Thursday, November 18, 2010

aUtOdiDakT - Genres Are Dead

Andres Klein, is the owner and founder of Traktor/Mähtrasher Record. Thats his day job, running two amazing record labels. At night Andres is a Producer/DJ under the name aUtOdiDakT. This very talented and very busy musical polymath recently released a massive 28 track, 145 minute, 2 CD debut album titled "Genres Are Dead". Not only is aUtOdiDakT selling this huge 2 CD debut LP for the price of 1 CD but he recently sent us over a little sample of the album for download. So check out Nitro, Good On The Dancefloor, Volltanken bitte!, and Pimp My Life. After one listen you should be sold and proceed directly to Beatport to pick up Genres Are Dead.

aUtOdiDakT - Nitro - If you like Proxy, DJ Antention and the nasty Russian bass banger sound check this out!
aUtOdiDakT & ULTRNX - Pimp my life - which is a little ironic middlefinger towards the majorindustry wrapped in a sweet Disco-Electro track

*To find out more about why aUtOdiDakT is qualified to tell you that Genres Are Dead, check out the press release that you can find in the comments section of this post.

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  1. This guy really doesn’t give a fuck!!!
    After he got a major deal with his former band-outfit IMP-ACT with Ragga-Trash Metal-Breakbeat he did an album with them that never was released because the new A&R thought it wasn’t commercial enough and then quickly started his solo-project aUtOdiDakT on his own label Traktor Records with british influenced Downbeat Electronica. And at the time he and Traktor were established as a Headz-label and -artist he got bored with that and completely switched his style and emerged even bigger than before with fierce electro and rave stuff. And now that he has made a name as DJ and producer for heavy floor devastation he recorded an album that is a perfect middlefinger to all style expectations towards his debut album and even includes almost Pop-tracks...why? Just because he can...

    Genres are dead is a 145 minute monster of a debut-album that covers all his influences from Rave, Metal, Breakbeat, Dubstep, Indie, Disco, Hip Hop, even a almost Moodyman-esque jazzy track, House or World Music on a basis of lo-fi electro and DIY attitude. Call it stupid product placement, call it megalomaniac, call it stimulus satiation, call it Crossover 2011 or just „a real artists attitude“...he won’t mind none of these descriptions J
    With 8 singles off the album that were released before and all stormed the international club charts and the playlists of big dog Djs an album of this proportion really makes sense! Especially because there’s a huge amount of potential singles left!!
    For example there are new collaborations with south-african überhipster Spoek Mathambo, german superstar Electro Ferris of Deichkind-fame, a handmade indie-rock hit, a almost Timbaland meets Siriusmo funk bomb with almighty Cerebral Vortex, a Soul meets Italo-Disco Banger with Berlin based crooner Knixx and tons of other unpredictable stuff on this album besides the already released sure shots with RQM, John Disco, Super Super or ULTRNX. Everything easily pending between lo-fi and high-fi, club and home abuse, detailed arrangement and first shot.

    But this guy isn’t stupid: he realized that no one will buy an artist debut album on double-CD (in fact: did anyone ever did a debut-abum as double cd???) for full price, so he put it out on digipack but to the prizing of a single CD (!) and strictly limited it to 1000 in this form and to this prizing.
    He’s absolutely aware of the fact that not a single person in the world besides himself will like all tracks equally, but does he care? NOT AT ALL!
    Additionally: he feels like one of the happiest and luckiest persons in the world by having the opportunity of doing this album without anyone telling him what’s clever, doable or working on the market and even if he would sell not a single copy of that album it wouldn’t change a thing!

    Watch him blowing up big time on his own zero budget indie-label that already reached nr.8 in the annual label-rating of the german club charts 2009 without spending a single cent on promotion ever and leaving labels like Ed banger, XL, Kitsune and other big players behind!
    If you just consider the last months with his worldwide gigs from South Africa to Australia, a DJ-Mix featured on Annie Nightingale’s show on BBC1 you can tell that this guy and his label will get bigger quickly...

    Already big, big support from people like AC Slater, Annie Mac, The Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, Cyberpunkers, Don Rimini, Drop the lime, Edu K, Foamo, Gtronic, Haezer, Hostage, Kissy Sell Out, Larry Tee, Malente, Mustard Pimp, Noob, Polymorphic, The Oddword, Tom Deluxx just to name a few...