Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Depuis91 - Fuck Off EP Out For Free!

So the Belgian boy that has a habit of replacing the end of words with q is back with a brand new EP by the name of Fuck Off. Since the title is so inviting, the homie decided to give it to us all for free, on one condition:


I'm game if you guys are, so here's the Fuck Off EP in its entirety, and it is worth downloading the whole thing. This is Depuis91's first EP since "Erothiq", which some may remember a bit back ago, with the tracks "Erothiq", "Qliche", and a huge remix by VNNR of the title track. Very gracious, very hard. And the same goes for the new EP as well, Despuis91 keeping that really dirty distortion on point. Fuck Off is a phenomenal track that rocks hard, throwing up some hard bass lines and some super distorted wobbles. Romantiq is just as grimey but it's got these disco underpinnings that help to carry the song's melody. His Belgian friend Vecho really steps it up to turn "Fuck Off" into a real monster of song for the final track. On the whole the EP is something you should not pass up. Since it's all free, grab each track along with "Atlantiq", my personal favorite, and the VNNR remix of his previous song. Dude makes hard electro and he makes it well. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for more of his stuff for sure.

Fuck Off EP:
Depuis91 - Fuck Off (320 kbps)
Depuis91 - Romantiq (320 kbps)
Depuis91 - Fuck Off (Vecho Remix) (320 kbps)

Depuis91 - Atlantiq (320 kbps)
Depuis91 - Erothiq (VNNR Shake the Room Remix) (320 kbps)

Bonus Banger:
Flux Pavilion = Gold
DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix) (320 kbps)

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