Monday, July 25, 2011

Figure & Ajapai Tear Up Portland, Coming Soon For a City Near You

So after an eventful week here in Portland, two of TCHNCRCY's favorite dub producers showed up to absolutely destroy FX in the downtown area of our wonderful city this past Thursday. Honestly I haven't seen a show like that in quite some time. Ajapai came on ripping the airwaves up with the crushers we've all come to know and love. When "Brain" came on, the place nearly lost its mind. And then came Figure. If you haven't heard his release Monsters of Drumstep, do yourself the courtesy of checking it out right now. "Zombies" and "Frankenstein" will knock some sense in you. Both were present in Figure's set along with, get this, an Oasis song. And not just any Oasis track, it was straight up "Wonderwall". A daunting challenge for anyone to cleanly work into a set but goddamn if he didn't pull if off. And that brings me to the purpose of this post. Fucking go see Figure. If you live in Canada you should be stoked because the man himself is playing a Summer tour through the end of August, hitting major cities across the country. Go check out the shows he's got lined up. And while you're marking it down on your calendar's check out this epic track Figure just pieced together with Cas One, a sick MC. Surprisingly melodic while keeping it still grimy.
  Figure and Cas One- Doomsday (Ode to the Butchers and Thieves) by Figure 

An added extra from the past show is our meeting with Shylok and Lando, two Portland Dj's that have been spinning some epically well done dub, drumstep, and D'n'B for quite some time. They're on the verge of putting out their third volume of "W.A.R." which should be a bombshell once their lyricist touches on it. We'll keep you updated so check out the second volume while you have a chance.
  'W.A.R.' VOL 2 - Mixed by Shylok & Lando by Shylok & Lando

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