Monday, October 11, 2010

UDEK Bringing Metal/Screamo/Electro from Brazil

UDEK, from Porto Alegre Brazil, really pushes the boundaries between Metal and Electro. At one point you are submerged in a metal riff and a minute later you realize it is looped, compressed and god know what else this crazy kid does to his samples and you are thrown into pure electro madness. All I can say is that I am thrilled to hear more and more talent sprouting out of Latin America.

He also goes by Edu K. (name under which he has a more "tropical" sound, UDEK being the harder alterego). Under both names he has contributed to the Mähtrasher's soon to be latest release: Noize Generation-Get the Fuck Up EP (more updates on this later on), and he really lives up to the standards this destructive record label has set up. (Go to UDEK's Soundcloud to check out his remix of Get the Fuck Up).

If you think you can handle heavily metal influenced electro tracks check out the tracks below:

AUtOdiDakT ft Ferris - Chainsaw (UDEK's I Scream, U Scream, Evrybody SCREAMO Mix)3 by UDEKUDEK

Disco Killah - Faillure (Udek's 'Snatching Failure From The Jaws Of Success' Mix) VALENDO OK MESS by UDEKUDEK

Guerilla Speakerz - Imma Tell Yo Momma (UDEK McMelt Remix) by UDEKUDEK


If you got curious about Edu K's sound, here is a good track extracted from Pelussje's Boot Your Leg (Round Two) Compilation, which is worth looking for online (it was free!!)

Edu K- Me Bota Pra Dancar (Pelussje Goremix 2009)

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