Monday, April 4, 2011

Blaster and Touché Records: Cybertron EP

Blaster (a.k.a. Guillaume Cloutouis) is a 22 year old french producer that doesn't hesitate to make his tracks as hard as possible. If you are a fan of Q.G., then these tracks are for you. Blaster's Cybertron EP, released on the very young Touché Records (BvD & Hypethembeats), is a banger to say the least, and not to mention his most polished work to date. 
The EP includes two tracks: Cybertron and Chainsaw, with remixes by K.OH!, Dead Cat Bounce and many others (as well as some Transformers samples). Check out my favorite tracks below and definitely buy the EP over HERE.

Original Autobot: Blaster

  Blaster - Cybertron (Preview Soundcloud) by BLASTER

  Chainsaw (K.OH! Remix) by Touché Records

Also, check out Blaster's remix of Civilization, a great take on Justice's new track.

  Justice - Civilization (Blaster Remix) Free Download by BLASTER

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