Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yet another sick video from Coachella 2010. This is Major Lazer's ridiculously over the top start of their set. Full on Chinese dancing dragons, a girl in a wedding dress, Skerrit Bwoy, suits and of course Lazers. I love Major Lazer and this is yet another crazy coachella set that I would sell my left nut to see. Regardless, the first song Diplo and Switch drop after the May-Jah-Lay-Zah intro is Westside by DJ Ammo and Dillon Francis. This song from two relatively unknown LA producers is so filthy, its been dropped on numerous occasions by Major Lazer and played it out at WMC. If that's not enough street cred well then just trust me, you need to check this shit out.

Bonus: Dillon Francis is a young LA producer who is seamlessly blending the lines between Fidget and Dubstep much like Noise Trade favorites Jack Beats, Fake Blood, Major Lazer and Crookers. Keep an eye on Dillon Francis.

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