Monday, April 26, 2010

Gingers DO have souls!

I think MIA and Romain Gavras have been watching too much South Park! The British singer/songwriter MIA has collaborated with the French director Romain Gavras who's name you might recognize from the Justice documentary "A Cross the Universe" or the music videos for Justice's "Stress", SMD's "I Beleive" and DJ Mehdi's "Signatune". MIA and Gavras have created one of the most brutal and shocking music videos I have seen in quite some time for her new single "Born Free" produced by the all-star line up of Diplo, Switch, John Hill and features Iggor Cavalera bangin' it out on drums. The video features ginger men and boys being systematically rounded up, taken to the desert and beaten and killed for the sport and fun of their captors. And trust me, parts of this video are very hard to watch, so if you had trouble with Justice's "Stress" video, I might give this a skip. Otherwise check it out and maybe throw up a comment on what you think the message of this hard hitting video is. Could MIA be commenting on genocide or U.S. Immigration policy or is she just taking a page out of South Park's book and doing an expose on anti-ginger sentiment. Anyway, MIA is already the surrounded in controversy for throwing some jabs at Lady Ga Ga for jacking her stylo and for bashing her label Universal Music Group on her Twitter for not promoting the new video in the U.S. through outlets like Youtube. Though she later rescinded her comment about UMG saying it wasn't their fault the video is banned on the major video hosting sites in America. However, this video is sure to stir up some controversy of it's own, so check it and grab the new punked out single by MIA down below. eNjoy!

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