Monday, September 20, 2010

Touché Records 1st Release: Rock the Beat EP

So the good ole' boys over at blogs HypthemBeats and Barney Vs The Dinosaur have put together an EP ready to drop on their brand new record label, Touché Records. As first releases go, it's a banger. The EP is from the Netherland's Ed Orable, whose released across a few fantastic record labels including having a remix featured on TCHNCRCY favorite Aerotronic's Sex and Cigarettes EP. Ed Orable's style is hard to define moving from a range including minimal jungle to hard electro. Because this is TCHNCRCY, we're here to showcase his distorted dance side and bring it to you with style. The EP is fully available to listen to on soundcloud (see below), but come September 24th, the EP will be released...For. Free. And I highly recommend you pick it up. The original is just a great base to build on. It's real fidgety, the sample is tight, and it flows like hot lava. Add onto this some great acts working on taking it even further and you come out with the epic ravey distortion from BVTD's own writer K.OH! and my personal favorite touch-up by the dirty Dutch producers known as Bassmakers. So keep the 24th in your mind and get ready to grab the release. More to come from what looks like a sick label.
  Ed Orable - Rock The Beat EP by Touché Records

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