Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cyberpunkers + You Killing Me

There is something about masked Italians that I can't help but love. From the Bloody Beetroots to Pelussje masked Italians get it done right both on the stage and in the studio. Cyberpunkers, who take to the stage donning paintball masks, are no exception to this trend. Give their new EP Fuck The System a listen and I am sure you will agree, these anonymous Italians are killing it. The Fuck The System EP is out January 20th on Freakz Me Out Records, give it a listen below.
   Cyberpunkers - Fuck The System EP

Remix Bonus: The Fuck The System EP includes remixes from Designer Drugs, Fukkk Offf and South Central all of which rock. However, if I was boss over at F.M.O. Recs I would have definitely included this fantastic remix from Italian/Vatican producer, You Killing Me. You Killing Me is supported by Cyberpunkers themselves, check out Cyberpunkers dropping You Killing Me's remix of Fuck The System right here, and grab the track below.
Cyberpunkers - Fuck The System (You Killing Me Remix)
Cyberpunkers played You Killing Me-Hey!

You Killing Me | Myspace Music Videos

I recently discovered the very talented vaticano duo You Killing Me. I hardly know anything about them; I don't even know if they are legitimately from Vatican City (Holy See). The producer/DJ Shax also claims to hail from Vatican City. Is this correct? I have a hard time believing that a city of under 1,000 clergymen and Swiss Gaurds has produced so much great electro. I think it is a joke but I don't want to offend, for all I know the Vatican has a banging electro scene. All I know for sure is that I am super down for a massive rave at St. Peter's Basilica (joke, sorry if that is offensive to anyone but admit it, it would be a cool venue. Like Daft Punk at Disneyland on steriods).
Anyways what I do know is that You Killing Me is a very talented thrash electro duo that has some forthcoming releases that I am super stoked about. First up is the Heroes/Hey! EP out February 10th on Kiez Beats Record. Second is the You Killing Me Remixes EP out February 23rd also on Kiez Beats Recs. Already heavily supported by some of my favorite Italian producers, (see Cyberpunkers clip above) I'm very excited for both these releases! Listen to a preview of what You Killing Me has in store for the world down below and keep an eye out for their debut release, the Heroes EP out on Beatport February 10th.
   You Killing Me - Heroes! (Clip) "10th February on Beatport" by You Killing Me
Fuck Yeah! Happy New Years! From the Pope, You Killing Me and all of us here at Technocracy Music. Hope you have a great 2011 and remember there is only one more year till 2012 so get in all your sinning and repenting before it is too late.
   DIOYY - We Are The Dead (You Killing Me Remix) by You Killing Me

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