Monday, April 26, 2010

Blood, Sweet & Tears

Check out Mr. Flash's new release on Ed Banger Record titled "Blood, Sweet & Tears". This EP is so diverse; crazy instruments and crazy samples mixed into a wide variety of different beats. Anyway, I'm fucking diggin' all the tracks I posted below and all in all this is a very solid Ed Banger release, which coming from me, mean ALOT. The track "Flesh" is definitely my favorite as it has a definite Mr. Oizo feel with bangin' drums, slicing synths, alot of beeps and bleeps and chicks moaning and screaming; sounds fucking A+ right, well it is. Check out Mr. Flash's new EP below all in 320 kbps and if you likey, head over to beatport and grab the rest of the EP as all the songs are illin'.

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