Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Justice's New LP in Justice's Own Words

Justice's latest LP 'Audio, Video, Disco' has probably been the most anticipated album of the year, and probably the subject of most debate among the french duo's fans. Not surprisingly, to those looking for Cross Pt. 2 the album did not cut it. Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that there is very high quality work and production value behind some of those tracks. I could sit here and argue either side of the argument all night long, but it doesn't really matter. You already listened to the tracks and have made up your own mind. You already know how much you love/hate it, and how stoked/disappointed you are that they took a different approach to production than they did with Cross. Feel like asking Justice why the change? Well, here is what they have to say about it (at least what Xavier has to say, Gaspard seems to quietly agree):

Video by Rolling Stone.

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