Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pelussje: Sangre EP

We have done one or two posts on Pelussje, a talented Italian duo of masked producers. They have dropped some sick tracks including a New Noise remix before the Beetroots did theirs and many others that just add on to the ridiculous amount of great music coming from the European peninsula, and now they are putting out a new EP.
The two main tracks on this EP are nothing short of great and definitely deserve your attention. Check out the minimix above and indulge in a quick sample of Frogsplash, one of the couples' best tracks to date (and enjoying great reviews by Bob Rifo and Cyberpunkers). You can get the tracks here.
The EP will is on Flat Frog Music, an Italian label, and includes the acappellas for both tracks as well as ringtones? (I have to admit this is the first time I see an EP that includes ringtone versions of tracks... interesting move Pelussje, interesting move).

A little more Pelussje: Check out the Goldentrash remix below, very hard:
Pelussje "Sangre EP" OUT NOW!!! (promo minimix) by Pelussje

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