Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Night Drugs and Oh Shit!

I have no idea how these four producers/djs got together but to whatever divine force brought these two groups from across the globe together, THANK YOU! The LA based producers Oh Shit! are teaming up yet again with... thats right, you guessed it, another French duo that I love, Night Drugs. These two groups have been churning out really fun and super dancey house music that mixes disco/funk with electro with hip-hop with straight up bass driven bangers. Their new track Everybody Needs is due to drop in March on Velcro City Records and is destine to get some head bobbing and feet stompin' with remixes by Fabian, The Phantom's Revenge, Diamond Cut, Galactik Knights, DJ Hero, and more. I also put up a few of their other collabs, some originals, remixes, and other goodies, some of which are a few months old but still definitely on heavy rotation for me, enjoy bitches...

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