Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tom Tom Song

Loose Cannons and Peo De Pitte just dropped a fantastic new single called "Tom Tom Song". I loved the Loose Cannons remix for Boy 8-Bit's track Wolfen and have had my eye on the talented English duo ever since. Peo De Pitte are new additions to the blog but with big support from acts like Fake Blood, this talented Stockholmer should have no problem working his way onto your playlists. Check out this new banger that has gained support from the likes of Kissy SellOut, Hot Pink Delorian, Evil Nine, Lee Mortimer, Goldierocks, Lewis Hamilton, and whichever AnR guy that signs this track. Like Lee Mortimer said, "This song really 'Turns Me' on", listen to the track's Tom Tom GPS inspired samples to see what he means.
Right Click To Download-O.G. Mix, and Will B & Punk Rolla Mix Highly Recommended

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