Monday, November 15, 2010

Sawgood's - Yes & No EP Featuring The Mastertrons & Belzebass

Perennial Technocracy favorite Sawgood, just dropped his new EP titled Yes & No. The release is out now on Kiez Beats Records and can be purchased exclusively on Beatport. I highly recommend that you do so as it features two originals, "Yes" & "No", from the man himself Sawgood, along with huge bangin' bassline electro remixes of "Yes" from The Mastertrons and Belzebass as well as a cool DnB mix of "No" from Ozma. Grab some previews below.
Sawgood - Yes (Original Mix) (Preview) [Buy on Beatport]
Sawgood - Yes (The Mastertrons Remix) (Preview) [Buy on Beatport]
Sawgood - Yes (Belzebass Remix) (Preview) [Buy on Beatport]

More Mastertrons? Of course you want more from this young and upcoming Italian duo, The Mastertrons (link to buy their stuff on Beatport), you listened to their remix of Yes, right? You can actually check out The Mastertrons full remix of Yes (not a preview) on The Mastertrons Soundcloud page along with other great new remixes for Belzebass, F.O.O.L., Gtronic, great new originals including their Fat Man EP and a whole bunch more.
For more information on The Mastertrons (link to Mastertrons on TCHNCRCY Music), please check out some of our older posts on this very talented duo to find out more about the group and listen to a few huge tracks off their debut EP. Or you can swing by their myspace, facebook and Shake Your Ass Records to find out even more. Check out some maximal thrash electro, courtesy of the young duo themselves who sent us some great remixes for your listening pleasure.
Fresh Foolish feat. AG & AG - Fidgerator (The Mastertrons Remix)
HateBoss ft. Tommaso Mantelli - Get Out (The Mastertrons Remix)
The Roto Mafia - West Coast Is Back (The Mastertrons Remix)
DJ Antention - Go (The Mastertrons Remix)

More Belzebass? Hell yes you do. Belzebass is another very talented and very cool duo from northern Italy. They, like The Mastertrons, have been very busy churning out tons of bangin' electro filth in the studios. I highly recommend you check out either some of our older posts on Belzebass and their Soundcloud (listen to full version of their "Yes" remix plus much more) or Myspace.
Belzebass - Du Auch (Sawgood & DJ Antention Remix)
Belzebass - Il Maiale

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