Thursday, December 23, 2010

Skrillex Piano Cover

You gotta admit that that shit is pretty cool? I never though that a piano cover of this track could be: #1 so interesting or #2 so beautiful and melodic. Check out the video, it is awesome. Once you have you will probably be one of many who want a studio quality version of this recording so you can Dr. Fankenstein it into a set or remix. If that is you go pester, show some love and check out some originals of Ferro, the pianist, on his Soundcloud Page.

Also, we got some new original Skrillex. I wasn't completely on the Scary Monsters EP bandwagon, like seemingly everyone else. Even though it has great moments it sorta felt like it packed every single electronic music genre under the sun into one EP and then tied it all together with dubstep bassline drops. No hate, I just liked some of his earlier stuff more. However, I do love his new track, Cat Rats. I don't know where the name comes from but I do know that it is a fine example of durty, durty Discostep. Not Discostep in the Rusko O.M.G. sense. It's more like if the only two Grammy winning robots in the world decided to make a song with dubstep drops and wobbles, this is what it would sound like. Check out Cat Rats as well as a durty Redial remix of Scary Monsters.

Bonus: You should check out Redial's Soundcloud at some point. But at the very least you should listen to his new remix for F.O.O.L.'s Dark Cyan Night. It is a massive banga'.

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