Thursday, December 23, 2010

LBCK - Start

Ask me last week what I thought about Long Beach City Kids aka LBCK and I would have told you that they are a cheap French Touch rip off. Ask me this week and I will tell you that they are one of the most promising Disco/Electro/House/Funk production duo in the business.
Okay, so that is a bit of an exaggeration, I didn't hate LBCK last week. Actually, I even saw them at Control @ The Avalon this summer and it was great. But since the drop of their single Start along with a few other recent musical revelations, I have fallen head over heals in love with LBCK.  LBCK is an LA/LBC duo comprised of Alex Noble and Luigi III who is also known as La Zebra. They describe their sound as "highly versatile, but can be best described as the uncharted realm where disco funk meets crafty synths, epic builds and viciously heavy drums." I second that description, especially the "viciously heavy drums" part. Check out "Start" and a fantastic R.A.T.M. remix below. Also, LBCK is on a bit of a "Euro Adventure" right now, so if you live in the E.U. you wanna check them out (Italians can check out our new Italy events section for info). And finally, for all our Columbian readers, they are visiting Columbia on that tour as well.
Bonus: Speaking of fantastic new SoCal disco house acts, Have you heard of literature? If you have, good job kid! You probably spend way too much time looking at music online (but I do to, so don't stress it). If you haven't heard of Literature you are just like the of us, seriously missing out on something special. Hell, I just heard my first literature track 5 minutes ago and was so impressed that I added this bonus section to the post immediately. Since I have only known who this kid is for 5 minutes all I can tell you is that he is from San Diego, he digs classic novels and he produces fantastic music.
Please check out/download/dance in the street to the funky, choppy disco sounds of Literature IMMEDIATELY. His remix of The Phantom's Revenge track, "A Better Day" comes with my highest recommendation. Check that shit out. 
  The Phantoms Revenge - A Better Day (literature Remix) by literature
Bonus Bonus: I love this song so much on so many different levels. But mostly because it actually does sound like The Phantom's (of the Opera) Revenge. Organs and distorted house, it could be Justice, it could be Oizo... no it has gotta be The Phantom's Revenge. So yes, if you like those talented Frenchies I recommend you check out this other talented Frenchie.

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