Thursday, June 16, 2011

What the fuck is a Jelle Boon?

I got two burning question in my mind at 3:00AM, what is a Jelle Boon and how do European youngsters make such good music. Jelle Boon is a crazy talented 16 year old from the Netherlands. Yes, he can't even legally drive or pay income tax but he can drive a bassline better than most double his age and he sure knows how to pay the electrobill :). Fucking incredible, wether it was Telmini destroying dancefloors at 17, then RETZ dropping bombs like Initiate at 16 and then Clouds consisting of two 11 year olds (which I still don't actually believe) or Surkin signing with Institubes at 12... or was it 21, I couldn't tell from the photos (just kidding, love u Surkin). I think we should ban the continent of Europe from producing Electro and House. They are just too fucking good at it, it's unfair.
But on a serious note, check out Jelle Boon, he is scary sick!
Free Download:

Whoppers... Not The Burgers, The BANGERS!

You might not know the Whoppers, so if you don't let me school you on a phenomenal upcoming french duo that has the potential to become the next big thing in the Thrash Electro. This duo made up of Rémi Buriez and Jonathan Pennel have inked a few deals primarily with Shax Tracks, the record label owned and run by Vatican producer Shax. And this makes a lot of sense, if you are fans of the Italian/Vatican sound then you NEED to know the Whoppers. Grab their amazing track Esorcista below, if it doesn't remind you of You Killing Me, Shax or The Boomzers in some way, I'd be very confused. Whoppers have a huge future in my opinion, check them out mutha fucka.

Free Download:
Whoppers - Esorcista
  Whoppers - Dirty Bitch ! ( Original mix ) by Whoppers

Bonus: hot and fresh from Adelaide, Australia hails Capt and Cooked a fantastic duo that we have featured before on this blog. Therefore I really have nothing to say except their recent string of productions have been too good not to post on. Enjoy some of finest new electro blood the land of Oz has to offer.

  Ready (Original Mix) - Capt and Cooked (Unsigned) by Capt and Cooked

  Hey You (Capt and Cooked Remix) - Pony Pony Run Run by Capt and Cooked

Birdy Nam Nam - Defiant Order + Dilemn

French DJ supergroup Birdy Nam Nam is getting set to release a new album. While no real info on the album or its release date is available yet, it is rumored that french legend Para One is going to be heavily involved in it's production. Based on the quality of this first single, my hopes are very high for a new release from the quartet consisting of Crazy B, DJ Pone, DJ Need and Little Mike. Check out their new single below plus a remix of my all time favorite track of their's, Parachute Ending, by the fantastic Dilemn.
Birdy Nam Nam - Parachute Ending (Dilemn Remix)

Bonus Dilemn Spotlight: Here is some more new Dilemn. Ever since his new album Better Worlds dropped I've had a massive crush on Dilemn's sound. Check out a cool new remix for WAT out soon on Boxon Rec and a huge remix of Noise Invaders new track Time. If you haven't heard Time yet, you should check it out here on Mako Recs Soundcloud. Besides having the Time EP with remixes from the likes of Proxy himself, you can check out Mako's forthcoming EP for Dilemn's track Don't Break It, one of my favs from the Better Worlds LP, including remixes from Noise Invaders, Polymorphic, Marseilles and Volatile.

  Noise Invaders - Time (Dilemn Remix) by Dilemn

  WAT - Kill kill (Dilemn Remix) by Dilemn
  MAKO014 // Dilemn - Don't Break It REMIXES (Preview) by mako records

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stereoheroes - Exiles

This may be old news to most of yall but I finally got around to listening to the Stereoheroes' new EP "Exiles" out on Freakz Me Out Records and it straight crushes. It's particularly epic in regards to the fact that I haven't heard anything like this stuff from these boys since I first got into them. Regardless of that, this EP is chock full of songs that will push people off the ground and something I couldn't just let slip by. All the originals are tight with Nighthawk and Longshot putting it down hard enough to make them my favorite tracks of the whole release. This is not to say that Blatta & Inesha's touch on Nighthawk or Le Castle Vania's remix of Wildchild should be ignored. And that's the best part of this EP: It's all good. So check it out below. They put the whole thing up on soundcloud for preview before you go on over to Beatport to pick it up, which I recommend you do. Dropping these tracks in a set will make people go fucking nuts.

  StereoHeroes - Exiles EP by StereoHeroes

And if you want my favorite previous tracks by the boys check out the two below. By far two of my favorite tracks ever and something you need to hear.
Stereoheroes feat. Mic Terror - Juke Dem Hoes*******
Zingone & Nina - Kick it (Stereoheroes Remix)******

Coming from the same label, The Boomzers are releasing a new EP called "So Fuck You" on June 17th which looks to be equally epic. Teaser below.
  The Boomzers - So Fuck You EP (Teaser) [OUT JUNE 17TH] by The Boomzers

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Bloody Beetroots Rmx of S.A.L.M. + Introducing DEADLIGHTS

Hell Yeah, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo is back with a dirty little remix of Somthing A La Mode's "Versailles No Bara". I don't know if it has any connection with the Japanesse anime Versailles No Bara or in english The Rose of Versailles, but the vocals are by Rinko Kikuchi, who I would assume is Japanese. I do know however that the song bangs! Definitely Punk Rock Disco. Check it out below.
  S.A.L.M. "Versailles No Bara" Bloody Beetroots Rmx by thebloodybeetroots

Even though London, Ontario's Deadlights might wear awesome masks, leather jackets and produce devastatingly dirty electro/step, I guarantee there is no pun intended by posting a teaser of their fantastic new remix of King Kornelius' Regicide below Sir Bob Cornelius' new track.
I love Deadlights, they've got an awesome sound that's part dirty electro thrash and part evil dubstep. I got big expectations for this young Canadian duo in the future, sick sound plus fucking awesome masks. Hey, I think their Canada's answer to Bloody Beetroots or at least Cyberpunkers... Check em out.
  Molly's Advice by DEADLIGHTS
  The Squatters - Minesweeper (DeadLights Remix) by DEADLIGHTS
  We Are The Dead by DEADLIGHTS

Drivepilot - Ruthless EP

Drivepilot AKA Nick Edwards recently dropped his third EP, Ruthless, and as expected it is unbelievably massive. I loved the first two Drivepilot EPs (Savages & Fuck Yeah) like children but this third EP is virtually flawless. The title track Ruthless is a chilling electro/step banger that could make any dance-floor go mad, from diehard death electro-thrash lovers to moon-boot rocking candy ravers. Also, the vocals in Ruthless are amazing, fuck its DFA1979 meets "ruthless" Electro/step. Regrets is an absolute must for those who are fans of the bangin' electro/house genre, combining vocal chops hip hop samples and scratches, erie string sections, and bangin electro drops. Devils in Milan is probably my favorite Drivepilot track of all time, you hear the spine tingling piano lead or the bassline and your like, holy shit, new Justice but then the drop comes and you know it can't be anyone but Drivepilot. Halo and GSM are electro magic and definitely shouldn't be missed either.
Well that the review, I highly recommend this EP. It's out now on Nick Edwards and Yushood Rockmore's Traction Records. You can purchase it here on Bandcamp or your favorite digital distribution outlet.
  Ruthless EP [2011] by DRIVEPILOT
Devils Bonus: Liberty is a very talented duo from Los Angeles, Download their refix of Devils in Milan, as well as another bangin' little Daylight remix and a massive original from Dan and Jeremy.
  Drivepilot - Devils In Milan (Liberty Redux) //Free Download\\ by Liberty!
  Dumme Jungs - Daylight (Liberty Redux) //RELEASED ON TECHNO CHANGED MY LIFE RECORDS\\ by Liberty!
Download: Liberty! - Middle Finger Up **(Highly Recommended)

Angst is the Debut EP from french electro/house hero The Toxic Avenger. This album is fantastic, demonstrating both Toxic Avenger's bangin' side and his more electo/pop/hop collaborations. I love The Toxic Avenger is a legend and highly recommend you grab full LP.
I know Drivepilot shares my love for The Toxic Avenger, as me and Nick both agree that The Toxic Avenger's remix of Bring Me The Horizon's Death Breath is one of the best tracks ever! Also, Drivepilot just dropped an enormous remix of Angst Two. Download it below, Phenomenal!
  The Toxic Avenger - Angst Two (Drivepilot Remix) by DRIVEPILOT

Crazy little video, it's weird but stick with it, it gets fuckin' cool.

The Toxic Avenger "Angst One" by The-Toxic-Avenger

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nero's Dubstep Symphony

The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra presents Nero's Dubstep Symphony, a one in a lifetime collaboration between the dubstep giant Nero and Composer/Conductor Joe Duddell. This collaboration kicks off Dubstep Week on BBC Radio 1Xtra. It is a very interesting project and I recommend you check it out, after all it is always intriguing to hear what comes out from the collaboration between musicians of such different backgrounds (remember Metallica & the San Francisco Symphony?). Perhaps it is not the heaviest, or the most appealing for classical music fans, but give it a shot it was definitely a well prepared musical arrangement. Below you will find the Soundcloud player, but I recommend you watch the video on the BBC website here.

  2011-06-06 - Nero's Dubstep Symphony -Live- @ BBC Philharmonic Studios - Salford [NEW HQ Remastered] by Evil_Concussion

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Pelussje: Royal Rumble EP

It has been a while since we posted on the Italian duo, Pelussje. The pair has apparently been busy in the studio, because recently they have put up some high quality material. More specifically, they have put out an EP titled "Royal Rumble" through Tunz/Tunz Records, a Milan based record label we will keep our ears on from now on. Tracks include collaborations with Gain on Top, Chemical and 2Gates. Check out the previews below and purchase the tracks!

Pelussje: Royal rumble e.p by Tunz\Tunz Records


Pelussje Dubstep? Surprisingly good. Released on MMAN Records, the Calcutta EP by the Damn Bell Doors includes remixes by DJ Antention, Blaster and many others! don't miss it! (Buy here)

Calcutta (The Damn Bell Doors) - PELUSSJE tandooRMX (MMAN rec) out now on Beatport!! by Pelussje