Thursday, October 21, 2010

Digitalism - Blitz EP

So don't call it a comeback but the German duo Digitalism has reunited after more than two years of inactivity as Jence and Kim pursued individual projects. It is awesome to hear something new from the duo after so long, hopefully this new EP from Digitalism means a follow up album to Idealistic in 2011. I definitely have my fingers crossed for new Justice, SebastiAn and Digitalism in the coming year. Anyways, I highly recommend that you check out Digitalism's Blitz EP out November 8th on Kitsuné Music, until then I hope this will tide you over.
Blitz EP:
1. Digitalism - Blitz (Original Mix) Re-Up
2. Digitalism - Stratosphere (Original Mix)
3. Digitalism - Blitz (Harvard Bass Remix)
4. Digitalism - Blitz (Villa Remix)

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