Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Natasha Kmeto - Expressor

Natasha Kmeto is a Califonia born and raised, Portland based producer/DJ/vocalist who is breaking all the right rules. As a female R&B/Soul vocalist, you shouldn't be singing over tracks labeled as left field hip-hop and IDM. As a producer, you shouldn't be blurring the lines between hip-hop, experimental electronics and jazz. As her new album Expressor demonstrates, Natasha has no concern for these imposed genre restrictions and no inclination to play the role of a stereotypical "Diva". Thank god for this because her recently released sophomore album delivers something that is thoughful, beatiful, rockin' and entirely unique. I highly recommend Expressor to fans of the Low End Theory sound and regulars and residents like Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, Teebs, Baths, Nobody, etc., and those who dig Ninja Tune Recs new sound (i.e. Eskmo or Daedelus) and fans of indie hip hop producers like J Dilla, Madlib, or MF Doom. 
I recently had the good fortune of seeing Natasha Kmeto perform live at The Holocene in PDX for the album release party of Expressor and she was awesome. Last weekend I was at Tibetan Fox, a portland based clothing and art collective that made and designed T-Shirts for our blog. The owner and artist, Derek told me that Natasha was very sick for her show at the Holocene and drank a half a cup of tabasco sauce with apple juice to help her clear her throat before performing. That's super badass and she still fuckin' killed it despite illness. If you live in the North West check her out on this Friday, 11/19 in Seattle or Saturday, 11/20 @ Branx in PDX. Check out some of her music below and go to her Soundcloud page to check out more. You can purchase all her work on iTunes.

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