Monday, December 20, 2010

Bazen & Helden

Bazen & Helden, is a DJ/Production duo from The Hague, Netherlands that I have really impressed me with their recent work. They describe their influences as ranging from Deadmau5 to 60s French Chansons and you definitely hear that appreciation for sonic diversity in their music as style ranges from mellow Prog. House to Bangin' Electro. In case you were wondering, Bazen & Helden translated to english means Bosses & Heros. They recently dropped a new original track titled Cause I'm T.N.T., and it delivers yet another solid banger from the duo. I highly recommend you give it a listen, it is sick.

  Bazen & Helden - Cause i'm T.N.T (DL link available soon!!) by Bazen & Helden

BONUS: When I first heard this track Hercules, I immediately fell in love with Bazen & Helden. Download this phenomenal track and wait for the drop at 2:37 and I bet you will be unable to resist falling in love too.
Bazen & Helden - Hercules

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