Thursday, April 29, 2010

O.M.G., it's a Rusko LP!

Everyones favorite UK transplant who now lives in LA is about to drop his new LP next Tuesday the 4th of May. The album is very aptly named O.M.G. and honestly I CANNOT hype it enough, it's sooooooooo ill. The new album from the man, who in my opinion was the first to successfully introduce dubstep to electro, fidget and house, features collaborations with the likes of Crookers, Gucci Mane (WHAT!!?!? Isn't he in Jail), Rod Azlan and Amber Coffman. This album is too good to describe in words, head over to his myspace and check out all the tracks right now and after that go pre-order this album on Mad Decent's website cause Rusko is the nicest guy you'll ever meet and he deserves some support. Enjoy and realize that this is only the beginning for this very talented 25 year old.

Rusko - Rubadub Shakedown Feat. Rod Azlan ∆ Download limit exceded. (Sorry, Buy it, it's great!)

*These are all Myspace rips. Sorry about the huge file size and .aif but I didn't have time to compress them. Hopefully I will motivate you to buy the tracks when they come out.

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