Friday, October 15, 2010

Dance of Death

So Halloween is just around the corner now, and while I don't really dig the idea of scary costumes and haunted houses, I do love the thrashing, harsh, heavy, dark, haunting and just plain filthy music that this time of year tends to produce. So if you are like me and looking for a great way to fill up your Halloween playlist I highly recommend checking out the following beats. 

Totentanz is very talented duo based out of Milan, Italy. The duo got their name from the symphonic piece composed by famous 19th century musician Franz Liszt titled "Totentanz" or in english "Dance of Death". They are signed to Shake Your Ass Records and in my humble opinion, they have a MASSIVE future ahead of them. Check out Totentanz's bio below plus a little taste of their sound down below. 

Totentanz Official Bio: 
Totentanz is a diabolic duo of dj's from Milan committed to the harsh sound of electronic apocalypse. Spawned in 2009, Totentanz wants to bring the evil spirit of black arts to electronic music, mixing blast beats with heavy bass lines. We arouse people to raise hell, to dance and to crowd-surf in every dancefloor taking no prisoners. Totentanz has already achieved a solid fanbase and respect thanks to its explosive dj sets through Italy, sharing the stage with big names of the scene like Tyler Noze and Huoratron and is preparing the debut e.p. due to Fall 2010.Totentanz is not about fresh sounds, hip hop attitude or happiness. Totentanz is displaying darkness, aggressive beats and deathlike feelings. We are coming to a church near you very soon...

Dead C∆T Bounce is a very talented very young duo from Luxemburg. I really don't know too much about them except that they have an upcoming release with Shake Your Ass Records titled XIII and that they make music that will destroy your face. I highly recommend that you check out this duo. Thier brand new track Deadhouse features S.Y.A.R. artist A Girl & A Gun and it is a super creepy super banger and definitely takes the prize for best Halloween themed track. You can download it below and you will not be disappointed or check it out first on the Soundcloud player. I also highly recommend that you swing by their soundcloud and check out the filth that this talented duo has been crafting in the studio.
  Coconut (preview) by Dead C∆T Bounce
XIII (preview) by Dead C∆T Bounce
Dead C∆T Bounce And A Girl & A Gun - DEADHOUSE by Dead C∆T Bounce

Bonus: Some great new tracks from some awesome Italians who you should know if ya don't.
  Haezer - James Bond (L.A.S.E.R. Remix) by L.A.S.E.R.
  Wobble Lovers feat. AGAG - Killa Pandas (The Pornorockerz RMX) by The Pornorockerz

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