Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Zombie Kids - Drums of Death EP

This post is kind of an add on to the one below on Boxon Records. However Spanish producers The Zombie Kids are killing it right now, so I definitely wasn't satisfied only posting their fantastic L'École teaser for Boxon Records Makes Me Bloody Compilation. Their Drums of Death EP comes out on April 4, 2011 on Kiez Beats Records. Listen to it, it fucking pounds! All I gotta say is that April is gonna be a huge month for The Zombie Kids.
  The Zombie Kids - Drums Of Death EP by FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS

Boxon Records is Gonna Make Your Ears Bleed

Boxon Records is a French label I've loved for some time now. With a collective of artists including Gooseflesh, Tom Deluxx, Dilemn, Eclier, The Boomzers, Costello and remixers including Toxic Avenger, Les Petits Pilous, Cyberpunkers, Belzebass, Saint Pauli, aUtOdiDakT and many others, it is easy to see why this Bordeaux based label holds a special place in my heart.
However, over the past few months, with a the string of great releases, Boxon Recs has popped up on my radar as one of the most interesting and exciting music label around. Dilemn's Better Worlds LP is at the top of my list for BEST ALBUMS of the year. The Boomzers, Rowentah EP is absolutely stuffed full of bangers and T.Raumschmiere's brand new The Rave is On EP is no different. If you aren't yet acquainted with Boxon or you're just excited to see what the future holds for the label, please check out the following.

Makes Me Bloody is the third compilation album from Boxon Records. They brought it hard with 1 & 2 but 3 is lining up to be an absolute stomper. A number of previews and teaser videos are out already. You can check out a few linked through the tracklist below. And you can swing by Boxon's webpage for a full preview of their upcoming compilation. Also, I highly recommend that you check out The Zombie Kids teaser video, below the tracklist. It is definitely the best teaser video I have seen since Q.G.'s zombie rave or Huoratron's Corporate Occult madness from Cedric Blaisbios. Watch the video teaser by Hugo Cos for The Zombie Kids' new track L'Ecole here.
Cover Art By: Matthieu Lauret
1) Y - Hello Bye Bye (Costello Remix)
2) The Zombie Kids - L’Ecole featuring Moi
3) Super Commodore - Busy
4) Gloumout - Do You Like
5) The Edge - Jesus
6) BioBlitz - Stereofunk
7) AccessDenied - Intrigant
8) Meisterfackt - Ganesha
9) Dopefish - Rewind
10) Bone Machine - Don't Lie To Me
11) Sovnger - Pacemaker
12) The Fire And The Reason - It Starts With One (Ecleir Remix)
   Sovnger - Pacemaker (Boxon edit) by Sovnger
   Don't lie to me "extrait" by bone machine

Fire & Reason (Eclier Remix) mixed by DJ CAT from BOXON RECORDS from Boxon Records on Vimeo.

As I said before, Dilemn's new album Better Worlds is easily the best album to come out so far this year. Ed Banger artists promising new LPs like SebastiAn, Justice and Mr. Oizo will have their work cut out for them if they are hoping to dethrone Dilemn's masterpiece debut LP from top spot at album of the year. The album has elements of Electro, House and Dubstep/Electrostep that come together to to produce 52 minutes of bangin' beats. The album is so diverse it's really hard to describe without going track by track but roughly it sounds like Daft Punk meets Toxic Avenger meets Skrillex with a dash of Mr. Oizo and Phantoms Revenge. But you can't compare it to anyone else really. Check out some tracks below and purchase the whole album here.
01. No More 0:53
02. Clapping 4:36
03. Better World (feat. Youthstar) 3:44
04. Like This 5:22 [Listen Below: Absolute Banger, My Favorite Track]

05. Move Yo Feet (feat. Blake & Wonderkat) 4:12 [Love it sick party track!]
06. Don't Break It 4:46  [Listen Below: Whiny LFO madness, Whiny like Proxy, it's awesome]

07. I Am Cold 3:40 [Very cool, house + electro + bass. I Luv it!]
08. Catch The Looks (Dilemn Radio Edit Remix) by Dyebox 3:39 [Listen Below]

09. Modern Slave 4:26 [French Housey and super cool]
10. Analog Power 4:45 [Listen Below: So sick... when did Daft Punk and Oizo do a colab?]

11. Time 4 Me (feat. Miss Trouble) 3:20
12. Mechanical Pleasure (feat. Kloé) 4:49
13. Plugged 4:41 [Listen Below: Watch out Skrillex there's a new electrostep guru in the house]

The latest offering from Boxon Records, The Rave Is On EP by T.Raumschmiere is a destroyer. The legendary German Techno/punk producer drops three new huge tracks and shockingly, their all super Ravey. Also with fantastic remixes from Fukkk Offf, Pro7, Thomas Brinkmann and Dilemn. I highly recommend you purchase this EP. Check out Dilemn's remix down below in 192kbps.
01. The Rave Is On
02. Entertain Me
03. Duster
04. The Rave is On (Thomas Brinkmann Remix)
05. Entertain Me (Fukkk Offf Remix)
06. Entertain Me (Dilemn Remix) [Listen Below & Download Here 192kbps]

07. Entertain Me (Pro7 Remix)

Easily one of my favorite EP of the year so far. Rowentah! is a phenomenal song from Italians, The Boomzers. The EP comes with too many amazing remixes to ever reasonably list. Check out the tracklist and a few of may favorites below. You can purchase Rowentah! here.
1/ The Boomzers - Rowentah (5.29)
2/ Far Too Loud Remix (5.39)
3/ Electrixx Remix (6.00)
4/ Belzebass Remix (5.13) [Listen Below & Download Here]

5/ Saint Pauli Remix (5.29)
6/ Deadbots Remix (4.13) [Listen Below & Download Here]

7/ Blaster & The Killers Rabbits Remix (3.52)
8/ Bullwack Remix (3.23)
Boxon Records is holding a remix competition for  Dilemn's track Clapping. The contest ends tomorrow and there have been some amazing remixes submitted so far. Check out some of my favorites.
  Dilemn - Clapping (Telmini Remix) by Telmini
  DILEMN - Clapping (Un:Code Remix) by UN:CODE
  Dilemn - Clapping (BioBlitZ Remix ) // Now in full lenght version !! by BioBlitZ

Sweet, Sweet Visual Candy

Swedish House Mafia's documentary Take One finally came out (previously mentioned here). In celebration I figured I'd share some awesome videos that have been coming out with sick backing tracks. Something about the onset of Spring brings out people wanting to grab a camera and film. And who are we to stop that? Check out the below videos for some sick tracks and some ill videos.

Designer Drugs' new video for their single "Dead Meat". Booze + Tits + Satanism = Awesome.

Nero just made a video for their soon to be released Guilt EP, out on April 24th from MTA Records. The song is sick, grab it when it drops and check out the video while you wait.

I'm a big fan of rap and electro popping together and Netherland crazies Dope D.o.D. just made a tight video for their song "What Happened". Check it out.

Following suit, Zeds Dead put out their Rude Boy EP that I'm a huge fan of with their Canadian buddy and lyricist Omar Linx on Kissy Sell Out's label San City High Records. Grab the EP for sure and check out the video to hear what you're getting.

New artists Metropolis just put out a video teaser for their upcoming EP with previews for their four tracks. It looks sick and sounds fantastic. Can't wait for it to drop.

UPDATE: The Subs - Decontrol OUT NOW

I previously mentioned that The Subs would be dropping their second full-length LP on Lektroluv soon when I was speaking on their epic EP, "The Face of the Planet". Well the album finally dropped two days ago and I got a chance to finally listen to it. The subs are a really unique duo and the album shares their eccentricities to a T. Listening to it, songs like "Hairdo" and "The Fuck Song" reminded me of Tiga, with quirky samples laid over really well constructed beats. I was finding it difficult to put into words how the album comes together. Parts of it are just drawn out repetitive sounds like "Itch" and "The Invisible Man" which put me off. However, others are just hard bangers like the title track "Decontrol" and "Lemonade". Both collaborations with label buddy Highbloo are also epic. "The Hype" just stomps and is close to my favorite track on the whole EP, if "Face of the Planet" wasn't so damn good. Overall, the LP is something I strongly recommend picking up, either from Beatport or iTunes. While not all the tracks will blow your mind, they're all more than enjoyable and the few that shine are must haves.

And because I never like posting without some music, The Subs just put out a Dj Set for Australia's major radio station, Triple J, on Soundcloud which contains several songs off their new album. If you aren't feeling the previews out there, check out the mix to get a feel for what you're getting. You can also go watch TCHNCRCY favorite Fake Blood playing out "Face of the Planet" at Hard Weekend in LA's Club Nokia. Would've killed to see that show.

  The Subs for Triple J (Australia) mixtape by THE SUBS
(Tracklist after the Jump)

Monday, March 28, 2011

French Electro/House Kick Ass! Justice, SebastiAn, Kavinsky, Q.G., 99i

So, the Ed crew is officially back. Down below you can check out new the Justice and SebastiAn and fantastic remixes by Kavinsky and Q.G. You can purchase Civilization on iTunes here.
Justice - Civilization (256 KBPS [VBR])
Justice - Civilization (Q.G. Remix) (320 KBPS)

Awesome Pic (Left): Sebastian, Kavinsky &... Mr. Brainwash of Banksy's "Exit Through the Gift Shop" fame????
You can purchase the Embody EP here on Beatport.
SebastiAn - Embody (Kavinsky Remix) (192 KBPS)

He might not be french, but he can certainly produce a bangin' House track that draws comparisons to Justice and Mr. Oizo. Check out a sample of Ninetynine's latest offering.
  Ninetynine I - Pantomime by 99i

Agitare il tuo Culo/ Shake Your Ass Records Part 3: Beyond Bergamo

You might have noticed that we are HUGE fans of S.Y.A.R. (S.Y.A.R. PT. 1S.Y.A.R. PT. 2). For good reason, this label which just over a year ago introduce the world to a few relatively unknown Northern Italian producers has expanded incredibly quickly become one of the most influential death and thrash Electro/House records on the planet.  Don't believe me, look at their roster of artists (Legends of thrash electro/house right?) and check out a few of their new/upcoming releases below. We LOVE the thrash and death electro sounds coming out of Italy right now. However, this post will feature some of the best sounds on S.Y.A.R. from beyond Lo Stivale (outside of Italy) to expose S.Y.A.R. every expanding empire of BANG.
JUSTROCK is a dude from Ukraine, who I honestly haven't followed very closely in the past. However, today that all changed. I just finished listening to the new teaser for his debut LP, Fuck The Road... It is fucking MASSIVE. This album is easily gonna be in the running for one of the best of the year. The album is scheduled for release on April 18, 2011 on none other than S.Y.A.R., DO NOT MISS THIS ONE FOLKS. Also, I highly recommend that you check out/Download some more fantastic offerings from JUSTROCK down below.
Mediafire Downloads:
Justrock - Get High (PROMO)
Justrock - Subaru Fuck The Road (Original WRX STI Mix) NEW NOISE !!!
  Justrock - Head Off (Original Mix) by Justrock Music
The High-Dolls are a Electro/Rock trio based out of Liège, Belgium. The trio is comprised of Loïc Braibant (Lead guitar/ Vocals), Pierre Livermore (Lead vocals) and Raoul Noppeley (Producer/ keys/ DJ/Vocals). The High-Dolls new EP C'est De La Merde! perfectly demonstrates how to make Electro/Rock in this day and age: Combine great lyrics and vox with shredding guitar and cutting edge electro/thrash production! C'est De La Merde! is out now on S.Y.A.R., follow this beatport link to buy. I highly recommend you listen/buy to the track: "DISCO", IT IS FUCKING AMAZING!
Older High-Dolls greatness for Download:
The High-Dolls - Dance
The High-Dolls - Fireboots
  The High-Dolls - "C'est de la Merde!" EP [2011] by The High-Dolls
Controls (CTRLS) is a DJ/Producer. He comes from the future, 30XX, and therefore will not reveal his face, name, location or origins (be they biological or mechanical) in order to not radically alter the future. He will however share with you his sounds. For a taste of Death Electro and Dubstep in the 31st century please check out CTRLS below.
For Download:
Feed Me & Kill The Noise - Muscle Rollers (Controls Edit)
Controls - We Are Here (128 KBPS)
Controls - Judgement
Anarbor - Let The Games Begin (Controls Remix)

More greatness from friends of S.Y.A.R.
  Drivepilot - GSM by DRIVEPILOT
  Drivepilot - Halo by DRIVEPILOT
  Mr. Wonk- Beastmode [short preview] by Mr. Wonk
Sawgood is a pioneer of the modern Thrash Electro sound, he recently invented a genre known simply as Sawstep, LOL. Grab his remix for the Chase and Status Remix Comp below.
  Chase & Status - Time ( Sawgood Remix ) by Sawgood

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dumme Jungs - Daylight EP

Dumme Jungs, a duo from Germany, just released a new EP called "Daylight" on their label Techno Change My Life. At first I didn't know what I thought about the song, considering the video is your typical "everybody is fucked up and partying at our show!" thing. The coffin idea is cool, if not a bit pretentious, and there are some girls making out which is always a plus. Then, for some reason, those lyrics just got into my head and the song just grew on me. It has a heavy bassline and the samples are catchy as hell, so check it out for yourself. It's out on beatport with the club mix which is harder and choppier if that fits your mood. The short mix is my favorite version just because it gets to the point and the lyrics mesh better with the flow of the song. I suggest you check out the club mix below and listen to what it's got to offer before making any decisions. I'm also putting up their original song "Saber Rider" which is free to download and their remix of "Get Down" that may be the best song I've heard from them. "Get Down" is just ridiculously hard and dropped on Disco Trash Music's Under Attack Remix EP Part 1 a few months ago in January. My hope is to hear more stuff like this in the future. I'll be keeping my ears out for new stuff they'll be dropping and you should do the same.

  Disco Trash Music - Get Down! (Dumme Jungs Remix) by Dumme Jungs
  Dumme Jungs - Daylight (Club Mix) by Dumme Jungs
  Dumme Jungs - Saber Rider by Dumme Jungs

If you haven't heard this track yet, I would get excited. TCHNCRCY favorites Cyberpunkers dropped a live mash-up of their demon of a song "Cabala" and the famed Daft Punk track "Harder Better Faster Stronger" which is absolutely unmissable. While it may be easy to slap Daft Punk songs over anything, I haven't heard something that made me bang my head and want to dance like that for a while, especially since we've all heard "Harder Better Faster Stronger" a million times. So check it out below and download it for free.
  Cyberpunkers - Cabala (HBFS Mash-Up Live Remix) by Cyberpunkers

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clouds - Numbers EP + Sound of Stereo - Hurricane EP

Originally hailing from Perth, Clouds is a Duo now based in Edinburgh who definitely know how to grind out a bassline. Their debut EP Mauful Sir/Liquid contained some of the most heavy and grittiest bass sounds I ever heard since first laying ears on Russian phemon Proxy. Clouds, like thier label mate Proxy, share a love for a devastating sub range bass and Minimal-Maximal Prog House. If you do to check out this post.
Clouds just dropped thier Numbers EP and definitely didn't disappoint. I loved thier debut EP but Numbers is even better. It has everything I love from housey chops to minimal bleeps and banging, terrifying maximal bass. And all these elements are combined to produce phenomenal follow up EP and constantly varied to produce a diverse ever shifting sonic landscape, part beauty and fun and part terror and destruction. 
The Numbers EP is scheduled for release on March 29th on Turbo Recordings. Until then I highly recommend you give the EP a listen down below.
My favorite tracks are NUMBERS and BEEN WARNED. But the other two tracks rock as well, SUCKER even slightly reminds me of Proxy's fantastic Shit Your Rack remix.
If you like Clouds sounds above, I highly recommend that you check out Sound of Stereo's new EP, Hurricane. It is out now on Lektroluv Records and can be purchased through the link in the Soundcloud player below. The Hurricane EP features the same sort of minimal song structure with massive maximal bass and synth sounds. I highly recommend you check out/support this fantastic Belgian duo down below.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dim Mak Sends SXSW Off With A Bang! + Unreleased Skrillex and 12th Planet

1ST - "Skrillex - Equinox" (unreleased Skrillex tune)
2ND - "Skrillex & 12th Planet - Needed Change"
3RD - "La Roux - In for the Kill (Skrillex Remix)"
4TH - "Skrillex - All I Ask Of You (Skrillex & 12th Planet Remix)" (unreleased track)
5TH - "Doctor P - Watch Out"
6TH - "Nero - Guilt (VIP Mix)"
7TH - "Excision & Datsik - Swagga"

"Felix Cartal - Montreal Dreams"

"Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson - Wake Up Call (Mustard Pimp Remix)"
Above Videos Courtesy of: Masamune100000, follow the link for a bunch more sick video coverage of the night)

Unreleased "Skrillex - Equinox" GREAT SOUND AND VID QUALITY. Uploaded by MrShsball

I'm definitely still nursing a devastating hangover from the mayhem that was this years SXSW. However I'm going to bare the brightness of my computer screen to bring you this final SXSW story.
Last night Dim Mak Records through a SXSW send off party at Republic Live in Austin. The event featured killer sets from the likes of Felix Cartal, Mustard Pimp, Steve Aoki, Peacetreaty and massive surprise guests SKRILLEX AND 12TH PLANET. I really take my hat off to Sonny Moore (Skrillex) and 12th Planet for showing us fans love and playing such and awesome set for absolutely no compensation (they weren't getting paid, 'cause they weren't actually booked). After a long festival, during which both artists played almost every night I don't know how they found the energy to make it out and play till 5AM for no charge at all!!! Thank you guys, you killed it.
Mustard Pimp played a bangin' set, dropping gems like the brand new Money Shot and their remix of Wake Up Call by Steve Aoki and Sidney Samson, featured in the video above. Felix Cartal also fucking killed it, dropping all my favorite new and old tracks, such as Montreal Dreams, featured above. Sorry the sound in the video kinda clips, the filmer got it the best it possibly could be I promise. I don't think I have ever heard such a small club bump it so hard, I felt like someone shot an 50- caliber M-60 next to my head all night when I got out.
Also, in all the above videos you can see your's truly, me, Space Cadet, liquored up and raging. On the Mustard Pimp vid I'm in the bottom right of the screen and Felix Cartal I'm in the bottom left. I am the one doing a lot of crazy double fist pumping and all kinds of weird shit, LOL. You can't really see me in the Skrillex + 12th Planet vid because I'm in the front but I remember vaguely getting my lighter up first, cause I was smoking a cig, so thats me. 
SKRILLEX + 12TH PLANET (photo by me, that why it sucks)
Aoki took the stage over from Felix Cartal at 1:40 and played till about 3:20. Despite some mixed feelings I harbor for Aoki live, last night he killed it. During his Lion King vs. Rage Against The Machine outro (LOL), Skrillex and 12th Planet appeared and the crowd went MAD. Skrillex and 12th Planet took turns on the decks and blew everyones mind dropping tons of new and/or unreleased bangers. They played out SXSW till the wee hour of the morning, only finishing this phenomenal set at 5AM.
Check out some tracks from the duo of Skrillex and 12th Planet below. Enjoy!
Skrillex and 12th Planet - Father Said
Skrillex and 12th Planet - Needed Change
Skrillex - All I Ask of You feat Penny (Original Mix)
German Electro House phenom Zedd has been featured on a few of Skrillex's EP now. He recently released a fantastic remix which takes you on an 8-bit trip down memory lane. Zedd's remix of The Legend of Zelda theme song lays a bangin' electro punch on top of the classic 8-bit lead. Check it out below along with his work for Skrillex.
Zedd - The Legend of Zelda (Mediafire DL)

  Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix) by Zedd
  Skrillex - Weekends!!! feat. Sirah (Zedd Remix) by Zedd

Sunday, March 20, 2011

DFA 1979's 1st Reunion So Massive it Sparks Riot at SXSW

I can't even begin to describe how fucking crazy last night's Undocumented Management party at the Beauty Bar in Austin, TX was in full detail! But here is a shot at a little summary of events.

The night started off super well with superb sets from Felix Cartal, Harvard Bass, Bird Peterson and Run DMT. Then the "secret guest" took the stage, Toronto duo Death From Above 1979. Earlier that day DFA 1979 had announced via Twitter that they would be playing their first gig after an nearly a six years hiatus. Needless to say the crowd inside and outside of the venue where amped for the triumphant return of DFA. The small venue had around 200 people tightly packed into a space parking lot and the alley directly adjacent had upwards of 500. 

About 20 minutes into the set the fans in the alley who had been banging on the fence and ripping down bushes desperately trying to get a view of the newly reunited DFA managed to completely tear down the fence. Austin PD on the premisses greeted the fans in the ally with tasers and industrial strength mace to prevent anyone in the alley from sneaking in (See Fence Come Down + Cops Tasers and Mace on Video). The kids in the front who got hit super hard were vomiting and convulsing on the ground with their teary eyes swollen shut from the mace.
There was a short intermission while the fence was tied back up and then the music and the mayhem started once again. Approximately 30 minutes after the fence came down Austin riot police brought four cars to block the alley and marched six horses through in an attempt to disperse the crowd. However, the spectacle only attracted more followers. The swelling crowd throwing insults, cans, cups and bottles at the cops would repeatedly push back to the fence as the horses finished their pass through the ally. Eventually cops on foot started making arrests clubbing and handcuffing fans who had thrown plastic cups or verbally assaulted the officers. After the arrests were made the police dispersed and the party outside continued on till the show eventually ended around 2:30.
All in all I can say this is one of the most memorable shows of my life and will go down in history as the savage return of dance-punk legends Death From Above. Please check out the videos of my favs from last night above and check out almost the entire DFA 1979 reunion set on Youtube.

I also got the chance to speak with JFK, Sebastian Grainger and Al-P (other half of MSTRKRFT) who was in attendance. They are all the nicest friendliest guys on earth and they all nodded at the notion that new DFA 1979 and MSTRKRFT is coming soon, along with a potential DFA 1979 cover of MSTRKRFT's new single Beards Again. Sooooooooo Sick!
UPDATE: Told you so, check out  a new MSTRKRFT track down below.

Felix Cartal absolutely killed it last night, bringing his massive sound super hard and getting a crowd that seemed mostly interested in DFA to bounce. I also got the chance to have a quick conversation with Taelor (Felix Cartal), who very graciously accepted my many praises. 
If you are lucky enough to be in Austin tonight I highly recommend that you swing by the Dim Mak Party @ Republic tonight. The line-up features Felix Cartal, Mustard Pimp, Steve Aoki, Blaqstarr, Peacetreaty, Rob Roy, RAC and more.
If you couldn't make it to SXSW console yourself with this new banger Felix Cartal just released for the upcoming Mortal Kombat Album Executive Produced by none other than JFK himself. Enjoy!
  Kung Lao's Theme by Felix Cartal

Friday, March 18, 2011

Embody, the First Single from SebastiAn's LP

The first single is out and with a video directed by So Me, pretty cool combo right? Take a second to click play on the video below and listen to what Sebastian has to offer the thousands of Ed Banger fans that have been anticipating this moment (all of us, I am sure, with different expectations) for far too long. When I think SebastiAn, I think of that RATM (Killing in the Name) remix that people posted on youtube warning that the gain on it would fuck your speakers up (I know it makes no sense, but it was a beautiful idea). Embody is far from Killing in the Name, far from Ross Ross Ross, far from Walkman and for that matter even far from the idea we got from the preview we posted last week. I am not saying it is a bad track at all, but that the aggressiveness of 2007 SebastiAn was completely absent. This track is definitely a look into SebastiAn's softer side, the track is more melodic, and vocals are more dominant. It is a chill song and of course shows great composition all throughout. Together with Justice's Civilization, this track is a signal of Ed Banger's new proposition for 2011. Let's hope the genius behind grabbing Metallica and RATM and merging it with electro has not left the Ed Banger crew and that they are ready to blow our minds one more time.
Only one track is just not enough to judge a full album and we are still as excited to hear the rest, so keep checking in and we will keep feeding you music.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

NEW Justice: Civilization

The Cross is back! After so long we hear some new Justice. This time the track Civilization comes as part of an Adidas campaign. You can check out the track along with the video, directed by no other than Romain Gavras below (and we all know how good these two can be together..ahem Stress). The track will be available through Ed Banger, of course, on April 4th, so don't miss its full length release. I like it, it is Justice, it is chill, it has a great combo of vocals and synths, and is very well put together,  lets just hope tracks to come can be more "stressful."

New Justice, new Sebastian, new MSTRKRFT, 2011 could be the new 2007 for electro. I recommend you check in with us often, because we will definitely keep you posted on these upcoming releases and more.


On a similar note, we also have the return of another great producer that has been absent from our pages for over a year. Le Castle Vania is back with a very sick D.I.M remix, one of his best by far. Check it out!

   D.I.M. - Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix) by Le Castle Vania

Also check out his Bulletproof Tiger Mixtape Vol. 2, with many more unreleased SICK tracks like Awake (feat. Desire).

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rocket - Suicide In Venice EP

Suicide in Venice is the brand new, self-released EP from Rocket, a solo producer out of Guadalajara, Mexico. Suicide in Venice smashes together Death Metal and Electro with a dash ominous yet delicate piano and strings to produce a uniquely devastating bread of Death/Thrash Electro. If you like producers like The Toxic Avenger, Drivepilot or F.O.O.L. I highly recommend that you check this EP out. Listen to the full EP below and download the Orchestral Version and the RDHS (Robots Don't Have Sisters) remix.
  Suicide in Venice by Rocket.

Bonus: The triumphant return of MSTRKRFT happened today after a few long months of the duo's inactivity and slightly questionable solo remixes. Like Rocket's Suicide in Venice, MSTRKRFT's new track, "Beards Again" has a distinct metal influence, definitely Iron Maiden-esque at times, and to me it signals a definitive return to form for the Canadian duo. Grab it below.
MSTRKRFT - Beards Again

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Simian Mobile Disco Returns to Portland

To feed your anticipation for tomorrow's (March 10th, 2011) show here is the official video for the track Sweetbread of their latest album Delicacies. Directed by Hans Lo and Jose Otero (Verso Films).

The video description from Jose Otero's vimeo page reads:
"Sweetbread is the term given to commonly used inner organs in cooking.
Such as the liver, tripe and heart.
This is one mans journey to obtain them."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Subs - The Face of the Planet

What is it about Gent that just makes the music I fucking love? The Subs have popped up all over this blog working with other great artists but the Belgian trio just dropped a new EP filled to the brim with fucking hammering basslines and foundation-threatening beats. Called "The Face of the Planet", the new release is their first single off their upcoming full length album "Decontrol" coming out at the end of this month on Lektroluv. I'm so down. 

Until then the previews are out on soundcloud and down below. The above video has the whole original if you like watching little kids freak out old people. You can also buy the whole EP on Beatport which I recommend because the likes of Gtronic, Clouds, and Tai all grace it's tracklist. I gotta say that this is one of the better EP's I've heard in a while. The original grows on you within two plays after you hear the synths really shine in the second half. And if that isn't heavy enough for you, just check out the newly formed Parametic's filthy, heavy dub remix of the track that is just a wrecking ball of sound and my favorite remix off the EP. Can't wait to hear more of their shit to come. Keep your eyes open for more of their stuff and be ready for The Subs to drop "Decontrol" soon.

  The Subs - The Face Of The Planet (preview) by lektroluvrecords
Speaking of heavy dub, Figure just dropped a new EP on Beatport about a month ago, "Monsters of Drumstep", that didn't get much play and deserves some attention. My favorite track "Zombies" is chock full of awesome samples and has these wobbles that will fuck with your speakers if not your head. Cop that shit!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hantise's Prophecy of March Mixtape

Hantise is the union between one techno DJ/Producer and one metal musician who have come together to form a exceptionally banging French electro duo. Formed only last year this duo hasn't been around for long but they have turned out a ton of fantastic new tracks and mixes in the past few months. Check out their new Mixtape, "Prophecy of March", it's a great introduction to the French duo Hantise plus it features tons of underground bangers from the likes of Modek, Toxic Avenger, Crookers, The "S", Belzebass, Drivepilot, Electrophants and a whole lot more. I also highly recommend you check out Sanglier's remix of Rihannan's Only Girl, Sanglier fucking kills it morphing the pop original into a massive turbostep gem. Sanglier also helps with the Mixing and Mastering on some of Hantise's tracks, dudes got skills. Download Prophecy of March through the soundcloud player below.
  Hantise - Prophecy of March by Hantise
Haezer - Here come the Punks (The S remix)
Electrophants - Sledgehammer
Marco Bailey - Bom Bang ! (Hantise remix) (Follow Link for Free DL on Soundcloud)
Cerebral Vortex - Fly by night (Alvin Risk remix)
Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk
Steve Aoki & Sydney Samson - Wake Up Call (PeaceTreaty remix)
Modek - Quasimodo
Troublegum - Blue steel
Tom Deluxx - Run (Belzebass remix)
Rihanna - Only Girl (Sanglier remix) (Soundcloud Link for DL)
The Smashing Pumpkins - Zero (Le Castle Vania remix)
Partysmartie & Blah blah blah - Gang Bang
Vampire weekend - White sky (Basement Jaxx Warp Dub mix)
Noize Generation feat. Circe - Get the fuck up
Cold Blank - Overdose
Colt Silvers vs Drivepilot vs Peaches - Rain comptine (Hantise MAshup) (Soundcloud Link for DL)
Adam Sky vs Mark Stewart - We are all prostitutes (Crookers remix)
The Toxic Avenger - Old School Toxic (Mediafire DL)
This mix also contains samples from The Cataracts, Iron Maiden, Far East Movement, Flo-Rida, The Death Set, etc...
Photo: Olivier Vax

Bonus: More audible destruction from Hantise.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ninetynine - Revenge EP. FREE, FREE, FREE!

So blog favorite Ninetynine just dropped a new EP titled "Revenge" on his label Close To Modern and is giving it away to you for absolutely no charge. Therefore, I can say with certainty that this is the best free EP ever. The EP includes three brand spanking new tracks from 99i including the fantastic "Pier 12" and remixes from TCHNCRCY favorite Vakkuum and talented newcomer Hero. All in all this is a risk free opportunity to sample some of the finest production in the dark and scary Electro/House genre. Remember to swing by Nintynine's soundcloud and show him some thanks, feedback, favorites and love for the free tracks.
The free downloads are in 256kbps. If you like, you might consider swinging by Ninetynine's BandCamp page to purchase the Revenge EP in 320kbps so that all your favs are Club ready.
  Revenge EP by 99i

The SlutGarden, LOOOL & Dave Scorp - Hungry Teen Attack

Long time favorite Dave Scorp recently dropped a preview of his new remix for The SlutGarden & LOOOL's remix contest for their new track Hungry Teen Attack. Trust me when I tell you that this shit is fucking massive. Dave absolutely killed it with this one and I highly recommend you check out this savage banger immediately. You can also check out the original from Marseilles duo of destruction The SlutGarden and duo LOOOL made up of talented young French producers Telmini and Apknr.
  The SlutGarden & LOOOL - Hungry Teen Attack (Dave Scorp Remix) * PREViEW * by DAVE SCORP
  The SlutGarden & LOOOL - Hungry Teen Attack by The SLUTGARDEN

Bonus: Between the five producers featured above there is a shit ton of awesome talent which translates to a lot of banging electro. Everything below is must listen to and I highly recommend you swing by their respective soundcloud pages for lots more and even some free goodies.
  Laura va au dentiste by LOOOL
  The SlutGarden - Hate us by The SLUTGARDEN
  The SlutGarden - Eloge de la débauche by The SLUTGARDEN
  Da Krew - Pandemonium (The SlutGarden rmx) by The SLUTGARDEN
  Disco Splatters - Raw Treatment (Dave Scorp Remix) by DAVE SCORP

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't Call It 8-Bit: Shirobon

It is finally happening. I have waited many years since I heard my first 8-bit tracks by Nullsleep and Trash80, to see this so called 8-bit artists collaborate with electro producers or make the transition themselves (No, Huoratron and Crystal Castles DON'T COUNT). Shirobon's (and Richard Wilkins) Obliterate cannot be called a chiptune, nor can it be played straight from the 8-bit soundcard of the old-school gameboy. This track is a banger, hits hard and can fight its way into the hardest of electro playlists. Just hit play and don't think for a second your are about to hear the music for a Megaman game, you are about to hear some hard electro... that is of course with the right dosage of sick 8-bit leads.

Richard Wilkins vs Shirobon - Obliterate by Shirobon

And a little bonus:

Check out Shirobon's acid track. This shit brings to mind one of the most recent Boys Noize compilations.
Brainless by Shirobon

Friday, March 4, 2011

Sebastian's Debut LP on Ed Banger: 'Total' (Hey! our 200th Post!)

So upon checking the latest Ed Banger newsletter on my inbox, I realized happily that there is a new date for the release of the anticipated debut album of SebastiAn. Pretty fucking sick right? I can't wait and want to believe that is going to be the best album of the year, but of course only time will tell. The release is schedule for May of this year, so hopefully Ed Banger will make it available for the anticipating masses before too late. Check out the cover on the left and a little more stuff below. So far there is little  more info about the title, but we will keep you posted.

Below is a video that has been circulating the web, allegedly it is the track after which the LP is titled, but I cannot confirm it is either the official video or a finished track by SebastiAn. All I can say is that the vid is NSFW and the track is enjoyable to say the least. I would tell you the song is very sick but I don't want to sound like a jackass if it turns out to be a fake. (Fuck YouTube's anti-nudity policy).

SEBASTIAN TOTAL (X Rated Version) from revenge on Vimeo.

Crux Records Says Bombs Away w/ Blatta & Inesha's My Lady Don't Mind EP

What says pin up girls and bombs better than a B-17, Crux Records is here to tell you that Blatta & Inesha's new EP "My Lady Don't Mind" does. The EP features two tracks, My Lady Don't Mind (A-side) and Daddy's Home (B-side), plus a very special bonus banger Walk & Talk. Both are sick but the EP still comes packing more serious heat with remixes from Modek, Gooseflesh, and 2 Guys in Venice. The EP is out May 2 and will be available through all the usual digital outlets, I imagine. Check out Modek's remix of "My Lady Don't Mind" and Gooseflesh's mix of "Daddy's Home", watch out they are both 50 megaton bangers (like the Tsar Bomba muther fucker).

Blatta & Inesha - My Lady Don't Mind (Modek Remix)

Blatta & Inesha - Daddy's Home (Gooseflesh Remix)

Modek Bonus: This is one talented Belgian, check out more Modek down below.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Digithype Records All Stars Vol . 1

Digithype Records is an independent label from Marseille, France with a lot of potential. They have recruited names that keep gaining momentum and whose tracks keep appearing in our blog. Check out the tracks below and you will see what I mean. The Ninetynine track is dope; The Noisy Freaks song starts of like a Tiesto track (terrible I know), BUT half-way through destroys the repetitiveness and drops you into an unpredictable beat, the title makes it very clear what the intention of the track is; and finally the Eworks track brings to mind the new Ed Banger sound. The rest of the tracks are also sick so sit back and enjoy the sounds.

Digithype All Stars Vol.1 by Digithype Records