Thursday, August 4, 2011

The M Machine New Single + HARD Comes to Portland

I'll admit it.  For a bit of time I lost faith. After seeing some absolutely garbage shows here in Portland (I'm looking at you Bohemia) I was beginning to think our wondrous city of bridges was losing its touch. But Figure brought it hard and tonight the epic arrival of the HARD tour arrives to rock the Roseland Theater with the likes of Digitalism, GESAFFELSTEIN, and one of my favorite duos, Jack Beats. So if you aren't amped up and ready to go nuts, start preparing.

So in honor of my newly restored belief in our cause, I'd thought I'd hook you all up with the new single from The M Machine, a San Fransisco duo who put out a crazy awesome teaser video I spoke of long ago. I was excited to hear what these boys were bringing to the table and "Trafalgar" does not disappoint. What we have hear is an incredibly well produced track that runs a little long (6:00) but drops into some of the best dark, grinding synths and epically constructed beats that would put a Dada Life song to shame. It doesn't have the hard edge that an Ikki song or Q.G. track would provide, but it's got those long melodies combined with awesome sounds that I miss from when Danger used to drop tracks. It's worth a listen for sure, so check it out below and if you like it, it's free on Facebook. Party on pretty people.

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