Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Oddword: No Machine EP

This is one great release by Crux Records (Shaved Monkeys' Get Rough EP came through them). This was actually released on May 11 and precludes Get Rough, so it is no longer news in the blog universe, but we being the thoughtful people we are wanted to make sure nobody missed this great EP. It sounds to me somewhere between Proxy, Huoratron and Haezer, which should make you want to skip this mini review and press play right about now. Anyways both originals are very sick, so you should take it from there (i like Kortelas about half way through even better). Enough bullshit, here it is and buy it if you like it:

Oh yeah, they are from Belgium check out THE ODDWORD! and do yourself a favor and download this remix of a song that you should already know and love:

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