Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mako Records New Secret Weapon: ATTACK 1985

We all love the hard tracks that Mako Records puts out, lets face it (even Destructo can't deny his love for the label; "my secret weapon" says the man behind hard referring to the Mako tracks he likes to spin in a recent interview). Mako is adding a new member to its family: Attack 1985. This German duo fits in perfectly with the sound that Russian legend Proxy is trying to spread. Below you will find a video teaser for their upcoming Intruder EP as well as their remix of a Proxy track that you just can't miss...unless of course you are a little bitch. Oh and also a really fucking cool video with explosions, tits and a great track.
And please, head over to their soundcloud because all of his tracks are available for download.

Proxy-Ready 2 Watching (Attack 1985 Remix)

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