Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chip Banger Records: Exactly What You Think It Is

A long time ago we posted a little something on the line between 8bit music and electro being blurred by a handful of young talents. Today's post is about how one particular artist, Bleepshift, has done just that... in a slightly different way that we might have anticipated here at Technocracy Music. This French 8bit producer has remade three of the most recognizable tracks of the French-electro legends: Sebastian (Kavinsky), Mr. Oizo, and Justice into a compilation adequately named Chip Banger Records Vol 1. Below you will find the link to his version of Oizo's Pourriture 7, which is simply great if you are down for a different take on the classic. Oizo 8bit? check it out! I mean, if you are actually reading this far into the post you are probably interested.

Also check out the rest of the compilation at Bleepshift's bandcamp page, and do be cheap and pay up some cash for the tracks (including the better quality version of the above mentioned track as well as Kavinsky's Testarossa remixed by Sebastian and Justice's Phantom pt. 1). Bleepshift's album Phase One is also noteworthy and available on his bandcamp page. Come on listen to it, give those Game Boy tracks a chance.

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