Monday, January 25, 2010

First Post, Great Beats

Welcome to Noise Trade. We love music. Specifically banging music that will rock your socks into the bottom of your shoes and back up again. The type of music that makes your body rock even when you're eating dinner with your grandma. That music. So tune in when you can. Much love.

I'm going to start this off with some of the great new beats that have been dropping, specifically SebastiAn's Threnody. For those who didn't like listening to 10 minutes of build up but loved that last 45 seconds or so of hard hitting magic that he drops, check out this Capt and Cooked Remix. Real hard, real filthy, real good.
SebastiAn - Threnody (Capt and Cooked Remix) (320 kbps)

I've been getting really into Richie Beretta lately. Definitely check these tracks out. Zombie Prom Night a definite new favorite.
Richie Beretta - Nitefist (320 kbps)
Richie Beretta - Zombie Prom Night (320 kbps)

I picked up on this French Dj, Thony Ritz, who's Overdrive track is nasty. Grab it and give it a thorough wash through your head.
Thony Ritz - Overdrive (320 kbps)

I'll finish off with Uffie's new track MC's Can Kiss which is utterly beautiful. I love Uffie's tunes because she's one of the only female MC with fantastic producers (Thank you Ed Banger) and doesn't constantly spout trash about how she is constantly getting railed more than cocaine off a club bathroom's toilet. I've added my favorite remix as well by Starkey. Enjoy people.
Uffie - MC's Can Kiss (320 kbps)
Uffie - MC's Can Kiss (Starkey Redid) (320 kbps)

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