Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nick Gross, Betatraxx and Drug Abuse Remix Contest Winners

Nick Gross is a very talented drummer who recently joined the once solo Betatraxx. Funny thing about Nick Gross is that my high school ex-girlfriend introduced his music to me way back in 2006 (when I was in high school as well. I don't bang high school girls anymore, at least intentionally). The reason my 16 year old girlfriend knew this seemingly underground drummer back in 2006 is due to a MTV show called Laguna Beach: The Real OC. Nick's band, Open Air Stereo, featured prominently on this MTV show. Subsequently, "The Real OC" and Open Air Stereo have taken an indefinite hiatus and Nick has gone on to drum for Cali rapper, Thrasher, and work with UK recording artist Lolene. In the last few months however, Nick has gone on to work with LA producer and DJ, Betatraxx. Together they recently released a mixtape which is fucking amazing.
If this amusing anecdote of shitty MTV shows and pop music production has lead you to doubt in any way the previous claim that Nick is a phenomenal drummer, please check out the videos above and the music below. If you can drum as well as Nick, I don't care if you promote yourself through sex tapes with slutty heiresses, you fucking rock. (Shit, now that I think about it that is actually a great way for promoting this blog, a sex tape with Lydia Hearst. I mean our post featuring a picture Monica Bellucci got like 4,000 hits in a day, imagine what that sex tape with a model/heiress would do to increase our fan base.)
This Under The Sheets Remix is fucking unbelievably sick, download now and why not grab the full mix it is taken from below it. 
  Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Kids At The Bar Remix) (BetatraXx & NIQ G Live Edit) by BetatraXx
  BETATRAXX & NIQ G 'Drug Abuse' Mixtape by BetatraXx
Betatraxx Bonus: An awesome new remix by Betatraxx. The first two minutes are kinda weird or at least too long but check out the drop at 2:15, it is MASSIVE.
Lonsdale Boys Club - Weekend (Betatraxx Remix)

Drug Abuse Remix Comp. Winners
In our last post on Betatraxx we mentioned his remix competition for his massive track Drug Abuse. Well it has been a minute since then and Betatraxx has announced the winners, check out the top three tracks below.
1st Place:
  BetatraXx - Drug Abuse (Dave Scorp Remix) by BetatraXx
2nd Place:
  BetatraXx - Drug Abuse (Digital Switchover Remix) by BetatraXx
3rd Place:
  BetatraXx - Drug Abuse (3 Kilos Remix) by BetatraXx
Winner's Round: A huge congratulations to Dave Scorp for winning the remix competition. Digital Switchover put up some serious competition but Dave definitely deserves the victory. Dave Scorp is an old friend of the blog and I highly recommend you check out some of our older posts on this talented Hungarian by clicking on his name in the "Labels" bar below this post. Also, please grab his fire remix of DJ Antention's track Rapid Fire down below and keep an eye out for this talented producer.
DJ Antention - Rapid Fire (Dave Scorp Remix)

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