps)***
-Heavy with a great sample

Breakdown, Whiskey Pete & Stellar MC - Ice Cream (Hoaxx Dirty Disco Mix) (320 kbps)*****
-Fucking hard party music

Dada Life - Let's Get Bleeped Tonight (Don Rimini Still Skill Kill Remix) (320 kbps)****
- Don Rimini takes the chill out of the song and replaces it with pure energy

Doctor P - Chicago Mobster Dance (feat DJ SOLO) (320 kbps)
-Funny rap lyrics with beat courtesy of bass heavy Doctor P's "Rasputins Gold"

Religion - Girl Next Door (320 kbps)***
- Dirty, dirty, dirty.

Kelly Rowland feat David Guetta - Commander (Afrojack & Bobby Burns One Touch Bootleg) (320 kbps)
- Afrojack doing what he does best, get's great around 2:18

Mashed Paper Klub - Deus Ex Machina (192 kbps)
-This is thrasher electro! HARD

Capsule - Hello (The Hair Kid Remix) (320 kbps)
-Great summer jam

Hoodie Allen - You Are Not A Robot (feat. Marina & The Diamonds) (256 kbps)
- Ill hip-hop off a Chiddy Bang style kick (Stick through the beginning sample till the beat drops in)

The Marvelettes - Please Mr. Postman (Cragga Remix) (320 kbps)***

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Oddword: No Machine EP

This is one great release by Crux Records (Shaved Monkeys' Get Rough EP came through them). This was actually released on May 11 and precludes Get Rough, so it is no longer news in the blog universe, but we being the thoughtful people we are wanted to make sure nobody missed this great EP. It sounds to me somewhere between Proxy, Huoratron and Haezer, which should make you want to skip this mini review and press play right about now. Anyways both originals are very sick, so you should take it from there (i like Kortelas about half way through even better). Enough bullshit, here it is and buy it if you like it:

Oh yeah, they are from Belgium check out THE ODDWORD! and do yourself a favor and download this remix of a song that you should already know and love:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Agitare il tuo Culo/ Shake Your Ass Records Part. 2

It seems that I can't check Shake Your Ass Records' line-up without finding something new and extremely impressive. SYAR's taste for music is consolidated and very, very, very agreeable with our own here at TCHNCRCY Music. This time we won't overload you with too many different acts to follow, but we will definitely show you something that will make you want to punch a nun in the face (that should mean it is good music right?).

Did you watch the video?? no? OK, do it! and do it loudly. That is just a sneak peak into what his Killer King EP will sound like, sorry no news on when it is actually coming out, but it sounded so sick I couldn't resist (saying it sounds like Kavinsky's angry brother gets only half the idea behind the sound of this preview). Last time I was so pumped by a teaser was when Huoratron put out his Corporate Occult teaser...and that is saying something. Check this Italian fellow out, and follow us or his myspace for more news on this killer EP.

This kid is from France and I had heard from him a while back, but recently saw his name in SYAR's page so i knew I had to finally put this guy up here... it has been long enough. Sure the name is interesting, but FUCK does he deliver where it counts. Very hard, fast and dirty. He has actually worked before with different labels (Erase records and others), but recently collaborated with SYAR through a remix of the well known track Broken Symphony by Belzebass and the 'S'.

Asian Trash Boy-Wanc (Original Mix)********Epic, enough said. (trying to Google this track lead to very unexpected results, some might want to turn on the filter).
Asian Trash Boy-Bring That Bass (IKKI Remix)(IKKI is also listed in SYAR's page)
Asian Trash Boy-Whisper***
Asian Trash Boy-Intro****(Yes, I believe that was Star Wars music right there)

Yet again, MORE people from Italy that just happen to make awesome music. The Boomzers are no exception, and I recommend them to you. Also, very important is that SYAR newest production after The Mastertron's Fat Man EP (glorious) and the above mentioned Broken Symphony EP (also in a warm place in a little chest in my heart) will be an EP by the 'S' titled Legend (check our previous post on SYAR if you got curious HERE). The Boomzers do a sick remix for SYAR's newest project. Check it out below it is REALLY HARD!!:
The "S" - Legend (The Boomzers Rmx) by The Boomzers

We will keep you posted on the upcoming Boomzers EP WTF! featuring Haezer, IKKI, Aerotronic and many more on Crux Records (released on Aug. 3rd). It sounds like something we will want to get our hands on as soon as possible. Check their Soundcloud because you know you want more.

Bonus: Mr. Wonk

Mr. Wonk from Texas has some very very solid tracks. Below are two tracks that are very impressive, specially the Broken Symphony remix, which shines among all the great versions of this track. SYAR does not cease to amaze.
Mr. Wonk- Headbanger by Mr. Wonk
Belzebass featuring The "S"- Broken Symphony (Mr. Wonk's Green Mask Mix) by Mr. Wonk

¡Viva España y Ikki!

First up, mad props to Spain for a MASSIVE win today against Germany! I would say that it is safe to assume that the streets of Madrid are going to filled drunken revelers and La Furia Roja supporters tonight. Hopefully Madrid local and producer extraordinaire, Ikki, will be home to celebrate and make the streets of Madrid resemble the video above, minus the zombies (at least till tomorrow morning).

I've been meaning to post on Ikki for a while now, since i herd his mix of Mustard Pimp's "Cherry" a few months ago, and doing the DJ Antention post it was especially difficult not to post his fantastic new remix of "Go" which has grown on me and is now one of my favorite mixes. So with a win from the Spanish football side today, I decided I would seize the opportunity to post on my favorite Spaniard and Madrid resident, Ikki. I love Ikki because he makes the kind of music I try to make, Fidget house with a huge Metal influence (Ikki has remixed with great success: Metalica, Megadeth, Slayer, Chimera and many more). With support from Mustard Pimp who brought Ikki on to Dim Mak, Ikki should be a shoe in for fans of KRFTKDS, Belzebass, The Blisters Boyz, Bloody Beetroots and the like. Also if you are a fan of Trash Metal, Groove Metal or Metalcore you should definitely check out Ikki's sound. To find more Ikki hit up his Myspace or Ikki's fantastic SoundCloud account where you can grab most of the tracks I posted below and much much more.

Kavinsky - Nightcall (Ikki Remix) ***** I know this is TCHNCRCY'S 50th Nightcall remix but this is the first and last one I will post, for very good reason.
Chimaira - Pure Hatred (Ikki Remix) **** Dope Metalcore group Chimaira getting remixed.
Lenny Kravitz - R U Gonna Go My Way (Ikki vs. The Zombie Kids Remix) **** Much better than Justice's crack at Kravitz
Ikki feat. Bloody Beetroots - Ikkicletus *** Simple yet effective mix of Anacletus by The BBR.

Eins-Zwei-Drei-Bonus: Condolences to all the fans of the German football club. Definitely expected Deutschland victory with huge wins in their last two matches against England and Argentina a an 8-1 aggregate heading into their match against Spain, but alas. Here are a few songs, all from very talented Germans to lift the spirits of German fans and help you celebrate a when you win the game for 3rd place.

Rambrandt - ALARM! ***** Amazing song, soooooo much love for Rambrandt!

More Music For Your Personal Edification: Paranoiak Records

Paranoiak is a relatively new French record label based in Dijon. The record company only has a few releases under its belt, but they are three EPs you have to check out. With all the disappointment that the French team's disqualification from the World Cup might have caused, this is the perfect medicine to boost up that French morale. In my humble opinion, Paranoiak's equivalent to Franck Ribéry would be the French duo The Blisters Boyz . They came up briefly on a previous post, in which they were slightly overlooked, but here we amend that mistake and give you a closer look at this label.

The Blisters Boyz put up their fist EP on Paranoiak a couple months ago, it sounds so dirty, has such nice (and not extremely done) drops, and enjoys the collaboration of Belzebass, Cyberpunkers and more. How can you go wrong with that? Here are some samples just in case you need more evidence before buying the EP.

The Blisters Boyz-Move To The Beat (Belzebass Remix)****
The Blisters Boyz-Guitar Heroes Part II (IKKI Remix)**

The latest release by the label is Kissed With A Noise's Gypsy Rave EP. Canadian and not as dirty, yet still as good as the Blisters Boyz, give this EP a chance too. Below some samples:

Kissed With A Noise-Bipolar Gypsy
Kissed With A Noise-Fuss (The Blisters Boyz Remix)**

And to finish it, also check out Paranoiak Records very first release: Humdrum EP by Star Guitar (Belgium). Guess what? The Blister Boyz were there from the beginning making sick tracks dirtier, grimier and straight bangers.

Star Guitar-Bivalency
Star Guitar-Humdrum (The Blisters Boyz Remix)**

All three EPs can be purchased here in full quality.

Bonus song!!! Download Now!!!

The Blisters Boyz-Dance Forever (320kbps)*******

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Thank you England! I haven't heard some really great wobbly tracks in a while and with Jack Beats dropping his Revolution EP I was wondering where all the wiggle and whomp had gone from the basslines of today's new music. I was sure it was still out there and then out of now where, BAM! I get some tracks from young Subliminal coming straight out Britain with the bass that makes your mouth go wah-wo-wah. It's always awesome to hear some great English music that isn't just straight dub-step and Subliminal's "Way Back" delivers a great house beat coupled with an ill sample dropping into a epic wobble session. If you're looking for something a bit more atmospheric before a healthy dose of sonic medicine, check out his remix of Fool's Gold's Canadian duo Jokers on the Scene. I'm diggin' on the way he wraps the builds of the song into just some straight lose-your-brain bassline wobbles. For a little bit of a switch up, listen to his brand new track "Drums Please!!!" which has some nice steel drum warping to guide you through a chill summer track. All of the tracks are incredibly well done and polished for an unsigned artist. It would be a crime to yourself if you didn't at least check out all 3 tracks below so grab them, give them a rinse, and then rock the fuck out.

Subliminal - Way Back (320 kbps)***
Jokers on the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (Subliminal Bootleg Remix) (320 kbps)***
Subliminal- Drums Please!!! (320 kbps)

If you want more:
  Deep Down South (Subliminal Remix) - Kanji Kinetic by Subliminal.

And the original, very good JOTS song:
Jokers on the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys (320 kbps)*

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rubber Pt. 2: Rubber EP

*Yeah, Busy P cameo! The song in this clip is POLOCAUST from the Rubber EP.

Okay so the Rubber EP leaked today and I couldn't help but post a few songs. Firstly because its so good, secondly because I thought I was gonna have to wait 2 more weeks to hear this yesterday and finally because It's the first new track from Augé I've herd in over a year, What!?!?! The title track "Rubber" is too damn good and blends the style and vibe of Mr. Oizo and Justice perfectly, like bleepy, glitchy, chopped up, funky ass house and melodic heavy metal... with horns (the Flying Lotus Remix is very good as well). The other two tracks sound more like a movie score than dance floor bangers but have such a strong Justice vibe it feels like Oizo has been possessed by the ghost of De Rosnay. Check out "Tricycle Express" to see what I mean, sounds almost like Planisphere Pt. 2, not very characteristic of Oizo's style at all. However the Rubber EP is amazing and a must have, check it out below and like I a said in the last post, the full EP drops on the 14th on Ed Banger Records, make sure you pick it up.

Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé - Rubber (Original Mix)*****Yeah baby, Augé and Oizo are back!
Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé - Tricycle Express****Sounds more like Justice is back.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Rubber: Soundtrack Teaser by Mr. Oizo and Gaspard Augé

Quentin Dupieux is a world renown musician and filmmaker from France who most know by the name Mr. Oizo. Mr. Oizo is currently working on his second feature length film Rubber, which boasts a soundtrack produced by Gaspard Augé (1/2 of Justice) and Mr. Oizo himself. Augé and Ed Banger Records head Pedro Winter AKA Busy P also make cameo appearances in the film which as far as I can tell is about a tire that comes to life and starts killing people, Awesome! So you are not excited by the fact that Mr. Oizo and Gaspard will produce a completely original soundtrack for Oizo's new film than check out this teaser for the soundtrack.

If that still hasn't got you hyped consider that in November Justice made a statement to Mix Mag saying that they wouldn't begin work on their new album until Rubber's Soundtrack was completed. Also, Mr. Oizo's new full length album titled 2010 will not be released until Rubber. So really the release of this film means not only a new album by Oizo and Gaspard but also that new Justice and Mr. Oizo's 2010 is just around the corner!

This soundtrack teaser has made Rubber coupled with upcoming release of Tron: Legacy which will be scored by Daft Punk just too much cinematic excitement for me to handle. If you're like me and can't deal with the wait for this theatrical glory check out Steak, Mr. Oizo's first feature film for which he produced the soundtrack with another French House giant, SebastiAn and French Singer/Songwriter Sebastien Tellier. The music for Steak, is phenomenal and the film itself is very weird but also very cool. SebastiAn is also currently working on a New LP and, according to Busy P, is also currently working on producing yet another soundtrack for Romain Gavras' new full length feature film, TOO EXCITING!

You can head over to the official website for Rubber and check out the trailer and some scenes from the film.

The above video soundtrack teaser features snippets the following songs:
“RUBBER” Flying Lotus unprotected sex mix
SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE JULY 14th on Ed Banger records

Mr. Oizo - Nazis (Justice Remix) *****Hopefully this is the sound of Rubber
Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Augé - Rubber Soundtrack Teaser (Youtube Rip) ****This is definitely satisfactory though ;)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aerotronic is Killing it!

What the fuck Mähtrasher Records? I honestly don't know how to react to all the stuff you keep dropping. It's like they've figure out how to turn drum kicks and vibrating bass into pure platinum. We've already covered filthy DJ Antention with the recent post on his off the chain track "Go" here. But that's not what this is about. This is about Belgian trio Aerotronic who just released a new mix that is beyond good. They mix up some of the heaviest beats out there, starting off with a mood setting Ozzy song and then breaking into a never ending onslaught of hard fucking music. They're calling it "Aerotronic's Heat Wave Mixtape" and you can get it here for your listening pleasure. Honestly there isn't one part of this mix I dislike and if you don't lose your head when you get dropped into their phenomenal remix of Shaved Monkeys "Get Rough" then you shouldn't be here. Go back to listening to bad trance,  Melbourne shuffling to any and every song, and wearing ridiculous moon boots. The second to last song is their remix of Boomzer which will be dropping this month and if you liked the killer song they closed out with then you're in luck. The boys dropped their first EP on Mähtrasher Records called "Sex and Cigarettes" that is massive. I love the original and the EP is just built from head to toe with epic remixes by the likes of Hostage, VNNR, label buddy DJ Antention and more (Buy it at Beatport). We've got the original and the Hostage remix for you that are both must haves, and if you want to check out what Sawgood and DJ Antention did with their remix go here. Grab the tracks and the mix below then get wild. (Tracklist after the jump)

Aerotronic - Aerotronic's Heat Wave Mixtape*****

Aerotronic - Sex & Cigarettes (Original)***
Aerotronic - Sex & Cigarettes (Hostage Remix)

His Name is Skrillex

Nothing makes me happier than seeing artists give out music for the love of the people (or publicity), except when that free music is as banging as some of the best on the scene. So, L.A.'s up and coming Skrillex dropped his new 6 song EP, My Name is Skrillex, in early June and is giving it away for free. I stumbled upon it and it blew me away so I'm here to share because that's what Sesame Street taught me. You can grab the whole album for free here and I highly recommend you do. It's a heavy, chopped up, disco infused masterpiece that really tears it up with some gracious sampling and hard bass drops. I'm putting up the title track for you to preview the album along with a remix by Chicago group Disrupt The Scene that takes an already great song and makes it even deadlier. Definitely keep your ears out for more of his stuff.

Skrillex - My Name is Skrillex (320 kbps)***
Skrillex - WEEKENDS!!! (Disrupt The Scene Remix) (160 kbps)

Speaking of budding L.A. artists, check out CAASINO. He just put out his first remix and it's groovy as hell.

Clyde Brown - Your Wish Is My Command (CAASINO Mix) (320 kbps)***

Damn, This Shit is Fresh

I've got a whole new slew of remixes for you to get your body moving and head rocking. I'm super pumped about this Klaxons' track remixed by Australia's Capt and Crooked. I've been waiting for another track to capture the same energy as his phenomenal "Threnody" remix and the epicness of his work on "Flashover" with Klaxons' airy vocals and some hard synths is right what the doctor ordered. The track is great all the way through, but at 3:00 in the vocals get really chorused out and it sets up the song for a perfect final drop. Love it.

 Klaxons - Flashover (Capt and Cooked Remix) (320 kbps)***

Speaking of epic songs, Adam Freeland let the master of showmanship himself, Etienne De Crecy, take his "How to Fake Your Own Life" and mix it into a wonder of a little piece of electronic gold. It's long, like all of the Frenchman's work, but just the same it draws you in really well and the drops are so well constructed that you won't be able to stop listening. Give it a chance up to around 2:00 in and you'll see what I mean.

Adam Freeland -  How To Fake Your Own Life (Etienne De Crecy Remix) (320 kbps)

For those of you who didn't think they could stomach another listening of Swedish House Mafia's "One" after all the hype off the original and then the Pharrell mix, not to mention how many people have been playing it out in their sets, sit tight and bear with me. TCHNCRCY favorite Congorock has remixed the song into a real hard hitting monster that needs to make it into your collection. Sorry about the quality but the first time I heard this track, Annie Nightingale was babbling over it literally ever 2 seconds so this is what we got.

Swedish House Mafia - One (Congorock Remix) (128 kbps)***

Everyone is freaking out over "I Crave Paris", the vocals of Caribbean Flight Facilities laid over Aeroplane's remix of another TCHNCRCY favorite Friendly Fires. I've honestly given the song multiple listens and nothing about it really makes it stand out. I mean it's not bad but the original Aeroplane remix is great and the original Friendly Fires track is one of my favorites. It doesn't seem like an improvement over either, or even over the original "Crave You". Whatever floats your boat I guess. The song can be found below so you can make up your own mind, but i highly recommend the original Aeroplane remix that I'm putting up along with it. The Friendly Fires vocals are beautiful and Aeroplane chills out the song into a great summer jam.

Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities - I Crave Paris (320 kbps)
Friendly Fires - Paris (ft. Au Revoir Simone) (Aeroplane Remix) (320 kbps)**

For those of you who missed it, the Parisian devil Don Rimini dropped a new EP called "N-Large Your Parties" last Friday that is off the chain. I've got one of the tracks off of it called "All About" which is a hyperactive track that has some epic bass to buzz your ears. Grab the track and if you like it, buy the EP.

Don Rimini - All About (256 kbps VBR)