Sunday, December 19, 2010

Richie Beretta is Back with Baxter

Don't call it a comeback but Richie Beretta is back and so are we. Sorry for the huge hiatus and general lack of posts this month but we've had finals for school and since we're all seniors it's been kinda rough.
Richie's been on a bit of a production hiatus as well, I think he has been touring in Japan or something awesome like that. Whatever the reason he is back to bring you a new track titled Baxter. The song is named after the dog from Anchorman, ya know "The man punted Baxter!". Check out the song below, it's a bumpin' wobbly adventure through salsa, house, disco and swing. I highly recommend you check it out.
  Baxter by richie beretta

Bonus Video:
Check out a hilarious and very random video of Richie playing Street Fighter 4 against Skerrit Bwoy, from Major Lazer. Skerrit Bwoy plays as Blanka (hahaha) and he kicks some serious ass. Whatever, I know how you feel Richie, fuck Street Fighter 4, I'm all about the O.G. Street Fighters, 1& 2. Street Fighter with analog stick just don't work for me.

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