Saturday, September 11, 2010

Technocracy Music's First Production: Kids You Knew in High School

My apologies for the recent slow down in posting here at TCHNCRCY. A bunch of factors have been impeding our ability to to post, mainly classes, lack of internet, and partying. Another reason is that SPACE CADET and I have been working on finally producing music. Exciting, I know. None the less, I dig our songs and I'm hoping you will too. Check out the two tracks we've set up, Cigarettes and Coffee and Day Drinking. Cigarettes and Coffee is our attempt at hard music and Day Drinking has a wobbly bassline mixed up in some nice bleeping synths. Give em a listen and let us know what you think.

Edit: Lo siento for the clipping on Day Drinking. New copy up now, remastered. The volume got jammed up on one of the tracks for some reason. Check out the newer version without all that popping in your ears.

Kids You Knew in High School - Cigarettes and Coffee (320 kbps)
Kids You Knew in High School - Day Drinking (320 kbps) (Remastered)

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