Sunday, April 3, 2011

F.O.O.L. and OMG! Is Techno Music

This is a mini-post to make you aware of the upcoming Invasion EP by no other than our favorite F.O.O.L. It is dropping at the end of April with remixes by the S, Ikki and many others on OMG! It's Techno Music. Check out the FULL preview below and check with us for specific dates. F.O.O.L. brings very hard electro sounds, and the duo keeps their sound fresh through time.

Invasion EP Teaser - OMGITM 010 by FuckOurOrdinaryLives

Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus Bonus BonusBonus Bonus Bonus Bonus

Life Express is another swedish duo that I highly recommend you check out, listen to the F.O.O.L. remix below and their original My To Do List released on Bonerizing records (you have to wait for the drop).

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