Sunday, June 13, 2010

Breaching The Gap Between 8-Bit and Electro

The title says it all, we finally see those kids toying around with their Gameboys and making chiptune tracks slowly incorporating their 8-bit sound into electro tracks (or is it electro sounds into their 8-bit tracks?) and throwing DJ sets (evidence). Anyways the line has been stepped over, crossed, blurred, ignored and even removed and it sounds great. Hey you! yes you the guy thinking: 'nah, I know 8bit I won't waste my time', THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND. (If you are an avid 8bit fan, then this is not news to you).

Shirobon, from North London and under 20 years of age, is one of three UK residents putting out tracks that are not necessarily in the hearts of 8-bit purists, but simply take skeptics by surprise. Can you really hate this track? Are You Human is the fifth track of his most recent EP Golden Apples (2010).

Shirobon-Are You Human (Bonus Track) (320kbps)**

Henry Homesweet, also from the UK, well better if you hear for yourself, he is also getting there and I am putting up only a few tracks so you don't feel like it is way too much music to go through to care. The video is great, but particularly interesting between min 1 and 2.

Also check this track: Henry Homesweet-Until I Sleep (224kbps)*-------Huoratron anybody? nice use of vocals.

And yes, the third guy I was talking about is Sabrepulse from Scotland. How big this guy is is a puzzle to me. He seems to be big enough to have hundreds of thousands of hits on myspace and to tour asia, but small enough to play a set in the outskirts of Olympia, WA (thank you to Dr.Dads for having us in his basement, where we saw Sabrepulse with maybe 10 other people). All his music is up on myspace for download so if you get curious go for it.

Sabrepulse-Phalanx (320kbps)-----skip to min 1:40 if you don't think you can stand too much 8-bit.
Sabrepulse-Black Dragon (128kbps)
Sabrepulse-Outbrk (320kbps)


Don't say you don't like 8-bit if you like this song by Swedish duo and 2/3 of Swedish House Mafia, Buy Now:

Buy Now-Body Crash (JFK Edit) (320kbps)**

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