Monday, August 16, 2010

More Things I Like From Italy: Kill Beat Records

***Monica Anna Maria Belucci, she is Italian so she counts matter her age***

I almost can't believe the amount of talent coming out of Italy. There are so many well-made powerful tracks coming out of the peninsula it is at times a bit hard to keep up with them. But don't worry we do our homework so that you can get the much needed heads-up to be able to enjoy the tracks that make your weekends feel like weekends all year round. It is definitely time that we introduce you to Kill Beat Records (formerly Killatunes Records), and in case you were wondering, yes they are an Italian label with a line-up of artists with a thing for producing hard bangers. The talent in this label is already recognized and supported by our favorites Mustard Pimp, The Oddword, Cyberpunkers and many others. Check out the label's releases below and the talented artists that are a part of it:


A duo from Milan.... can someone explain me how this keeps happening? Really, if someone knows the secret please share it. Naizen's sound brings to mind Mustard Pimp and Belzebass, so if you can enjoy their fast pace and hard basslines (with a bit of a different taste for vocal samples in Naizen's case) go ahead and check the tracks below. First you will find the minimix for their latest EP Criminal Minds (Kill Beat Records... don't ignore the Beatport link on the player) and some older huge tracks including a very sick Rage Against The Machine remix:

Naizen - Criminal minds EP TEASER by Kill Beat records

The "S"-EPIC (Naizen's The "S" Fckr Remix)
Rage Against The Machine- Killing In The Name Of (Naizen 2k10 Edit)******Best RATM remix since SebastiAn's.

El Puerco

So one little piggy went to the market, some other piggies went about cooking a meal or some shit like that, but THIS little piggy said "Fuck you guys, I am gonna make sick music instead!" Do not be fooled by the apparent low number of hits on his myspace, El Puerco has an arsenal of releases on different labels that will make your speakers beg for mercy. His tracks are getting more and more attention on the web and have even made it to Mustard Pimp's Burn Paris Burn! Mixtape. Besides a sample of his Rudeboy EP released on the once called KillaTunes label, I am sharing some newer tracks that deserve a well-earned spot on your library.

Limited Copy-Posted Up (El Puerco Remix)
****sick remix of the Icelandic Dubbsteppers.

El Puerco - Rudeboy EP Teaser by Kill Beat records

Tezuma & Kint

It is hard to believe that these guys have had their first official release so recently (out August 11th). This brand new duo has some dark sounding shit, and finding a copy of their debut EP on our inbox was just terrific. Their sound has many qualities that show the peninsular origin of the tracks and puts them on the same level with their more experienced fellow Italian producers, but based on their sound I would guess (and this is only that, a guess, and I mean no disrespect by it) that one of them must be Russian. And I say this because of the presence of heavy, dark, distorted bassline sounds they infuse their tracks with, sounds that makes one think of Proxy and the school of sound he created in Russia with the likes of Marseille and other Mako Records artists. You will definitely notice this when you listen to Darkup, a track that blew me away and that has convinced me to put great hope on the future of these guys. Check out and purchase Kill Beat's latest release R.M.E (Ruin My Existence) by Tezuma & Kint.

Tezuma & Kint - R.M.E. Teaser (Inc. Doc Trashz, Sick Boy, Marrabas rmxes) by Kill Beat records

Tezuma & Kint-Darkup
***********(HUGE, if you are going to download anything from this post it should be this track)
Tezuma & Kint-R.M.E. (Original Mix)****(we are asked to only share one track, I think the original is a good one to take home)

We'll keep you posted on more releases from this label.

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