Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Agitare il tuo Culo/ Shake Your Ass Records

by Space Cadet & Mnuel

Shake Your Ass Records from Bergamo Italy (or LA/Milan?) is a label you have to keep your eyes on. Launched early in 2010 this new label (dare I say underground?) has gathered an arsenal of artists (some overlapping with the collective SideChain Massacre) from Northern Italy. If I could live anywhere in the world right now based on the music scene it would be Milan. This city and the 100 Mile area of Northern Italy surrounding the city has produced or hosted a list of artist including The Bloody Beetroots, Crookers, Gigi Barroco, Blatta & Inesha, and Cyberpunkers. Sidechain Massacre and all the artist in this post call Milan and it's surrounding cities home, except of course for East LA Favorites KRFTKDS. Check out the new North Italian producers Shake Your Ass records is bringing North America and the rest of the world, whose epic sound makes me wonder... could this be an Ed Banger-like phenomenon?

These are a few highlights from this label that has so many talented artists it is hard no to put up something from each.
*(beware this is a long post but every act is absolutely worth your time):

These east-LA based producers have been terrorizing California and whoever lucky enough to have visited their myspace for little under a year. Perhaps they are crafty in the way they make their music (we are left to wonder where the name comes from), but the one thing that is certain is that their tracks deliver, these kids put Ableton to work.

The underground Italian DJ/Producer caught my attention with his remix of the 16-bit classic SFII; however, it was not until I heard his tribute to dAta that I realized how good of a producer this guy could be. Check out these tracks and then give his new Sonata a listen on myspace:

Mr. K and Splatta Boy (check out his shit too if you are 8-bit curious) are two Italian producers not afraid to grab any song that comes their way and make it their own. From the Offspring to Cyberpunkers and from Slipknot to a cover of Lady Gaga, it is really hard to know what to expect from Belzebass, except of course for sick tracks. Check out Toccata e Figa bound to be part of your Halloween mix...if you must have one.

Masked DJs/Producers from Italy? How can you go wrong with that right? Well Pellusje definitely lives up the standards. Moonie and James Nayler are one of the more impressive duos I have heard from Italy in a while, and their remix of New Noise by Refused demonstrates they have the potential to reach a similar level to the Beetroots and Blatta & Inesha (big statement). French DJs/Producers should expect some heavy competition from their neighbors to the South.
Photo by Alvino Andrea (1/2 of the Duo The "S")

The Mastertrons

When most people think of Verona, they're probably more likely to recall the setting of William Shakespeare's infamous play "Romeo and Juliet" than think of the bangin' Veronesi The Mastertrons. Hopefully this post will rectify that and insure that The Mastertrons are the only duo from Verona that you remember, no silly Capulets or Montagues. Formed in the Summer of 2009, The Mastertrons have been producing and DJ together for less than a year yet they have put out some strait bangers. Check out their new track Fat Man, it is huge and it will be featured on their EP "Fat Man" released on the one and only Shake Your Ass Records. Also keep an eye out for their forthcoming EP "Revenge is Coming" which will be released on July 29th. The Mastertrons themselves provided the track-list for the Revenge is Coming EP below, I'm very excited for this release, thanks boys.

Bass Kleph & Stellar MC - Spend My Money (The Mastertrons Remix)

The "S" is another filthy Bergamo Duo made up of Bizzo and Alvino. These Northern Italians are part of our favorite electro crew Sidechain Massacre. Alvino also does photography and has done shoots for the Sidechain crew including Belzebass and Pelussje. Check out some of Alvino's Photos here, I especially like his photos of Pelussje (one is included for the Pelussje section of this post). Check a bangin remix of Belzebass and a Girl and A Gun's song Neanderthal which I absolutely adore, as well as The "S" cover of The Swedish House Mafia and Laidback Luke track Leave the World Behind, "Leave the World Forward" which ads some much needed variety and flavor to an original track which is good but is sort of a repetitive rave anthem to me. Also, their remix of Afrika Bamabaataa is really good. Really you should listen to every track on their Soundcloud as they are all huge and grab my favorite original track of theirs, "Good Bye Olive" below.

Splitting his time between Milan and Los Angeles, I imagine Razmasa along with KRFTKDS will play a large role in being the face of Shake Your Ass Records in North America. If you are in any way disappointed by that fact then check out the track "Shake" by Razmasa or his colab with Belzebass "My Nigghas" and turn that frown upside-down. Enjoy!

Razmasa and Belzebass - My Nigghas*


  1. Hi! I'm The Mastertrons.
    an error : the Ep Of The Mastertrons is "Fat Man EP"

    Revenge is Coming EP is another Ep and will release at July 29th on Traktor/Mahtrasher Records. This is the tracklist :
    1. Megatron (Original)
    2. Jetfire (Original)
    3. Scorponok (Original)
    4. Megatron (Modek Remix)
    5. Megatron (Super Super Remix)
    6. Jetfire (Marvul Remix)
    7. Scorponok (Elektroy Remix)
    8. Scorponok (Frag Maddin Remix)
    9. Scorponok (Venooms Remix)

  2. Mastertrons,

    Come to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
    The nightlife is dirty here and I'd pay to see you guys live!