Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Designer Drugs - Hardcore/Softcore

Designer Drugs is a New York based DJ/Production duo that I hold very close to my heart. So naturally when their new 13 track LP dropped today I was more excited to give it a listen than any full length LP in recent memory. So take it from me a long time D.D. fan, this LP, Hardcore/Softcore does not disappoint. The album is packed full of dancefloor destroyers, savage headbangers, and groovin' electro/pop jams. If you have heard or seen Designer Drugs in the past and enjoyed it, I highly recommend this album. Like ✝, Oi Oi Oi, or Romborama this album represents a culmination of years of work, experience and progression coming together to form a spectacular debut album from Designer Drugs.
Hardcore/Softcore is out now on famed NYC dance label Ultra. Follow this link to purchase the Hardcore/Softcore album on Beatport.
  Designer Drugs - Hardcore/Softcore by Technocracy Music

Do You Want Some 8-bit With That?

I think 8-bit music can be the shit, and I think it is very impressive how people can compose on only four channels per Game Boy cartridge and with the most boring interface you can imagine. But there is a reason why 99% of the stuff posted here is not a magical bleep filled track, and that is because we love bass and firmly believe that drums are meant to hit a wide range of frequencies, specially low ones. So far, most 8-bit music that has come my way has been produced by purist who even at times avoid the help of modern software. That, I believe, has kept the genre obscure. Imagine what would come out of a combination of the 8-bit leads and bleepy goodness and electro drums and bass-lines that hit the low ends fully and in a way that 8-bit drums (crashes mainly) simply can't.

The outcome I believe sounds pretty much like this Sabrepulse track, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Close To Me by sabrepulse

If you like what you hear hit the Sabrepulse tag at the end of the post.

Something else that gets the idea, although not as right as the previous track, is this Shirobon Remix. This UK producer has also been mentioned on this blog in earlier posts. Enjoy.

Sulumi - Machine it (Shirobon Remix) by Shirobon

Aaren Reale and Chewy Chocolate Cookies: Black EP

Aaren Reale, from Lyon France, is releasing an incredible EP, that includes two original tracks and an edit for of those already great songs by Chewy Chocolate Cookies. For those of you, who know CCC, you know that when these guys put their hands on something it is bound to be epic. Words cannot fully describe how well-done this EP is, so I am just going to put the preview below and the link to buy it over here. The tracks speak for themselves.

   CCC009 - Aaren Reale "Black" EP - Out Now - Beatport.com Exclusive by ChewyChocolateCookies

But please, do not make the mistake of thinking, that since CCC is part of it they are carrying all the weight. Demonstrating Aaren Reale's talent is no hard job. I think it is fair to say that remixing Justice is not easy, and that only a few and for that matter the greatest have done so successfully (Boys Noize and Soulwax come to mind). Keeping those high standards in mind, give Aaren Reale's remix of We Are Your Friends a minute and it will impress you.

   Justice - We are your friend (Aaren Reale Remix) by Aaren Reale

New Tracks from Berlin: Boys Noize & Housemeister- Shizzo

It has been a while since German producer/legend Boys Noize has been mentioned in these pages.The latest tracks coming from Boyznoize Records is a collaboration between Alexander Ridha (better known as Boys Noize) and fellow Berliner Housemesiter. They have come together to put out three very different tracks. One can definitely hear the sounds that once defined Boys Noize in Shizzo (personal favorite), yet find it hard to point out who is behind the other two. Below you can find the preview as well as the full version of Shizzo. If you feel it, you can grab the release over here. I hope for an upcoming Boys Noize LP, and I hope it brings the satisfaction Oi Oi Oi did.



For those of you who enjoyed the tracks, here is a sample of the work the duo did bacK in 2006 under the name of  Eastwest. The track comes from a two track EP released also under Boysnoize Records: Eastwest- Psychedelic Disco/ Easy Come Easy Go.

Eastwest- Easy Come Easy Go***

Mustard Pimp - Money Shot Out March 1st

Fuck yes! Mustard Pimp, people who we are very fond of around these parts, is dropping a new EP on March 1st on Dim Mak. Not only that, they're hooking up with frontman Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence. Jimmy Urine's ridiculous lyrics and Mustard Pimps' pumped up beats just sounds epic in words and the real deal  comes through on all fronts. You can pick up the album when it's released or pre-order it on iTunes. Whatever you do, just don't miss it.  And as a bonus, the boys have given us Italian Doc Trashz's remix for free just to get their hooks into you. Grab it below while checking out the previews for the rest of the EP. The lyrics are just spot on awesome and if you're unsatisfied with the drops Doc Trashz provides check out the preview of the original and Modek's awesome remix. They've got the medicine you need. It's only one week till it drops and I know you're itching to get your hands on the full versions. Just make due till then and blast that shit when it drops. And don't forget about the full length album "No Title of Purpose" the French duo are working on, set to release on Dim Mak in May. 2011 is going to be an epic year.

  Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot by mustard pimp
  Mustard Pimp feat Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (Doc Trashz Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by mustard pimp
  Mustard Pimp feat. Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (The Loops Of Fury mix) [128k preview] by TheLoopsOfFury
  Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (Modek Remix) preview by Modek
  Mustard Pimp - Money Shot (Felix Luker Remix) [128 kbps preview] OUT SOON ON DIM MAK RECORDS by Felix Luker

TheRiotz! 3rd EP - Social Defector

The video above is the visual stimulus for the Social Defector EP that came out about a month ago on WetShake Records by none other than TCHNCRCY favorites, TheRiotz! So if you didn't catch the older post I did on TheRiotz! then go check it out. These Koreans can really fucking put it down and as always their newish EP is packed to the brim with glitched out beats and destructive bass. I'm sorry I didn't get this all to you sooner but if you were on your shit you already know. If you weren't, like me, you can check out the whole EP on soundcloud below. All that aside, the original is a bleep fest that reminds me of Boys Noize with its computerized voice samples and the risekr remix is breakbeat to its finest. I'm finding it really hard to find anything these guys do that I don't like. Definitely keep an eye out for new hits popping from these two.

New Release !!! 3rd EP.Theriotz!-Social Defector by THERIOTZ

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dada Life- White Noise/ Red Meat EP

This EP dropped Febraury first on Dim Mak Records. White Noise/Re Meat is one the Swedish duo's more powerful tracks, it has a solid light bass synth that drives the melody into a great drop leading to steady and incredible distorted bass and good drums, I highly recommend spending a little money on an EP that revolves around such a satisfying track. As you can see from the teaser below, if there is one thing that we can see Dada Life, The Beetroots, and Will Ferrel agree on (at least implicitly) is that sometimes you just have to have more cowbell.

Check out the track here:
Dada Life- White Noise/ Red Meat (Original Mix)***


Perhaps we know something else you might like. I recommend looking into what the fantastic Swedish duo F.O.O.L. has put out for free very recently. Below is the preview of the whole 'To Japan and Never Back' EP and the download link. Not only does it feature a few F.O.O.L. originals, which have the usual sound but this time infused with melodic light synths (pretty interesting), but also features a Redial remix that is very solid and flirts with Dubstep and a Dead C∆T Bounce Remix that is just too sick. Don't miss it!
  To Japan And Never Back FREE EP Download! by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

F.O.O.L.-To Japan and Never Back EP

What!? More Bonus:????
Yes more bonus. Because we know you want more, here is another banging Swedish duo...

...Puma Sweden's rack, allegedly featured in over 105 "Swedish Flicks." What a hard-working girl. Only thing is that she doesn't produce any banger electro track's (or does she?).

Monday, February 14, 2011

Teenage Bad Girl - Keep Up With You EP

Everyone wants some Teenage Bad Girl for Valentines day! And while that statement might prompt calls to child protective services in some circles, in dance music circles this statement rings universally true. Today the French electronic duo and Archibel Records owners and Guillaume Manbell and Greg Kazbuski of Teenage Bad Girl released the Keep Up With You EP on Citizen Records. The original mix sounds like Van Halen's take on electro/house and needless to say it is phenomenal! The EP also contains fantastic and very diverse remixes from Louis La Roche, Depressed Button (formerly The Faint), Lifelike, and Huoratron. I highly recommend that you purchase the whole damn thing on Beatport, because it fucking rocks. And keep your fingers crossed for a Teenage Bad Girl LP hopefully coming soon.

Citizen Records Bonus: Italian production duo Produkkt recently released a fantastic EP on Citizen Records. The EP is titled Invasion and it features three originals and remixes from huge talents like Irish Steph, Cyberpunkers, Adriano Canzian. Check the whole thing out below and follow the link in the player to buy.

Ninetynine & Dominic Pierce: Close To Modern

Ninetynine is a Canadian producer originally from Calgary but now based in Vancouver. He makes music that he describes as Nightmare House/Electro and I agree, he produces dark, heavy and scary breed of electro/house. But don't take it from me, his tracks have been supported, remixed and played out in sets by some of the founders and champions of heavy and scary electro/house like The Proxy, Q.G., Les Petits Pilous, and Mashed Paper Klub. Want some music? Grab some huge tracks from 99 down below and swing by his soundcloud to hear more.
Ninetynine - Petrol
Ninetynine - Chernobyl SS
Mr. Oizo - Hun (Ninetynine Remix)
We Are Tokyo - Best In Me (Ninetynine's Nightmare Remix)

Dominic Pierce is another talented Canadian originally from Calgary and based in Van. & Calgary. Dominic lists his major influences as Cassius, Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx which you can definitely feel through his music. He produces a unique, original and awesome mixture of House and French Touch with a whole lot more. With much support coming from talented French Touchers like The Phantoms Revenge, Dominic clearly got skills. Check out some of his work below and make sure you swing by his Soundcloud page for added listening.
Dominic Pierce - Blonde (Original Mix)
Dominic Pierce - Blonde (The Phantoms Revenge Remix)
Dominic Pierce - Vibrations

Close To Modern Bonus: Dominic Pierce and Ninetynine also co-run a label project called Close To Modern. So far it is just the two of them on the label as well as their collaborative project NNPP. Keep an eye out of Close To Modern, Dominic, 99 and NNPP in the near future, I expect big things. 
If you wanna know more about Close To Modern, please swing by their awesome tumblr page. Their tumblr rocks, it has music, photos, humor and all kinds of funny and/or super rare interviews with some very interesting individuals. The following super hilarious interview with French legends Justice is taken from the Close to Modern tumblr.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ed Banger Says: Let the Children Techno

We have all been waiting for the next Ed Banger release, and even though The Rawkers Ep was one of the best of the last year, it is clear that Ed Banger needs to put out yet another amalgam of electro tracks that will bring them back the glory they enjoyed back in 2007.

How come Sebastian's album is not ready? Well, it could be plain laziness, I mean, it was due ages ago. Or perhaps, Pedro Winter, is holding on to Ed Banger's new arsenal of tracks strategically; testing them with the audience and following a Darwinian process, choosing only the best. Only time will tell, but us the fans can't wait for more bangers to dance to; fans constantly digging deeper and deeper online in hopes to find that DJ set on youtube that features an unreleased Ed Banger track no matter if someone recorded it with a shitty camera phone. And that sort of devotion is the result of only the highest of expectations; a fact Ed Banger might be aware of. If anything it is clear that they have set a high bar for others and themselves. Fans want the french legends to be done producing movie scores and soundtracks, and want them behind the turntables.

The real question is whether or not Ed Banger will lead the new wave of electro in 2011-2012. Can a new Sebastian album and hopefully a new Justice album live up the expectations and deliver as much as they did before Ed Banger had become a global phenomenon? We sure hope so.

Anyways, here is the latest Ed Banger compilation to come out February 21 on iTunes. It is mixed by DJ Mehdi and Busy P and features unreleased tracks by Sebastian, Mr. Oizo (who claims to feel like a "castrated Hugh Hefner wearing a Sponge Bob costume" when performing live??), Mehdi, Feadz, Breakbot, Busy P, and many more (sorry no Justice track, or for that matter U.S. dates on the promotional tour). Check out this link to preview and pre-order the mix. It is hard to tell what some of the tracks will end up sounding like, but you will get our review once the tracks are released.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sinden Presents: Free Gucci 2 The Burrrtish Edition

Sinden and Mad Decent recently came together to bring you the second installment of the Free Gucci mixtape series. While Gucci Mane is out of jail this time around, Sinden and Mad Decent are still brining you this mixtape packed full of goodies all free of charge. This one is also the Burrrtish Edition in honor of both the number of fantastic UK producers and rappers/vocalists taking cracks at mixin' Gucci and the new ice cream cone tat Gucci us sportin' on his cheek. You can see the full tracklist above in the .gif and you can download the full mix tape down below fo free. Personally I like the Hudson Mohawk mix the most but there are a bunch of sick tracks on board.
Sinden Presents: Free Gucci II The Burrrtish Edition (Download Here)

Bonus: My high school buddy Averill introduced me to Gucci way back in the day. Since then, Ave has turned into a mighty fine Hip Hop/Electro producer and introduced me to a lot more great music in the process. Lucky for you he is giving away his entire recent catalog of productions and mixes all for free. You can check bunch of free music, leave some comments, and show DJ Ducket some love all on his soundcloud page. Hopefully by the time Free Gucci 3 comes around, you'll see a DJ Ducket remix on the bill.
  Ducket Rock by DJ DUCKET
  Make Sure I'm Strapped (Feat B.I.G.) by DJ DUCKET
  Banana Crack (feat Nas & Lloyd Banks) by DJ DUCKET