Monday, September 20, 2010

The Robobot

LA Duo Valerna teamed up with San Fransico duo Pance Party and created The Robobot EP. This is a huge release, and they are giving it away for free @ You can also grab the tracks from the player below. However you pick it up, I highly recommend that you give these tracks a listen. The Overture track is choppy and yet melodic so it feels sorta like Daft Punk to me, Schaerzo is also very good and it definitely delivers something heavy and dark. It's all you would expect and more from this awesome collaboration.
Pance Party + Valerna - The Robobot by Pance Party

Additional Listening: Coming off the Valerna's Look Ma, No Pants! EP is another massive track from the LA duo titled Eruption. I posted a Felix Cartal remix of the title track off this EP about a month ago when Valerna first dropped the EP. I definitely recommend you grab the original mix of that track, Look Ma, No Pants over at beatport. I also highly recommend you check out the fantastic refix by another LA favorites, Clockwork, especially if you are tiered of all these Mutha Fuckin' Snakes on this Mutha Fuckin' Plane. 
Valerna - Eruption
Valerna - Snakes (Clockwork Remix)

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