Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let that Shit KNOCK

It is on boys and girls. I've been drowning in new music and I'm back from the depths with a treasure chest full of giant beats and the heaviest of bass. I apologize for the absence but I hope this makes up for it.

First up I want to talk about Circus Records's Flux Pavilion. I talked about him a bit ago saying I was going to give him a proper listen once I found some time. Well I found some time and let me tell you, this dude is ill. Though he may look a little goofy, dude has some crazy good vision for dub songs. Normalize is just plain brilliant, drivey, catchy, and fun as hell to listen to without losing it's grime. His more recent Got 2 Know is one of the best songs I've heard in a long time. Not only that, but his song with Datsik, another gifted dub-step dj, is just top notch. Really just destroys your head with some rhythmic, heavy, heavy bass. Honestly, I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk about him. Check out the tracks I mentioned and I'll even throw in my favorite Datsik track, working with Excision, just for you. Because I care.

Flux Pavilion - Normalize (320 kbps)♥(Removed)
Flux Pavilion - Got 2 Know (320 kbps)♥(Removed)
Flux Pavilion & Datsik - Game Over (320 kbps) (Removed)
Datsik & Excision - Swagga (320 kbps) (Removed)

Next up we have some tracks I picked up from a blog favorite, Atlanta's finest Le Castle Vania. Mnuel did a wonderful little post about him right before we saw his show here in Portland at the Whiskey Bar. He put on one of the most phenomenal shows I've seen here and Portland and if he's in your area I strongly suggest you get messed up and check it out. Super chill guy and one of the better dj's on the scene in the U.S. His remix of La Roux's In For The Kill is gracious and the remix collaboration he does with previously mentioned Computer Club, awesome L.A. Dj, and Atlanta's Rrrump is heavy and obviously helped by the underlying Designer Drugs track. Your ears will thank you.

La Roux - In For The Kill (Le Castle Vania Remix) (320kbps)
Designer Drugs - Back Up In This (Le Castle Vania, Computer Club and Rrrump remix) (320 kbps) (Removed)♥

I picked up some tracks from Marine Parade's Marty Party. I'm impressed. Really great dub. I'm going to check him out further but here's a remix of The XX and an original to wet your appetite. Looks like he'll be working with Josh Mayer (Not John Mayer), better known as Glitch Mob's Ooah, to create PANTyRAiD. More on that to come.

The XX - Infinity (Marty Party Remix) (128 kbps)♥(Removed)
Marty Party - Shorty (192 kbps) (Removed)

Last up, for those of you who think the previous just wasn't quite cuttin' it on the filthiness, then these tracks should make you feel dirty enough to want a chemical bath. The dutch dj's Noisia are bringing it down and they aren't leaving till the building is decimated. Just tune in and you'll hear what I'm talking about. The 16bit remix is extra grimy.

Noisia - B.R.U.L. (320 kbps)
Noisia - Machine Gun (16Bit Remix) (128 kbps)

Didn't want to waste your time with getting in too deep for these songs but they're all phenomenal. I especially wanted to post the Owl City Fireflies remix by MightyFools. Anyone who can trade that trash in and come out with not only a decent song but actually a damn great one deserves some big ups.

DiscoTech - She's Devestating (320kbps)
Cassette Kids - Lying Around (Sharam Jey Remix) (320 kbps) (Removed)
Soft Toy Emergency - Critical (Last Japan Remix)
Owl City - Fireflies (Mighty Fools Remix) (320kbps)

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