Friday, December 24, 2010

Here Comes a BOMB: Quentin Gauthier

Have you heard about Quentin Gauthier? If you have, good for you, you know what's coming. If you haven't, you better download and hit play on every single track in this post. I have not much to tell you about this guy, except that he has worked a lot with Dga Fäu Records, an indie label from Toulouse, France. Oh, and also the minor detail that Q.G. makes sick sick sick music. This producer has had shit up on the web for people to grab for over a year, and yes I know it took us this long to let you know, but here it is.
I highly recommend purchasing his (2009) Reign in Blood EP over here(you should be curious enough to listen to this based on the name alone. it does sound just like what you imagine...unless you know zero about metal then I guess this sentence is making no sense). Released under the previously mentioned label it features four killer tracks:

A1 Q.G.-Reign In Blood (Original Mix)
A2 Q.G.-Reign In Blood (The Toxic Avenger Remix) link removed by request of label Click here to listen****
B1 Q.G.-Bomb feat. The Sterehoes (Original Mix)
B2 Q.G.-Bomb feat. The Sterehoes (Bandit Remix)

This record label has also teamed up with Q.G. to put up remixes of the disaster version of his previously mentioned track Bomb. It features Ikki's and many other remixes, you should check it out here.
     Bomb (disater version) by Q.G.
We also got word on a new video coming out for Quentin's track Bomb, it will be out on the 11th of January and it is produced by SHAKERPROD with the collaboration of Dga Fäu Records. Check out the teaser below, it looks very promising:

Wait, did you just ask for a bonus? Well, I don't know if we can this time. You see, we have been doing a lot of shit and....BONUS TIME MOTHERFUCKER!!! Merry Fucking Christmas, here is some shit that will set your Chirstmas tree on fire (or your dreidel too). Enjoy,
DJ ANTENTION - Rapid Fire ( Q.G. funeral remix) by Q.G.
***you like Mustard Pimp you say? You will love the next track.
Q.G. - SECT (feat I Am Sailor) master by Q.G.
   Fffrrreeeeq - Strass (Q.G. remix) by Q.G.

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